Chemo Alternative, Amish Family Refuses Conventional Chemotheraphy

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Modern medicine is much farther advanced than it was 20 years ago, and a child at any age deserves the best she can get, if she were 70 or 80 years old, I would say live your life to the fullest for as long as you can and not go through all the treatment that may not extend your life that much. Unfortunately, certain beliefs get in the way of modern medicine and often shorten a life that could actually be saved, i.e. Jehovah's Witness, scientology, Amish, etc.


Tough decisions. My mother had cancer and she was on chemo. She was in her 80's and on one of my visits she told me the chemo was making her sick and she was thinking about stopping treatment. She asked my opinion and I said that was a decision only she could make. If she stopped treatment she knew what the result would be, but only she could make that decision. She opted to stop treatment and died four months later. I lost my yr. old Daughter to cancer 35yrs. ago I watched her go through3 yrs of chemo and radiation she weighted 39 pounds when she died and if I could change anything I would have never put her through that 35 yrs later children are still dying from the same type of cancer that killed her. there has to be a better way to treat these children. I don't believe all doctors or hospitals are bad, I believe St. Judes is a wonderful place of hope for children but I also believe parents should make the choice about there child's care. My Daughters last words to us before she went into surgery was if was a new tumor she didn't want any more treatment , she died in surgery. Until its your child don't judge another parents choice.


Not as serious as cancer, but once I fell on concrete on both knee caps. I did get good physical therapy; later my left knee started bothering me again due to a car accident. Insurance would pay for my alternative treatment if a Doctor would sign on to this. My Doctor would not. He did not believe in acupuncture. I went anyway, and my knee got better. Any time it acts up(which is not very often, now,) I go in for acupuncture. It worked for me. So many of our Doctors do not believe in alternative medicine, and they need to think outside the box.


I know the family and there is a lot the press is not saying. Like about the $2 million dollar reward that the hospital will get if they can get the girl to finish her treatments. That is why the hospital if pushing so hard to have her back, and I think that is wrong and I hope anyone reading this agrees and stands up against the money hunger people that don't care about your health, and don't care if you die. The Amish have my full support and respect. What a lot of people don't know is that chemo is NOT a definite cure, it's all protocols and percentages that may mean nothing to you as a person.

I have lung cancer, it was the worst shock in my entire life, I was 'lucky it didn't spread so I could have surgery to remove the tumor. the advice was adjuvant chemo...

But I thought I was better I said ?


That's when I learned the truth about chemo... chemo offers a certain percentage of 'chance ' for the cancer not to return. In my case the expected 'profit' would be 7 %... based on gender, age, physical wellbeing otherwise, weight, height etc. That's a statistic, not a personal promise, because the truth is, only 5 % of chemo really saves lives, and what means possibly adding 7 % to a life that has 50 % of not surviving ???

People just follow doctors rules because they think they have to, because they want to live !!! I am no different, yes I want to live, I have 50 % to make it thru the 1st 5 yrs, and 57% with chemo. My body is healing after they removed a lung, its healing, and my lung specialist wants me to reward that by pumping it full of heavy metals and toxins,. my doc asked can I live with myself if it comes back 6 months from now and I haven't done everything ??? I did one course...I thought I would die, vomiting, pain, loss of hearing, everything tasting like metal, everything making you sick, scents, everything, being too sick to get up, sores in mouth, kidney's failing, immense fatigue, misery...depression...pain loss of my long hair


Never again. I have gone the alternative route, if my time is up one day it will be with or without the chemo. For now I want to make my body strong again, get rid of the toxins, and believe the glass is half full, not half empty. I have 50 % to be alive 5 thanksgivings from now...I intend to make those, in the meantime I am thankful for my life today, my family and my friends ! This one is hard... but they tried traditional treatment, which is very hard on the body and on a child. Ultimately, they did make a responsible decision and got treatment, decided that treatment was not for them, and are pursuing other options. It must be hard to watch your child suffer, but it appears they are doing the best they can. This makes sense to me and they seem to have her best interests in mind, putting aside their belief system. This is different than other cases that have been in the media where the parents were completely disregarding the welfare of their child and focusing on their own crazy beliefs. THOSE cases need someone to intervene, not this one.


Patients have a right to refuse treatment, and parents have the right to refuse treatment on behalf of their minor children. the court is wrong in this case The can't force a Jehovah's Witness to accept a blood transfusion, and I believe it's the Christian Scientists who do accept ANY medical treatment. It's their right, and the courts can't force it on them or their children. We may not understand the decisions some people make, but if they do it with full understanding of the consequences, it's their right.


