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Example Essay on Basketball. Sample Composition on Playing Basketball (Original without correction)

Basketball is a good exercise, I like it very much, in the begin I am just a rookie, but I practice a lot, now I am a good basketball player.

I like play basketball after school, because there are many people play there, so I can play with them and I can learn how to play better, I also can make friend by play games with them, on holiday I always play basketball with my cousin, he is a good player, too, but he like to shot by himself, I don’t like this, I like play in a team which is good and nice.

Why am I like plat basketball? Because I love NBA, first I see NBA is in my elementary school grade 6 so I begin to play basketball, to now, I always play basketball when I have time, maybe I can play with you too, teacher, but I think I will lose because you are too high.


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