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So let's look at the scientific concept of abiogenesist. This is the mainstream scientific word that really goes back to the spontaneous generation of life wife of Barack were the first organic life, wrong on our prebiotic Earth and the notion here is that you at one point had a half first quote cymballike of come out of of arock out of the inorganic world and I do this for mainstream scientific site which is the main problem with abiogeneses this is a chicken and egg problem.

This is the notion of DNA information: versus proteins structures that make up the cellular life on the planet you have to have both of them here at the same time I'll go quote this for mainstream scientific source DNA depends heavily on proteins for function yet proteins rely on DNA for correct sequences proteins cannot arise apart from deathday yet DNA requires proteins in order to function. A perfect chicken and the egg ceder which came first the chicken or the egg which came first DNA information or the proteins structures that make up the organic world and is a huge problem in now we know about genetics what we now know about the complexity of DNA blueprints write the genetic blueprints of the organic life is also a huge issue because the proteins bajarigar taking amino acids may have to be folded these three-dimensional structures would become proteins that become all cellular life a human being. That's what those proteins turn of cells that are skin cells or carousels or bone cells along cells etc. is a huge issue both of which are very complex unit and the proteins.

One recent years, this notion has come out that that there is no chicken and egg problem because there is a new RNA world hypothesis here which says yes there is the storehouse of genetic information DNA which is super complex and yes girlies proteins workers that make up the organic seller super complex but RNA which is a little bit more simple is kind of intermediary and asked what popped out of the primordial group original notion with RNA messenger RNA is it like a copy of the blueprints that come out of genetic storehouse deathday and that's a lot more simple it's it's a much more short string and that could have been the beginning of our primordial Earth: from Iraq to organic life will is tossed out there is the solution and is left there hanging and everybody now says that any of us to say the complexity of DNA is a nonstarter for chemicalize for the complexity of the proteins structures in the cellular world nonstarter for the abiogenic word to the wise, they just toss out this RNA world hypothesis is unsafe done, it's over. We have solved the issue look into it for yourself and solve anything RNA is super complex even in its more simple messenger structure secondarily if it breaks down so quickly outside of the cellular world interadditive floating around in some prebiotic group on planet Earth and somehow stayed together until all of these interactions will disperse light came together is ludicrous. What we now know about RNA and how easily it breaks down in the world outside protective environment the cellular structure, so didn't just because it's a few scientists argued to say we've solve the problem of abiogenesist life arock is this new RNA world hypothesis we don't have to deal with the paradoxes of deathday versus proteins the chicken and egg problem somehow put this to rest within there were tears. Intemerate for yourself because that we have not put anything to rest if anything we now know how amazing earthslide had to be how amazing.

Even the most primitive organic life that the amount of arock out of nowhere all of a sudden I spontaneous generation basis work or the new word and a biogenesist theory of light coming from rock him him him him him

By Wang-Yu
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