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Morality forms the underlying fabric of humanity and morality differentiates humanity from animals and other lower forms of life. Having said that, skeptics among us will be quick to point out that in extreme situations, we often witness humanity behaving in a manner that is worst than the animals. Such instances are evident during times of war and conflicts. Humans are capable of atrocities far worst than other forms of life on Earth, and it may indeed be undeserving to suggest that we are the civilised ones on this planet.

Morality is an abstract term and there exist too many interpretations of what its precise definition is. What is morally acceptable to some may not be to others, and the issue of abortion is a good example. Then there are clear cut, definitively and universally accepted norms of what moral behavior is, or what it stands for. Killing is immoral, and so is stealing from your neighbor. Acts of violence that we see in the news everyday are the manifestation of immorality that plagues our society. Morality is all that is pure and Godly, and immorality is the essence of evil. 

Aside from the extreme examples of violence and other forms of atrocities that inarguably belong to the realm of evil and diabolics, there exist the grey area that we are faced with ever so often. Does the telling of a white lie lies somewhere on the peripheral of accepted morals, or are we to be absolute purists who insist on absolute honesty, even to the extend of hurting someone by being brutally honest. Many a times, we tread a fine line and we need to use our best judgement to ensure the preferred outcome. The depriving of the rights of the fetus to live is immoral to some, but then again, there are those who argue that if indeed it is proven beyond dispute that the newborn infant will suffer birth defects that will last a lifetime, would it then not be morally acceptable to end its life then and there to prevent future suffering? 

There are different viewpoints as to where the limits of accepted morality ends and the realm of immorality begins. Philosophy may not hold the answers, and religions of different faiths may not even agree on matters that is subjected to interpretation. Thankfully, most of us do not have to make life shattering decisions on a daily basis that test the limits of where we stand on this delicate question of morality.

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