The Hospital decided they knew better than the parents and had themselves elected the child's guardian. The schools decide they know best for a child and send home notes telling you your child is fat (last weeks story). I am dying from a condition called total organ failure and there is no cure and I have 12 to 18 months at best. I have seen friends and family start chemo and then quit because they got so sick they decided that dying was better than being killed by the chemo therapy. I can't fit my head around the thought that doctors think that poisoning a person is going to be good for them. Maybe it gives them a few more months but, it's a few more months to suffer. I think that when a person is faced with a life threatening disease it is up to them and their family to decide what to do. Chemo kills more people than cancer...But there is big money in it for the hospitals, and drug companies. I personally know two people who stopped the chemo and went with natural remedies and now they are cancer free. So, yeah, she could die without chemo but, she could also live.

They don't care about that little girl. What they really care about is the hundreds of thousands they will make off the treatment. Her parents aren't looking for treatments. They are looking for a cure.


It's a bunch of ignorant officials forcing their biased ignorance on others like a communist state. you do NOT know what's best for others - we have freedom to choose for ourselves and our own families. The rights of the girl's parents out weigh the rights of the state. If the state gains the right, to decide the medical treatment of a minor, then next, the state will dictate the treatment of adults. Some states used to cut away a piece of some peoples brain, called a frontal lobotomy. She and her family have exercised the right to choose her treatment, and the great pity is they have to leave their home to exercise that right. Modern medicine has its place, and in this case they need to recognize several things. They have lost control over the girl and her family. The collective hive, with a few queen bees calling all the shots - that's where our inattention to true citizenship has brought us. Fight and refuse to elect anyone who is not for individual liberties.

Whether this is viewed from a right to religious freedoms or the right of parents to do what they deem best for their child the state has no right to take this child or dictate what happens medically relative to her treatment. Chemo is not a cure all, it does not guarantee remission and definitely doesn't guarantee being cancer free! Chemo is called chemo for a reason, it's chemicals, even though some of those used are natural occurring, being introduced into your system to kill EVERYTHING. Why does all the hair in all areas of the body fall out, why is the individual's immune system compromised? Not because they had a healthy lunch, but because chemicals have been introduced into the body that are not body friendly. I'm not saying I wouldn't have chemo if I had a need for it, but as a parent of 4 children I also would like to know that if for whatever reason it was decided that chemotherapy was something we(including the kid) which didn't seem to be working or the cons outweighed the pros, we would have the right as a family to do what is best without interference.


The court said the beliefs and convictions of her parents can't outweigh the rights of the state to protect the child. Like what? The parents have seek other alternatives to conventional medicine. Hyperbaric Chambers is one. Chemo is bad mojo! The parents haven't put the child in any... More I'm on the parents side. Did the hospital personnel, judges or the children's services personally create and birth this little girl? NO they did not. God gave that little girl to those parents and it is their responsibility to take care of her as they see fit. So sick and tired of this types of governmental interference's in parents lives on how they decide to raise or the type of medical treatment for their own children. It is a travesty of justice and human rights in this country that allows big pharmacy companies to dictate for there own profit what is right for our families. Sounds like the state has or wants legal rights to our children, because we as adults cannot make sound decisions ourselves...ridiculous! Many times alternative medicines are far better. Many European and South American countries are banning some western medicines because they do more harm than good.


It should be the family's choice not the courts. Chemo is hard on the body and not a guaranteed cure. These people have saved their child's life and she now has no signs of cancer. The medical establishment doesn't give a fig if your child dies from their treatment. They simply do NOT want people to know that the body can heal and thrive, if it is not poisoned by medical-establishment treatments. While some can survive these poisonous treatments, the majority of people eventually die. You cannot poison your body and expect to be healed. Good for these smart parents, who defied everyone to save their child. If only other parents were smart enough and brave enough to do the same thing. The Amish culture does not adopt modern technology - it is part of their religious outlook and as most people know many do not use electricity or cars/vehicles. It makes perfect sense that they do not want high tech chemo. People have to look at this through their eyes. I do not agree with the Amish belief but honestly this country was founded on freedom of religion. If they as parents do not want her to be treated then they do not have to treat her. It should be their decision especially for something like chemo... Let them choose NOT the government. There was never any question, while I was growing up, that mother and father were in charge of my life. that hospitals can call in attorneys and the law, still feels foreign to me, even though there have been similar stories, along this line, in recent years. The Amish are well established in the US since the 1800's and they have always rejected modern technology-so this is should not be a surprise to the non-Amish that are involved in the case or anyone else. Know what you call alternative medicine that works? Medicine.


