My Dreams in Life

There comes a time in our lives where we stop to ponder about the future. The future as refering to our career, what we plan to do, what we want to dedicate our lives to for the better part of our future. I am refering to our career. Our plan and our decision on what we want to do for a living in the future. 

From the time we were in school, we have started thinking about our future career and what we would like to do for a living. This is by no means an easy decision because at the tender age we were at whilst still in school, it is not that easy to have the foresight to understand what the working world would be like. For me, I have many ambitions since young. 

Going back to the time when I was just 15 years old, I had always wanted to be a... ahem, scientist. I wanted to be an astronomer and Albert Einstein was my hero, my idol. I used to have his picture hanging on my bedroom wall. However, the reality of it all was it was all just a dream that would never materialise. Scientists are the brightest people around and well, I was never a shining star in the academic arena. That didn't stopped me though, from forming an amateur astronomer's club and we spent hours late into the night doing star gazing. But that was all it was. I had to face the brutal truth that I could not even made it to the university as it was really very competitive at the time. Anyway, I emerged as a diploma graduate in civil engineering years later.

Even as I was in the polytechnic doing my diploma course, I never stopped dreaming. Being an astronomer is out of the question, so I toyed around with the idea of been a rock star. Embarrassing as it may seem, and I have to shallow hard to admit the inadmittable fantasy of being a rocker on stage. I formed my own three piece rock band and we were jamming away instead of doing our schoolwork. Then it slowly came to pass that I will be better off to just let dreams stay as dreams. I need not elaborate further.

Like everyone else around me, I eventually graduated from the Polytechnic and started working in the civil engineering field as a construction supervisor. That is not really what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I wanted something bigger than life. Nothing fabulous happened for the next many years. I went on to 

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