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Essay on Air Travel: How to Read an Air Ticket; Air Travel Composition

Most air tickets are quite similar. Most tickets are written in English as English is the language of air travel. All airline personnel must know what all the different parts of a ticket mean. Also they must be able to tell whether the ticket is correct, whether the flight, date and time are correct.


You should know the following parts on air tickets.


1 ) Name: This must be the bearer's name. A traveler cannot give or sell his/her ticket to anyone else. The family name appears in full before the initial of the first name.


2) Good for Passage: Each page in an air ticket is different. Make sure that each page is correct. The heavy black lined box on each page tells where the passenger is going from and to, for example from Brisbane to Bangkok.

3) Fare: This is what was paid for the ticket. For example, 37,025 baht was paid to fly from Bangkok to Christchurch to Brisbane to Bangkok. THB refers to Thai baht.

4.) Tax: There may be an airport tax. For example, 650 baht was paid for Brisbane Airport tax (about 26 Australian dollars).


5. Baggage: Allowance Usually passengers can take between 20 and 30 kilos without extra cost. Twenty kilos of baggage is allowed on this ticket.


6) Place of issue: The place where the ticket was issued, and the issuing company are noted here.

7) Date of issue: The date when the ticket was paid for is noted here.


8) Ticket number
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