How We Can Help to Reduce Pollution

Polution comes in several forms, air pollution, water pollution, the pollution of the oceans and environmental pollution in the form of garbage disposal or even something that some of us may be guilty of at one time or other... littering.

How can we all help to reduce pollution and save our environment? This has been a persistent question because somehow, we are part of the problem and like it or not, we need to do more than what we are doing to reduce pollution. Global efforts to reduce pollution and what we always read about Greenpeace is doing seems too far fetch from our daily lives. Perhaps, on a more down to earth level, our immediate question should be how we, as individuals, can do our part to save mother earth. While it is good to know that there is an ongoing global effort to this end, knowing what each of us can do at our level is the first step towards collective action to this end.

Garbage disposal is one thing that is really closer to home, and this is one area that we can put in direct efforts to make a difference. Is recycling of waste a practice in our community. If it is, how much do we really enforce recycling and how disciplined are we in separating our trash every evening when we take them out? Perhaps teaching our children to do their part for the environment is a good start. Recycling should be a habit and not a chore. We should practice what we preach, and foster the same kind of discipline and values to our next generations.

Then we have air pollution. Air pollution in the form of exhaust fumes from cars and motorcycles is something that we can have to reduce. Air pollution in the form of industrial fumes may require a greater collective action, involving not only the community but also the local governments. Short of taking to the streets with placards, there is apparently not much that one can do as an individual to combat the industrial fumes coming from factories. But at a level that we can do something, that we and our actions are directly responsible for, would be pollution from exhaust fumes. We can perhaps take to the good old bicycle instead of commuting by public transportation, and lose a few pounds ourselves in the process.

Water pollution, and pollution of our rivers and oceans, perhaps would be something that can only be effectively addressed through governemtal agencies. But that is usually a tall order, because governments tend to weigh economic benefits with the degree of pollution they would allow. Something, when you factor in pecuniary interests of the various parties invloved, the solution may not even be in sight. 

In conclusion, what we have listed are the major sources of pollutions, and to a small extend, what we can do as individual to address these issues. Unless governments have the farsight and the political will to push forward in saving our environment, we are going to leave behind a burden for our children and generations to come.

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