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Autobiographical Essay 1; A Composition Writing on an Autobiography

Although I am not the President of the United States, the inventor of anything, or a world traveler, I do believe that my life so far has been meaningful and exciting. From my freshman year of high school, to my freshman year in college, I have learned who I truly am. I have also learned who my true friends are, and how to distinguish honest people from a crowd. My college experience so far has been filled with stressful moments and peaceful moments, but I look back with no regrets.


I am currently attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, home of the Raging Cajuns. I am participating in the Honors College at ULL. I was also just inducted as a member of the Freshman Honors Society: Alpha Lambda Delta. Along with cramming for finals and studying, this past year at ULL has been an exciting and eventful year. I have had experiences that have helped me grow as a young woman and I am thankful to ULL for that. I was very involved in athletics at Notre Dame High School, my former high school. I played on the varsity volleyball team for three years and on the varsity softball team for four years.


While on the softball team, we won our first ever state championship for Notre Dame and that experience has had the most impact on my life. Like many schools, football is considered the premiere sport at Notre Dame High School. In 2004, softball was the big sport! Our softball team had placed second in our District and the odds of us even getting to the state playoffs were tremendous. With hard work and determination, we defeated the defending state champions in the semi-finals and went on to the finals to face Menard High School, who had won several state softball titles. To this day, I consider that game surreal. I played the game like it was any other and tried to ignore the mounting crowd of fans from Crowley, Rayne, etc. who had come to watch us in the state finals. We were a team from nowhere who had nothing to lose by being there. Even when we were behind on runs, determination pulled our team together and we came out victorious!


From this experience, I have learned to regard every life experience as if I have nothing to lose and so much to gain through the experience itself. I have learned to stand by your beliefs and to fight for what is right for you to accomplish your dreams. This past year I was given the opportunity to be the assistant coach of the Notre Dame High School softball team. The responsibility of once being a player and now changing to being a coach was at first a challenging task. But, I was able to teach the young girls through my experience on the softball team that every situation in life should be regarded with them having nothing to lose and everything to gain from the experience itself.


This experience of coaching broadened my horizons into understanding the game from a coaching aspect and being able to look at the young girls and know that their success made me happier and made me feel like a better person. I will be attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in the fall for my sophomore year. I will continue to major in Mass Communications. My short term goal is to graduate from college and continue my studies with an internship and receive a Master's Degree in Journalism/Sports Broadcasting.


My long term goal is to be a sports broadcaster for a major network and to have several children and raise them in a family oriented environment.



Autobiographical Essay 2

My name is Jenny Carson and I am a 47 year old mother of three children. Two of the children are grown and my 14 year old son, Scott, lives with me. Scott's dad lives across the country, in Oregon, so I have complete custody.


I was married and worked as a homemaker for 25 years when the marriage ended in divorce. I was unable to find employment sufficient to support myself and child at this age, without any work experience or a college degree. I returned to school to seek a bachelor's degree in health services administration. This program will qualify me for work in physician office, hospital or nursing home administration.


I believe I am a good candidate for this type of work because I am mature, responsible and I am very determined to be a success. My short term goals are to gain as much experience in medical office management, insurance and billing. After I have several years of experience, I will pursue a position as administrator of a large medical office. I plan to work about twenty years in order to put money away for retirement.


An experience that has had a large impact on my life would be my current situation. This divorce and life reorganization has forced me to focus on my relationships and examine what is really important I am very proud of my two grown children and I am determined to complete the job of nurturing and shaping my youngest son, If I become a recipient of one of your scholarships, the money will be very much appreciated and carefully spent on school expenses, such as tuition and books.


I am a very hard worker and dedicated to making good grades. Thank you for your consideration.






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