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Success takes on various forms and I think it will not be right to try and define it in a sterotypical manner. Most people associate success with the accumulation of material wealth, and for others success may be simply doing the thing one enjoys and doing it well. Success is seen in all walks of life, and we should not conjure up the image of success as someone driving an expensive car or living in a posh apartment. If success were to be so narrowly defined, then we would have excluded the likes of Mother Teresa, who dedicated their entire lives to serve the poor and needy.

Perhaps for the majority of us, making reference to such great historical personalities as icons of success would only serve as a discouragement. But more often than not, we relate the idea of been successful to how we have enhanced our standing economically and financially. It is not surprising though, as we spent eight hours or more a day working to increase of capital gain, to better ourselves and to make more money so as to benefit our families. It helps to pause every once in a while to think about whether our idea of success is been too narrowly defined. And I am not refering to what we can do for others at this point. It is about reminding ourselves that there are worthwhile things we do everyday that, if we set a goal for each of them and heads towards our goal, we may then realise that there are so many areas in our lives that can be enhanced.

Apart from what we do for a living, there are things we can do better at parenting for instance. Do we manage our families and children toward a particular goal or are we adhoc in the way we relate to our kids. Temperamental at times and seemingly whimsical and the next instant trying to be over regulating. Success cannot be attained if we do not know what we want. By knowing that we expect certain behaviors from our children for instance, and setting a goal to be successful in attaining those objectives, we can effective measure our progress and hence definitively say that we have been successful in our parenting efforts. 

Success in the workplace does not necessarily mean that we need to climb the corporate ladder relentlessly. Doing what we have already been doing, and doing it well, is also a form of success. But knowing what our goals are in the first place is important because if we don't know where we want to go, how are we to know when we have gotten there. And when we focus on been successful at what we are already doing instead of trying to do somebody's work to prove that we can do more or do better than others and outperform them, we are been constructive instead of been confrontational and destructive. Companies reward those that are good at their assigned responsibilities, not those who try to make a statement by challenging others in what they do

Success can also be found in the way we relate to others, in other words, our interpersonal relationships. People who have lots of friends and admirers are usually the ones who are successful in they way they relate to others. They are usually the ones who go out of their way at times to show care and concern for those around them. By their very action, they have become successful in all their relationships. So, have we set a goal to be successful in realting to others?

The list goes on and there are ample examples of successful people. Success is how we define it to be, and it must be the attainment of a worthwhile goal. Like we have said before, it could be financial, it could be in the way we relate to others, the manner we relate to our family members, and even getting that recipe right after numerous attempts. Success can be goals with a short term or long term duration. We must have short term goals that when accomplished, will inspire and encourage us to go further, and we also need longer term goals for the things that cannot be obtained overnight. 

In conclusion, success is about attaining goals, and setting of goals is absolutely crucial because it defines success and lets us know when we have arrived.

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