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Essay on Earth Day and Conservation; Earth Day Composition

Conservation to me is saving energy, wildlife, and other natural resources. Animals need clean air, water, and food. They need clean plants to live. Help keep it clean for everyone. Don't litter and pollute. The problem we have the most in my neighborhood is with drugs, drinking and smoking. Grownups will often do drugs or smoke and drink outside which causes littering and destroys the appearance of the neighborhood. They will throw cigarette butts on the ground and not even put them out which can cause a fire. Sometimes a lot of cans are thrown on the ground instead of in the garbage cans. We have put out more garbage cans and tied them to trees so the littering can stop. It works out great.


We also have a problem with the garbage causing much littering. Often people will eat outside and when they're done, they will throw everything on the ground or in the sewer. Then almost every time it rains, the sewer overflows. People then have to come out to clean the sewer. This could all be prevented if people would listen to the signs that say "No Littering" out there. People caught should pay a fine and I think they should put up cameras or have a policeman sitting on the corner to enforce the rules. We do have clean-up efforts in our neighborhood. We will clean our street, but within a week it will be dirty again. We pitch in and clean the street two times a month which works a lot.


Every year in April, people celebrate Earth Day. We do too!!! Keep your neighborhood clean. Ask your friends and neighbors to help. It would be nice if people could make every day Earth Day. Trash hurts people, animals, and the Earth. We need to practice conservation at all ages. In my neighborhood, we will continue to put out more garbage cans and ask people nicely to use them for trash instead of the ground or sewers. It is getting better and I hope to continue to make a difference in my neighborhood.



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