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Deciding on our careers is something that requires ample forethought and careful consideration. Not many of us have an idea what we wanted to be from a very young age. Students are just told to put their best foot forward in the academic pursues and postpone any thoughts about their career for the future because as long as you excel in your academic achievements, they road ahead is wide open and the possibilities are endless. It is also not easy for students to see ahead of their time and decidedly say if they will wanted to be a doctor, a teacher or whatever profession they envisage. However, they are some who knows precisely what they want to be, and laid down their goals from the time they were in high school, and relentlessly puruse those goals.

A career is to be differentiated from a job or any form of temporary work. Those young people serving at McDonald's restaurants are working probably to help pay their tuition fees, and hopefully none of them set a goal to be a serving staff for the rest of their lives. Career planning is absolutely crucial if one is to be successful in attaining their ultimate career objective. Sometimes we have to listen to opinions of others to guide us towards our future, but the final decision is ours to make. We listen to our hearts and minds and that voice from within and then we forge ahead at full throttle, firm in our conviction that we are doing the right thing.

To be successful in what we do as a career, it is important that we are also interested in it. Having said that, interest alone will not suffice. I have a friend who loves music and wanted to open his own music shop. He did, and he is happy. However, reality caught up with him as bills piled up because the income from the business was not sufficient to offset the expenses. So it is important that we have to strike a good balance between our interest in a particular trade and the market forces that will in the end determine the viability of the business. On the other end, we have people who pursue a career simply because they are convinced that that is the most profitable field to be in. An accountant may not be in love with working on numbers everyday, but as long as the job pays well, why not. I don't think doctors enjoy been at the receiving end of a long line of patients, each one coughing and sneezing his way into his office. But then again, for the money, why not. Then there are those who want to be in the medical profession because of the prestige associated with it. To each his own I would say.

Parents and loved ones have a responsibility to advice the people they love on the pros and cons when making a career decision. It is important because adults can see things from a different perspective and have encountered real life experiences. Making the wrong career choice can mean a lifetime of dissatisfaction and unmet expectations. We should set aside the sterotypical views of what a career in a certain field entails and ask ourselves if that is really for us. Each of us is unique and the right career for someone else may not be for us. For the better or the worse, it is a choice we will have to live with if we cross the point of no return, or have moved so far ahead in our pursues that we neither have the energy nor the opportunity to start over again.

For those of us who are academically brillant, the doors are wide open and government recruiting agencies and private corporations alike stand in line waiting to tap our talent and potential. It is not uncommon that scholars are presented with various offers even before they graduate from university. Statistically, I am sure that the academically bright ones move one to take on careers that offer attractive financial packages. Then again if we look at many successful businessmen out there, they evolved to where they are now from a rather mediocre beginning, academic wise. Is is fair to say that those who are set for the big time in the corporate world have too much to lose in trying to pursue their own business, and security in the form of a high ranking position in an organization is the prefered career choice.

Whatever it is that you have planned for the future, I wish you every success.

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