Just curious, was the hospital going to do the treatments for free? or were they going to extort 's of thousands of dollars from the family in addition to torturing the girl? WTH is this stuff court ordering medical treatments? Since when do we do things that way. You folks are getting the government you deserve. Wake up before you lose all your individual freedom and everything else you cherish!!! I have had chemo for colon cancer..... and it's NOT fun by any measure. Five years later, AFTER the chemo, I have a number of problems that link to the chemo - and I will have to deal with them for the rest of my life. Two blood clots (one in each leg, about 6 months apart), have destroyed the veins in my legs. I now have to take blood thinners, wear knee-high compression socks, and can never fly in a pressurized aircraft again. In addition to that, the chemo did something to my hands and feet. During cold weather, my hands and feet literally get ice cold to point of pain and eventual numbness - even when the thermostat is set at 80 degrees. I usually end up wearing gloves and heavy wool sock all winter - even when indoors. Doing outside work for any length of time is impossible for me - after about 45 minutes, my hands will go numb even with gloves on. I am unable to feel anything I am holding, only the difference in weight on my arms tells me there is something in my hands.


In addition to all that, there are other side effects to chemo - weight loss/ gain, nausea, nerve tingling, etc. Weight loss is the most common, because you are so nauseated you can hardly eat. But weight gain is also a possibility - the chemo I had was done every two weeks for one week. during the chemo, I couldn't eat - everything tasted nasty(even purified water tasted like burnt dirt, food was worse) and I had trouble keeping anything down. Eating 4 crackers a day was good for me on chemo. On the off week, the effect wore off, and I basically did the reverse of binge dieting. By the time my chemo treatment was over I had gained 50lbs. Anyone that believes chemo is an easy thing is a fool. Looking back, I think I would have preferred to NOT do the chemo - even if it meant the cancer was coming back. Since when can a hospital force you to take chemo. my mother had level 4 cancer and she did chemo for 3 months with no improvement and told the hospital she is no longer going to do chemo and they didn't have a problem with that. its every persons right in this world to decide what they want to do and live. Chemotherapy is murder. I don't think religion is the problem. I just lost my brother to lung cancer. He went through chemo and radiation....those days since...his life greatly diminished due to the treatment. He suffered so many side effects...he prayed to die. He was diagnosed in August, treated in September...aggressively I might add...and passed away within 3 weeks. Knowing now what I know about chemo and will never be an option in my case. If the parents witnessed the effects of the treatment and decided not to continue...I can't say that I blame them...what I seen my brother go through with the treatment was far worse then seeing him take his last breath.


Chemo Kills more than it heals, yet the medical industry can always blame the Cancer when they die. in America the FDA prohibits alternative natural treatments that have been working for years, research Gerison therapy and Rife Frequencies they are just two of many successful treatments that are stifled by the large pharmaceutical companies who are the FDA. I have seen both sides of chemo. One person bloated badly and died while another person just lost hair and was sick for a while and lived. It scares the heck out of me to think that poison is pumped into the body to fight a deadly disease of cancer. Some people can tolerate it and survive while others cannot. These parents love their child and they did the chemo but the side effects were to much on their little girl and wanted to find another way with less side effects. These parents are denying the child a chance they are trying to help her in any way they can to beat this disease. If she dies no matter the treatment provided at least her parents did what they could to ease the suffering she endures. Sometimes I think hospitals don't look at the best interest of the patient but at the almighty dollar. Not everyone is the same and some treatments don't work or cause worse problems. There has to be a balance but to force someone to endure misery is wrong as well. With all the money that has been raised to find a cure I don't understand why we have not beaten cancer. Chemo is not a guarantee either. A relative had it to fight lung cancer. The doctor gave him good news. He was in remission and radiation and chemo worked. A month later he was given 6 months to live because it was discovered that the cancer spread to his bones and blood. Because he was so weak from the chemo he couldn't even enjoy the time he had left. He went fast. There was nothing to be done so he was sent home to die. I don't know if Chemo helped or not or just made the cancer worse. I have seen both sides of this and to me if one treatment is not working then there has to be another option even if it only provides a compassionate ending with not much suffering. Tough choice for sure.


Check out the story of Billy Best. He ran away at 16 to avoid chemo. He found alternate ways to treat it. He is still alive and lecturing today at age 31. The courts can't guarantee that Chemo will cure her cancer. If she suffers a short life with the side effects that Chemo brings, you will never hear from the press or the doctor's again. The Judge won't respond either. It will be life as usual for them while the family has to live with their decisions for the rest of their life. Leave this family alone! Chemo just a bunch of toxic that only causes other health problems. Our Symptom-Focused, Health Care not cure, Profit-Driven behemoths will never allow cures to come if they can't monopolize them. Big Pharmacy/Insurance spends billions a year shooting down promising cures only to maintain the status quo. They could care less if someone dies of chemo or cancer cause after all, it's all about money and never about people. Its up to the family and if its their wish government has no place in making decisions for people in such cases. A hospital can plead their case but should not be given power to appoint anyone to make decisions for them. Good for them I hope that they never get found. If this is peoples belief then let them exercise their faith and to heck with what other people think.


