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Essay about a Degenerated Generation: Decline of Civilization Composition

To a lot of people, a civilization is "the country that rules the world at a certain period of time in the human history". There were the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs and now the Occidental world. But personally, I don't take the same view as these people on this.

I actually think that each civilization refers to a period when the world is ruled by a common spirit or something more material. There was the time of myths and mythology. There was the time of religious wars and human destruction in the name of God. There Was the time of science. There was the time of explorations in order to discover the world. There was the time of racial prejudice and mass murders. And now we are simply living at the time of the civilization of destruction there is dollars, there is oil, them are gods, there are wars and then on top of that ecological issues.

Everything is linked and as things are now, I don't think that the end of our civilization would change anything... The earth is dying, there are more genocidal crimes than ever st the name of money and the people of the earth can't stop making war. We can feel that the United States empire and the oil power are declining but they're being replaced by the next civilization, which seems to be the Chinese, who won't be any better. It will be the time of the exploitation of human beings, of genocide of the Tibetan people, the time of profit and of pollution too (China is the most polluting country with the USA).

So, maybe only the extinction of the human race would save the world or maybe the advent of a new kind of people that would be less selfish and closer to their fellow men and nature....




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