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Conservation Essay; A Composition Writing about Conservation

Conservation is important for our future. Conservation is preserving or saving something. For example, people are trying to conserve the rain forest because the trees there produce oxygen, and it is the habitat for many species of plants and animals that live no where else. It is important that the rain forest and other habitats are conserved because once a species is gone, it is gone forever.


In my community, people are trying to conserve energy by using hybrid cars instead of pure gas cars and by recycling plastic, glass, cans and newspaper. People are planting trees in parks and in the city. People are using windmills to produce electricity instead of using fossil fuels that are bad for the ozone laver and are a limited resource.


There is still a long way to go. For one, we still have a lot of trash on the streets that ends up in the rivers. People use their cars to drive short distances when they could walk or ride a bicycle. Companies should stop over-packaging food and toys because it wastes paper, plastic and energy.


There are many things I can do to help conserve our resources. I can make sure not to litter. I should eat everything on my plate and not waste my food. I can walk and use my bicycle more instead of driving. When I get a car, I should buy a hybrid.


Our earth is irreplaceable. We must protect its resources so that not only we, but also the generations after us, can enjoy all its beauty and splendor. Conservation is the key to survival for every species.








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