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Essay on Conservation and Preventing Pollution; Prevention of Pollution Composition

To me, conservation is when you recycle, prevent waste and pollution, and reuse things that are still good. Something I do in my home is to save up toilet paper rolls. I started this project because I noticed that they were numerous in the trash and I knew the garbage could be reduced. Sot save them to use in my craft projects.

I read in a geography book that conservation is not just recycling and preventing pollution. but it is also "the protection of natural resources." One thing that a neighbor does in my community is every spring she cleans up this little "island" in the middle of my street. This "island" consists of some signs such as "STOP" and "Watch Children", a mailbox, and a bunch of weeds. But every spring she turns those weeds into a fresh patch of blooming flowers and adds a little fake bunny. She does her part in our community!

Another problem that exists is that our neighborhood is often really messy with trash! Every day I see trash! On the sidewalks! In the streets! On people's property! I believe that residents should do something about it! Is it so had to go out for ten minutes for a few days a week and help your neighborhood by picking up trash'? I don't think so. We must cut down on pollution! Not just my neighborhood' hut the whole world. I have asthma and it is hard for me to breathe in areas with smoke or pollution.

Chemicals in the air also cause acid rain. Acid rain in the air destroys animals' homes and kills fish it rivers and lakes. How can we help? Car pool. Volunteer a few minutes each day! We can all become conservationists.


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