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Example Essay About Drivers Education. Sample Composition on Driver Education

{1} The rapid industrialization of our society has made automobiles an ubiquitous sight here in Taiwan and also an indispensable part of our daily life. Vehicle traffic turns out to heavy at a small town let alone big cities. How can we keep such heavy traffic under control and reduce the death rate of the people involved in traffic accidents? So far as I see it the solution hangs on whether we can bring in a driver education to ensure traffic safety As we know a driver without the benefit of such an education is apt to drive carelessly and the result often turns out to be disastrous The importance of driver education is thus of paramount importance and that is also why the government compels all car drivers to receive certain training and take a test in driving skills before they are issued drivers licenses The motto An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure applies also to driving If all drivers can remember it they themselves will be happy and will make others happy, too.

{2} Despite its impressive economic growth, Taiwan is notorious for its chaotic road traffic, which is a source of continual annoyance to both the tourists from abroad and the local inhabitants. How bad is the traffic condition here? A few glaring examples will suffice to show where the shoe pinches. Quite a few drivers tend the break traffic regulations intentionally only for their own convenience or out of impatience. They, for example, ignore traffic lights, drive at a speed not allowed, change the lane haphazardly, and park against rules. Those jaywalkers are in particular at the mercy of such drivers and they must keep their eyes peeled when they cross the street. What can be done to improve such a messy traffic condition? Here is where driver a education comes in. Drivers should not merely know traffic rules, they should make a point of obeying them: Furthermore, they must be educated to have a serious regard for human life and under on circumstances should they be hit-and–runners. In a word, for sake of ensuring traffic safety and minimizing traffic deaths, we must attach great importance to driver education.

{3} Spurred by the economic boom, vehicle traffic has become much heavier than ever before in Taiwan. Everywhere one can see that the main roads and urban thoroughfares are jammed with all manner of vehicles and parking is becoming increasingly difficult. Sometimes we can find streets where there is only space enough to allow the passage of two motorbikes because there the curb. Such narrow streets are usually the scene of traffic accidents. Those careless drivers who drive too fast to notice the oncoming traffic are also accident-prone. Other terrible accidents may happen at a crossroad because two vehicles may run through the yellow traffic light at the same time. In order to reduce the incidence of traffic accidents and make the urban scene tidier and lovelier, it is important for drivers to learn and obey traffic rules. Drivers should learn to respect the authority of the red light and should desist from illegally parking their cars, driving at a breakneck speed and into those pedestrians who happen to cross the into those pedestrians who happen to cross the street at a crosswalk. I think those who can obey these rules must be good drivers.

{4} Motor vehicles can now be seen everywhere in Taiwan but the traffic condition is terribly messy. To improve this messy traffic condition we must educated rivers to obey traffic rules and be more public-minded. If we can succeed in doing this, we shall not be troubled by the unpleasant traffic din, nor shall we see cars randomly parked here and there. If we go further to play up driver education in the media, we shall not read or hear of cases involving speeding or some driver forcing his way through a crossroad by defying the red light. To sum up, driver education is very important. If we can make an effort to strengthen it, the traffic condition in Taiwan will certainly be improved.



An Essay About Drivers Education

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