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{1} In my childhood dining out was a wonderful thing to me. Every time we had a casual visitor of some importance or the birthday of someone closely related to us was to be celebrated I was anxious to know whether or not we could dine out. To eat in a plush restaurant where many kinds of food can be sampled used to be a great treat to me. The dreamy music, soft lighting, courteous service, and delicacies served are the things to consummate the pleasure of eating. There you can order whatever you want to eat if only you have enough money on you. Expensive as it may be, dining out indeed saves us a lot of trouble getting things cooked, clearing up the table and washing dirty dishes. But now my interest in dining out has gradually diminished. In the first place it is not economical, and not safe. I can not but allow for the possibility of catching a disease in an eating place. The noise made by many people eating together in a restaurant can also spoil my appetite. Aside from all this, the strongest reason that keeps me from having the itch to dine out is my having got an excellent cook in my own house--my mother.

{2} In a bustling urban district restaurants of every description can often be found. They satisfy us with well-prepared food and save us the trouble of cooking a meal at the place where we live. Most people, especially the unmarried, like to dine out, and restaurants have thus become a permanent part of the urban scene. However, in the headlong rush to turn a quick profit, restaurants, especially those second-rate ones, are likely to serve unsanitary food to their customers, a tendency much helped by the negligence in cleaning used dishes and also by the failure to keep food well preserved. It goes without saving that some restaurants are virtually the breeding ground of disease-carrying germs and an infectious disease can easily spread from a germ-carrying diseased person to a healthy one. The wide spread of infectious diseases can pose serious problems. One way around this is for the health authorities to establish rigorous regulations governing the running of a restaurant. On the other hand, restaurateurs should also have a sense of hygiene and conform to business ethics. We are all looking forward to the day when diners-out can go everywhere without fear.

{3} We used to dine out once in a while a few years ago. Frees from the kitchen sink, I would wear perfume, put on make-up, get myself fashionably before going out. Then my husband and I would enter a restaurant hand in hand. How crazy I was about dining out in those days! But happy days are usually not long. Last may, Bill, my 35-year-old husband, lost his job. At that time our daughter was only eight months old. Luckily I still had a job. By keeping costs down and making every penny work, we managed to get along. Needless to say, we have not dined out since then. One evening when I was back home from work, my husband said gleefully to me, “Let's have dinner out tonight.” “Are you serious?” I could hardly believe my ears. “Of course, today is your birthday. You’ve forgotten it, haven't you?” five minutes later a suit of pink baby wear made our daughter look like a little angel and I put on my favorite orange blouse and a pretty long skirt. “We're surely to have a good time.” I was a happy wife. Maybe it was not a weekend or any holiday. There were just a few customers in the restaurant. A smiling waitress helped us order the food. Music flowed, soft and dreamy. “Nice place to eat,” I thought. Then I heard the spasmodic cries of my baby daughter. Her diaper is wet, let me change it, I said to my self. Suddenly I found myself standing by her cradle, wearing a wrinkled night gown and bare-footed. All the delicious dishes, soft music, and Elysian atmosphere were gone. I had a dream! My baby stopped crying and fell asleep again, but her father was awaked. “You know what?” I said to him and told him what had happened in my dream. With tenderness and somehow a little sorrow, he hugged me gently, “by the time I get a job, the first thing I'll do is taking you out for a dinner.”

{4} Some people dine out to save the trouble of preparing and cooking food by themselves, others just want to do this for a change. But I don’t like dining out. Some restaurants care little about hygienic standards, taking on trouble to see whether their dinner sets are clean or dirty. Sometimes they serve tasty food but are neglectful in other respects. Diseases enter by the mouth. So it is important for us to pay attention to the sanitation of our dinner sets and food. Unhygienic meals are sometimes harmful to our health. Though the food served at a restaurant is generally more palatable, we still have to take care to see whether the place is kept clean. Furthermore, dining out is usually a costly affair, while eating at home is, as a rule, inexpensive and safer. So I think we had better avoid dining out. If it is quite necessary to do that, it is advisable to go to a place where health risks are reduced to a minimum.

{5} The recent rapid growth of a commercialized modern society has made it popular for most people to dine out, for it can provide people with convenient, fast and usually delicious food. To eat out can save people the trouble of cooking and washing dirty dishes, and the diners can usually enjoy their food in a comfortable way. Another merit is that by dining out we can sample a wide variety oz food and thus enjoy the real pleasure of eating. But there is also another s id e to the practice of dining out: it may be difficult or expensive to order the kind of food we prefer and we don’ t k now h ether the food is fresh and clean. Nowadays we have various foods to enjoy. Indeed, we can indulge our eating habits as best we can. It can dc fun, can also be a potential threat to our health.

{6} Dining out is nothing special to me because I myself am a dinner-out. As a student who lives away from home, I am in the habit of dining out instead of taking the trouble to cook a meal by myself. My advice is that when you dine out either at a restaurant or at a food-stand, you should know whether the place where you eat is clean or not .Bad sanitary conditions, you know, breed diseases. You should also refrain from ordering unseasonable and hence high-priced foods because they waste money; plain yet protein-rich foods are usually inexpensive and health building. In a word, if you keep in mind the three things I have just mentioned with regard to eating in a restaurant, namely, sanitation, nutrition and price, you will find dining out not a bad idea at all.

{7} To most people dining out seems to be a delightful experience because it can stimulate one’s appetite while dining at home all the time often makes one feel bored. Sometime I also like to go out dining and try something different. When I am too tired and hungry to go on my studying in the night, I usually go to the night market for a snack. At the night market I can have a wide selection of food, such as noodles, sea foods and roast beef, which is not only spicy and savory but also good to look at. But one thing that I never neglect when dining out is the sanitation of the food offered. Everywhere in Taiwan you can see snack vendors, snack bars and various types of restaurants, but few seem to worry about whether their plates, bowls and chopsticks have been well washed or sanitized or question whether food prepared and served under such circumstances will affect people’s health. So whenever I go out to eat, the cleanliness of the place where I eat rather than the taste of the food is what really matters to me. And I hope all of us can heed the sanitation problem lest we catch diseases when we dine out.


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