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{1} The taxi ride I shall never forget is the one I experienced a long time ago when I was only six years old. One summer evening I felt a little unwell and had a headache. Instead of letting this be known to my parents, I went to sleep. It was not until my mother awoke me that I found myself really ill. Mother felt my forehead and exclaimed, “Ron’s running a temperature again!” Immediately father called a taxi to rush us to a hospital. In those days the local taxis were generally not air-conditioned; besides, it was a hot day. I felt very ill with a high temperature inside the stuffy taxi, but I did not cry because I was too weak to do that. The taxi driver was speeding, yet tome it was still a long and slow journey, Finally we arrived at the hospital. I can’t remember what happened later. All I can remember is that I had a terrible headache that day. I am now no’ longer so easily taken ill al I used to be, but I shall never forget that taxi ride in my life.

{2} Nothing has impressed me so much as the taxi ride I had about two years ago One night on my way home I lost control of my motorbike and got badly hurt when I was hurtled to the ground As I came to I found myself lying on the road with blood all over my body since it was in the dead of night there was not a soul around except some cars passing occasionally so I halloed to the cars while they were approaching The drivers however simply turned a deaf ear to my cry for help It was when I was about to give up that a taxi suddenly pulled up beside to my cry for help It was when I was about to give up that a taxi suddenly pulled up beside me. The taxi driver got off and came to my rescue. He drove me to a hospital as fast as he could. And I lost my consciousness against until a doctor was putting cast on my leg. When I woke up a smiling young man came to ask me how I was feeling and then something about my address and telephone number. And what happened next, as I can remember, was the arriving of my parents, their complaints about my carelessness, and many thanks, of course, to the driver. But the fact that I neglected to ask his name make me sick everytime I thought of this negligence. Yet, isn’t it a memorable experience about a taxi ride?

{3}A taxi ride is about an indispensable part of our day-to-day life in a city If you want to save time or don’t know which bus you ought to take it is very convenient for you to take a taxi In Taipei or other big cities for the first kilometer the taxi fare is 23 dollars and then the taximeter adds five dollars per half kilometer during the rest of the journey By contrast in a small town the taxi driver may ask for 70 dollars or more for only two or three kilometers drive I t is not difficult for us to find a taxi stand where the road traffic is always heavy Many taxi drivers wait for their customers alongside If you want to take a taxi you raise your hand and then there will be a taxi to serve you Because it is illegal for taxi drivers to park their taxis haphazardly on a street except where there is a taxi stand they would rather cruise than park their cars at one place.

{4} A newcomer to Taipei will be surprised to find so many taxicabs running almost every minute throughout the city. Certainly taxicabs have contributed much to solving the transportation problem for a great many people on this island. Before you take a taxi ride in Taipei, I would like to tell you some of my impressions of this aspect of urban life. First, most of the taxi drivers in Taiwan can be dubbed “the best wheel operators” in the world. You will soon find what I said is true as soon as you get into a cab and begin a ride. It will not take very long for you to find out that the driver seems to have a magic power in making his way, freely and quickly, through the often congested flow of running cars on the road. Under certain circumstances he will not hesitate to blow his horn to intimidate the crossing pedestrians or will purposefully overlook traffic lights because he has a particular dislike for cooling his heels. Despite many disquieting experiences all the way, you will be sent to your destination safe and sound. What will make you even more surprised is that the fare is very reasonable and you need not give tips. Second, there are about 20,000 taxicabs with 40,000 drivers in Taipei. Of these drivers, except a small portion who are part-time workers, most are bread-earners of their families. They usually have to work more than ten hours a day. However, most of them are honest, industrious, helpful and public-spirited gentlemen. Newspapers on this island, in particular, like to run stories of taxi drivers who have demonstrated admirable personality in sending back large sums of lost money to their owners and in giving up their time or even risking their lives to save victims of traffic accidents or natural calamities such as a typhoon of a flood. Besides, most of the taxi drivers are good friends of the police, because they always cooperate well with the law-enforcers in fighting against criminals. Third, most of the taxicabs are kept in excellent condition both externally and internally. Some of the cabs are equipped with such luxurious radio sets that you may forget you are in a taxi when listening to the beautiful music. Some day, if you are getting tired of driving your own car or taking the bus as a daily routine, you may take a taxi ride. You will, I am sure, have a lot of fun and enjoy some new adventures in like. Good luck to you!

{5} There are numerous taxis in our country, but what I want to discuss is those illegal operations of the taxi business. Once I took a taxi from Lotung back to Taipei. The ride was really a terrible experience because the driver used only one hand in driving when the car was running on the serpentine Pei-I Road. Though he seemed insouciant and confident of his style of driving, our hearts were in our mouths and all we could do was pray to God for our safety. On the street behind the Taipei Railway Station are parked many taxis touting for business, but they do not charge by the meter and you have to bargain with them for the price of a ride. Such taxis not bound by official regulations can be seen many other cities, such as Kaohsiung and Taichung and usually you have to pay a price higher than usual for an inter-city ride. We should not allow such taxis to continue to create problems and hope our government can do something about it. It is my belief that the solution to our traffic problems can no longer wait.

{6} It was a dark, moonless and rainy night. I had just come away from a party thrown by my classmates and was a little drunk. I found a taxi passing by and waved my hand. It was an air-conditioned one and the driver was a hefty fellow munching something in his mouth. I told him where I would go and he smiled without saying anything. I was perplexed by his facial expression and found that he habitually looked out the car window beside him while driving. But I had a headache and didn’t want to ask what was wrong with him. Then a sudden halt of the car and the screeches of the brake awoke me form my wine-induced drowsiness. I opened my eyes and, to my great surprise, found that the driver was wielding a knife before me. He ordered me to shut up and take out all the money I had on me. Coming to myself, I told him forthright that I didn’t have a buck. He wasn’t willing to buy it, so he searched me from head to toe but found nothing, Disappointed and obviously in a rage, he kicked me out of the taxi, drove off and left me behind.

{7} As a rule I do not like to take a taxi ride because to me it is rather expensive. But I have to admit that it is more comfortable and can save such time as we spend waiting for a bus or as the bus spends when it is forced to stop at every bus stop. I also know that it is luxury to ride in an air-conditioned taxi on hot days and listen to the music from the car radio. Still, my taxi rides are few and the rare occasions on which I take them are when I want to save time, as, for example, when I want to rush to a certain place to sit at an exam. Such rides, however, are not always pleasant. On one occasion father called a taxi to send us to a place at Panchiao where I was to take an exam. We had to take a taxi because we had never been to that place and therefore did not know the way. The driver took us in his car. After traveling some miles we suddenly found that the driver did not know the place we wanted to go, either. At Panchiao we hastened to ask some passers-by to show us the way. When we finally found the place in time, father and I both drew a deep breath in relief. I could see that the driver did it, too.


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