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Essay Composition about a Letter Home From a Voyage at Sea

Dear Daddy & All at Home,

We are close under the shadow of the Irish rocks - thick & misty. It was predicted we should see land after about nine this morning, but it was so thick nothing was seen but the change in the water until about fifteen minutes since, when the bell struck the change of the course, we looked out and found ourselves close in upon the shore.

They say we shall be at Queenstown about eight tonight I shall get this ready to send ashore so you may hear at the earliest possible moment. I expect you have all been very anxious to know how how I have been, what kind of weather we are facing and so on. We couldn't have had a smoother passage in June hardly. Thursday after we left it was dull and a heavy uncomfortable sea. Since that until within two days it has been very pleasant, and smooth, not wind enough much of the time to help us at all, but always in the right direction, whenever any. The past two days there has been an uncomfortable long swell which has rolled us considerably, and it has been cloudy since yesterday morning.

So much for the passage, now for Hilda and myself. I have been just sick enough all the way to feel stirred up in head and stomach, but not enough to vomit or prevent my eating. At first I took beef, tea & chocolate mostly, but since have lived chiefly on beef steak, roast beef with ale for the stomach's sake. Good strong diet, isn't it? I haven't been out of my state room but a few times, on deck once, but I think if I had been alone I could have gone to the table much of the time, but I have had Hilda almost constantly in my arms. She has been sick more or less most of the way.

Friday after we left she slept all the time & had such high fever I was very much alarmed, had the Dr. at night. In the morning she was no better & the the doctor lanced her gum and let that lower tooth through. By night her fever had all passed off, but she has had the worst cold in her head I ever saw a child have, sneeze constantly & eyes and nose run. It has nearly run itself clear now, & yesterday and today she is quite like herself. This morning for the first time she let the stewardess take her away from me and now she has her again while I write. Her whole sickness was I know by a bad cold which she couldn't avoid taking in this drafty old tub. The fare is first-class and so the attendance, but the boat is a first-class swindle. The passengers are very pleasant and take it altogether we have come across very pleasantly considering the conveyance.

I will write more particulars when I get ashore or anywhere away from a shaky engine that keeps me shaking. They say we shall get to rivet-pool late tomorrow night. Capt. Pendleton and wife are going to Cardiff. I wish I knew how you all are at Home. Dear little Sadie I want to know how she gets along. I miss her so much. Give her a dozen kisses for me S. tell her Mamma hopes to see Papa very soon. No more now. Much love to you all. I know you will feel relieved when you get this and learn how nicely I have got along. I am sure I am thankful to see the land if it is only a rock.


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