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Essays About Biggest Achievement in Life. Example Composition Sample

Essay 1:

In order to highlight my biggest accomplishment I would like to reflect on my student leadership experiences. As an active member of the The National Society of High School Scholars and UthMpact Coalition where I also received a certificate in Team Building, I have groomed and improved myself and have proved to be a competent team member who works hard for the betterment of his team and the people who benefit from them.

UthMpact is a coalition for teens, by teens, educating and empowering teens to make healthy decisions and actions against many problems faced by teens such as drug use, alcohol and bullying. Attend meetings and seminars 4 hours per month and also help advertise for the coalition.
Working with such people has provided me with countless opportunities to connect to people who are left alone as outcastes by the society. Such teens are lonely and they need a shoulder to cry on and someone who understands them not rejects them.

I have worked with such teens and have proved to be an emotional pillar for them. These experiences also highlighted in my CV reflect that my associations with such organizations have only made me more mature and has enhanced my capabilities to adapt to different scenarios and blend with different and difficult types of people.

As a student, I am a hardworking participant in my learned and extracurricular activities. My first main concern has habitually been to make good degrees and discover new ideas in school. Although this is significant to me, I furthermore understand that by taking part in associations, sports, and after school undertakings, I will become a well-rounded student. During the past years of my high school vocation I have took part and obtained numerous awards.

Through my associations with various organizations as mentioned in my CV I have full confidence in my capabilities and believe I will be an invaluable asset as a hard working student in your college.
I am pleased to have come by the flavors of what the genuine world has to offer. I have numerous courses from my public high school, boarding school, and work experiences. I am now prepared to discover many more courses through my school experience. Although, it has been tough, I have made it this far. I am prepared to excel and make it much farther in the years to arrive with my school education. This developing positive outlook has comforted me and has granted me the motivation I need to become successful.

When I am very resolute to accomplish, "I fire for the moon and land amidst the stars"(unknown). I wish that by reading this you will furthermore glimpse that I am prepared to embark on my excursion to a new world, the world of your College.

Essay 2: Road Map to Achievements

I'm guilty of this myself sometimes. I jot down directions to an unfamiliar place on a piece of paper but all too often the directions are incomplete. I spend minutes driving around before finally pulling over and taking the map out of my car or asking a stranger for assistance if I don't have the proper map.

Sound familiar?

Not having a map is the reason many people have trouble with setting

. It's not enough to have a list of goals or to visualize what you want to achieve. If you don't map your goals, it will be almost impossible to take the necessary daily actions to pursue your goals.

To create your map to reach your goals start with 5 specific life goals that you want to focus on for the first month. Examples would be goals in the categories of health, wealth creation, family relationships or whatever you want to pick.

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Then list the 4 weekly outcomes necessary to move you towards each goal. By breaking each goal down into more manageable pieces you will be able to schedule chunks of time into your calendar for those activities which will help you slowly but surely towards those goals. This will help you utilize your time optimally and will minimize time-wasters.

I have found a simple 5 by 5 table to be very helpful. Across the top of the table add a column for each week of the month. Down the right side of the table add a row for each of the life goals you have picked. Finally fill in the empty boxes with each outcome necessary to reach those months goals. The key to this step is to focus on the outcome instead of the tasks.

Now for the actual steps for goal setting. Even if you think you aren't an organized person or don't use a fancy daily planner like Microsoft Outlook, you at least have a calendar on your computer or wall, right?

Take this calendar and sit with it for a few minutes at the beginning of each week, with the above chart in hand.

Write down the specific activities that you will need to do each week to achieve these outcomes. For example, if you want to lose 25 pounds, then for each week write down a specific goal such as to walk for 40 minutes each day.

Soon, your week will be filled up. Not with time wasters, but with tasks and activities that are directly related to the outcomes for the month you defined.

Do this month after month, and soon, you will be on your way to achieving even your biggest, most audacious goals!

You can use the above plan to achieve your short term or long term goals or by breaking everything down into the specific monthly outcomes you need to accomplish for each goal.

Essay 2: Obstacles to Achievements

In our life, we all encounter many problems, Some problems are big challenges and some are small. I want to share a true story of Mr. Smith with you.

Around five years ago, Mr. Hansie Smith was working as a web designer in a medium-small Incorporation located in North California. He had very good skills in Photoshop, Flash and Html. His salary was not much, but his life and work were going very smoothly.

Suddenly He got a new project. In this project he had to connect php with flash, and make total administration panel in php. But the problem was, he hadn't worked in php before. So he requested the manager to give project to other employee, but manager denies and said, this project was essential for the company reputation, and Mr. Smith alone had to complete it within 15 days.

Now Mr. Smith was in great depression, He was not aware of php and he has to make a full admin in php. He may had to resign. if he failed, because this project was essential for company's reputation. The only hope for him is that he was very good in flash.

Next day he started working in the project and initialize some research in php. Till the time of office close, he hadn't got any success. He become more depressed and decided to work for five hour extra per day.

Then he work for five days without any success. He was in the dilemma whether he can do this project or not. But from sixth day he got some good feeling in project. He worked very hard. But, unfortunately He was not able to complete the work in 15 days.

Luckily he got some more time from the client. By the long hours of hard work and prespiration, he was able to complete the work in 18 days.

This project was proved the milestone for Mr. Smith's life. His firm's turnover exceed 10 million dollar. Also his salary increased three times.

What we got from above story?
The answer is bigger problem gives us bigger opportunity in the life. In other words, The problems or we can say challenges are the ways to get achievements in life. For biggest achievement find biggest problem around yourself.

So friend, don't give up to problem, but see the opportunity behind problem and go to achieve it.

Essays About Biggest Achievement in Life

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