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Hobbies are an essential part of our well being because hobbies are the things we do apart from our daily activities which is centered around work and responsibilites. Hobbies offer a channel for escape from the daily pressures we face, be it that of a student preparing for a major exam, or a corporate executive doing what he does best to climb the corporate ladder. Hobbies are the kind of things we do because we enjoy doing them, and not because it is done out of necessity as in the case of work or study. Consider ourselve fortunate if we have something to indulge ourselve in during those evening hours or on a nice sunny weekend.

There are indoor and outdoor hobbies. There are also active and passive forms of hobbies. Thoose of us who are physically inclined would chose to be out there challenging the elements as in the case of mountain climbing, hiking and bicycling. For the less active ones amongst us, we may opt for something more reclusive as sitting comfortably in our favorite couch and reading our favorite books. Be it sweating it out under the sun or taking it easy on a lazy Sunday afternoon over a cup of coffee and watching our favorite television programmes, these are the things we consider our pastime or leisure activity. If anyone should claim that he or she is without a hobby, it will be sad indeed as life for these people would be likened to watching a black and white television.

I love music, and I have decided many years that I will want to learn to play the guitar and play it well. Today, after this more than twenty years of love affair i have for the guitar, I can surely say that I can play more than a few tunes that would make people pause and listen. I have a good singing voice, and I put it to good effect as an accompliment to my guitar. My love for music started when I was sixteen, and although I did toyed around with the idea that someday I might want to be a musician, I dropped the aspiration to do so having come to the realization that hobbies may not always be compatible with what we will want to do for a living. If singing and playing the guitar were to be a means for me to make a living, I think I would be really disppointed today because the road to the top for successful musicians is a long and difficult one with no guarantee that you will ventually be successful. For me, I see job security in the form of paper qualifications, a view that is held by many of my peers. Call us conservatives, but I think few of us can turn our hobbies into a cash cow. For those who managed to do so, they must be really fortunate.

To be continued...

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