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Essay on My Career Choice: Artist or Musician; Composition on my Career Choice

As a young boy I always knew I'd be either an artist or musician. I had a real fascination with Disney and saw possibilities in animation so I was constantly scribbling cartoon characters. Music came to me through voice. I loved to sing and somehow learn to hear harmonies by listing to my mother and grandmother sing. At 13 I received a guitar for Christmas. I spent the next few years teaching myself how to play and sing. By the time I was in High School a group of us had formed a band. We lasted for a couple of years and managed to win a battle of the bands contest where the first prize was 100 bucks and a chance to open for Buffalo Springfield. But as luck would have it the bass player and lead guitarist were brothers and their father was transferred out of town and the band fell apart. I went into the military after high school and played a lot of music on board ship. I sat in for the Blue Kangaroo one night at the Schooner in Honolulu and after being transferred to Headquarters, managed to get a night job singing Hawaiian songs in a duo on a tour boat. It was 1970 and with white shoes, white bell-bottoms, life was great. I Met my wife in Hawaii and in 1972 got married. Not much music and not much art.


By 1975 I was unmarried and started my commercial art business. I didn't play much music for a few years and one night at a party someone handed me a guitar and said play something, and I couldn't bring myself to do it. That night I realized I had lost something. Something I felt I had to get back. So I started playing for myself and started doing more writing. Then in a little town that was an opening to start a monthly art event. I was going to be the featured artist at this gallery but the owner wanted some music and didn't know any musicians and funds were limited. The event was about 3 weeks away and I though if I worked at it I could come up with about 20 songs and work from a music stand. So I sheepishly volunteered and I've been back on the music train ever since.


I now play occasionally at local art functions but mostly enjoy working in my home studio creating my own music. The style of my music has to be influenced by the 60's and 70's but I'm not sure I could pin-point what aspect or even who I'm influenced by. As with my art it comes to me and I do it. The end product comes out the way it comes out. Today’s technology and the internet really adds an element of fun to creating music because you can throw it out there and see what happens. There's always that chance it will land on someone who just might like it.





My Career Choice Essay: Artist or Musician


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