As much as I disagree with the family's choice, I stand up for their right to make it. No government has the right to supersede a family's right to decide how to raise their kids! Good luck to the young lady I hope she fully recovers and God bless to her parents for doing what they feel is right for their child, you don't have to agree with them but it's their decision to make not yours and not the Government who can't even get along with each other! Chemo kills far more people that it helps and it is toxic. I agree wholeheartedly with the parents to pursue alternative treatment. People were not as sick in ages gone by as many are now and alternative treatments don't harm the cells of the body and are complementary to it. I doubt this child has a chemo deficiency. Tired of the brainwashing by the media on chemo as the king of treatments when it is poison, poison, poison. Parents are seen as creatures that are bred to get the state new blood to toil and labor for them. These doctors are not only heartless but they are robots for the state. I wouldn't take a child to this hospital for anything.


I have personally seen 2 occasions where people were healed from cancer by eating 20 - 30 apricot kernels per day. My father was one of them and he is still around today now 7 years later after being diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma - a very aggressive form of cancer. In every age there is resistance to the truth. A couple hundred years ago it was resistance to vitamin C (citrus) as a cure for scurvy. Now we are faced with resistance from our medical establishment. Our doctors are trained to give drugs as treatment (sometimes appropriate) but my experience has been that nutrition is generally the root cause of most of our ills. I have personally seen 2 occasions where people were healed from cancer by eating 20 - 30 apricot kernels per day. My father was one of them and he is still around today now 7 years later after being diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma - a very aggressive form of cancer. In every age there is resistance to the truth. A couple hundred years ago it was resistance to vitamin C (citrus) as a cure for scurvy. Now we are faced with resistance from our medical establishment. Our doctors are trained to give drugs as treatment (sometimes appropriate) but my experience has been that nutrition is generally the root cause of most of our ills.


The parents said that chemo makes her sicker than she already is. If natural remedies work and she's not suffering then leave that family alone. Marijuana has been proven to reduce tumors in head, neck and chest cancers. Yet, marijuana is said to have NO MEDICAL BENEFIT even though the feds have patented the cannabin. Then again you have chemo which kills the patient to save them but, marijuana is just too dangerous to use. I'm not a scientist or a doctor but, this whole scenario screams of LIAR LIAR from the feds and the medical community. Then we come to parental rights which federal law has abused. Then ,I have another question: Why don't doctors sue to save healthy kids when their parents want an abortion? No one should be forced to submit to the poisoning of chemotherapy. It will kill a patient faster than anything, destroying all the good immune cells, too--the ones you need to fight the cancer. Ask doctors who administer it whether they would allow their family members to have it--the majority would never. It has become a tremendous money-making business. God bless the family who left the US. Keep praying, in the name of Jesus, to heal your daughter. Build that child's immune system up so strong that it fights back and reverses the cancer. All the best to the family. We are praying for you and your daughter. Someone mentioned that leukemia and gluten intolerance are strongly connected. If you have a history of this in your family, seriously look into it. There is tons of new science that shows that wheat of our day is changed and not the wheat of the past. Many people are gluten intolerant and do not connect the myriad of health problems they have with gluten. Just check it out.


I have been a nurse for over 20 years and have often wondered what people are told by their doctors developing treatment plans about the treatments recommended. My colleagues and I would never presume to tell anyone what they should or should not do, but we often wonder just how much they are told about how awful treatments are going to be having the likelihood of ultimate failure anyway. It is always hard to know what decision you would make personally, but most of the nurses I know (who actually administer treatments and care for people during treatments) would not choose the treatments. We even tend to hypothesize the declination of treatment for our own children for certain cancer related diagnoses; although, we know this is difficult to imagine. I have a colleague right now who has made an informed decision to refuse a recommended treatment for her cancer and the funny thing is that her doctor actually agrees. Her doctor admitted that the treatment had to be recommended because of protocol, but would not choose it either. I take care of people like this little girl in the story every day. Not all cancers have the same prognosis. The title of the article indicates leukemia, but later in the article lymphoma is mentioned. Regardless, involvement in the neck, chest, and kidneys is tragic. This is a brave family who seems to believe there are better ways to honor life besides clinging to it. People who only have hope in this life will have a difficult time understanding their choice.


"If we do chemotherapy and she would happen to die, she would probably suffer more than if we would do it this way and she would happen to die, that's the problem with doctors today all they want to do is pump you full of chemicals that makes you sick, and maybe it cures and maybe it doesn't? Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease If the girl can get alternative help and she is doing good then the doctors should keep their damn noses out of it and see what the cure is. Curious, are they riding a horse or taking a row boat over seas or is it ok to use a modern airplane when it suits there immediate needs?? In other news, NO ONE should be forced to endure Chemo. It's a choice and it ok to say NO!