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Humor is the perhaps the crucial component that adds spice to the manner in which we relate to people around us. It should not come as a surprise that those of us having a good sense of humor are usually ahead of the pack when it comes to been the live of the party or other social events. Having said that, humor by itself is not sufficient to guarantee that we can form enduring relationships with the people who are important to us. There are other personality traits are are equally if not more important when it comes to the delicate art of interpersonal relationships. Sincerity, humility, generiosity, empathy and many other personality traits are arguably more important than humor itself. But let us focus now on humor and why it is important to have a good measure of humor. 

We can be humorous but that does not require us to be a stand-up comedian. Leave that to the professionals. Humor can be subtle, can be practical as in the case of practical jokes, and humor can also be loaded with a hint of sarcasm. The execution of humor has to be well timed in order to be effective, and the natural ones among us can seamlessly blend their humorous lines into whatever topics on hand. Sensitivity is also important when we try to add humor. You wouldn't want to lighten up the mood with your particular blend of humor at a funeral, and there are official gathering where any form of humor has to be appreciated by your peers. Humor adds color to our otherwise mundane routine, and be it in the classroom, workplace or social events, a good measure of humor helps break the ice.

My favorire kind of humor is the subtle sort, the kind that triggers laughters upon afterthought. We do not need to evoke the kind of laughter that cause someone to spill his drink, or cause someone to laugh his lungs out. Be aware though, because people associate your intellect with the kind of humor you dispense. and humor that is thought to be childish may not help you to score points with the people around you. Be careful also that you are not making fun of someone when you try to be humorous and stay away from anything that has ahint of politics, religion, physical attributes like obesity and so on. Be sensitive to people who may be sensitive over what you say, and if they feel that you are making fun of them, you may not have the last laugh.

If you are not the humorous sort of person, it doesn't hurt to pick up some effective lines to be used on different occasions. Go to the library or bookstore and read up on it and get some ideas. Humor may come in handly at the most unexpected moments, like on a date, when talking with colleagues and so on. You may already know that women rate a man highly, or at least he will be well liked, if they thought of him as been humouous. Humor is not a science, and I feel it is more of an art form. Think of it, saying the appropriate things at the appropriate time that triggers a good measure of laughter. That is not something that comes naturally for most of us, but do not be disheartened. Humor can be learned. And yes, keep at it, and one day very soon you will be the life of the party or any social event.

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