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New School Essay, English Composition Writing on New School,

After graduating from junior high, I am going to be a senior high school student. I feel very excited to find out how the new school is like and how many friends I will meet. At this time, I feel that I have grown up and I also feel that I have to learn to be independent. I think I will have to study harder than before in senior high. There are many different subjects in the new school and most of them are difficult. That is why I have to study harder than ever.

I see a lot of differences in my new school, and the biggest difference is the new school is much bigger than my former school. One of my former classmates is also at this new school, and we are the best of friends. I think we will be lifelong friends.

After senior high, I will go to college, and if I want to enter a good college, I will have to do well in my studies.






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New School Essay, English Composition Writing on New School, Example and Sample New School Essay