Turning Down Someone's Request

Turning someone’s requests down is not easy because we are afraid of hurting our relationships with them, or their feelings. Personally, I would be obligated to help others given the spare time and the ability, and on the grounds that it is not immoral to do so. However, sometimes I’ve been asked to do things that are beyond my capabilities, or my availability of time, or that even against my sense of ethnics.

     When I was a fifth-grade elementary school student, I was very happy to go to school every day because the boy I admired most in the class sat right beside me. We seldom talked to each other because I was too shy to talk to him. One day before the mid-term exam, he took the initiative to talk to me. I was noticeably surprised and excited. He asked me how prepared I was for the mid-term exam. I told him confidently that I was very well prepared for the exam. Then, he asked me if I would let him see my answer sheets on the day of the mid-term exam. After I realized his motives I felt disgusted and confused. I didn’t know what to do. Should I help him? The question bothered me day and night. In the end, my mother sensed my unusual behavior and asked me what happened. I couldn’t help but told her the whole story My mother advised me that I should turn down requests that are beyond my ability to handle, that I have no time to handle. and most importantly, it is morally wrong to do so. If those who make the requests can’t respect my considerations, they should reflect upon themselves. Finally, I made up my mind to tell the boy that I could not help him to cheat. As expected, he became furious and refused to talk to me again. However, I felt relieved because I have made the right decision, and my conscience is clear.

     This event has taught me a lesson. Saying “No” is very difficult, but sometimes very necessary. Even to this day, on some special occasions, I still have apprehensions about saying “No” to some requests. However, I know that doing the right thing will give me the peace of mind.




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