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Pets are delightful animals that bring joy and happiness not only to the children of the family, but also the adults. Pets are a wonderful sight to behold at the end of the day when you arrive back home either from work or from school. Psychologists say that owners of pets have a greater likelihood of staying healthy themselves, both mentally and physically, because pets also serve as an outlet for the stress we encounter everyday. Hugging a pet dog for instance, or maybe just enjoying the sight of it, takes away the worries and cares of the day. Kids who have pets too, learn about responsibilities in caring for them. In the longer term, this show of love, care and concern towards a pet may be translated into great parental skills. Having pets also helps us to stay in touch with our own emotions because there are times when all we needed is just a silent companion by our side.

The benefits of keeping a pet are numerous. However, before we run off to the pet shop to pick up our favorite pet, there are a number of questions we ought to ask ourselves. How prepared are we to sacrifice our time and effort to take care of our pets? There are owners of pet dogs that I know of who treat their pets like toys. They play with them when they are in the mood, and neglect them when they do not feel they have the time for them. There are owners who would go away on holidays for a number of days and lock their pets at home with little or no food. Then, there are the extreme cases of animal abuses that we have heard of. A pet is a part of the family and we should be prepared to accord to it the same kind of love and respect for its existence. 

So, you are sure that you have met all the requirements of been a responsible owner, and now you want to make a decision about the kind of pet you want to keep. Dogs are great pets, and they are men's best friend, as the saying goes. Dogs are loyal partners and they are highly protective of their owners. Dos are also very territorial by nature, and would be the idea pet to chose if you want to be alerted of any suspicious going ons around where you stay. Cats are delightful too, although they seldom display as much emotions as dogs when it comes to relating to their owners. Be aware that these furry animals may drop fur around the house, and in case there are people particularly children in the house who have respiratory or allergy problems, special care should be taken.

Perhaps a pet tortise will be equally fine for those who may want to enjoy having a pet but do not want to scarfice too much time to care for them. Feeding a tortise in the morning and evening may just be all that is needed, although every once ina while, you may want to play with it. Birds are great pets too, and they always brighen up the morning with the lovely sounds of chirping. 

There are still those pet owners we know of who prefer exotic pets. Pets like snakes, spiders and lizards are the favorite among some. Personally though, I won't touch those critters with a 10-foot pole. On the other extreme, there are owners of pets who like to keep ferocious animals like pit bulls and even wild animals. Some like the thrill of it all, while others feel they want to make a statement by relating to the aggressive nature of their pets.

No one pet is suitable for everyone. We will have to make our choice based on a number of factors. Whether we are living in an apartment building or a bungalow house, and the extend to which we are willing to commit ourselves to our pets, all will determine the kind of pet we should choose.

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