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Zoos are some of the most delightful places that children, and even adults of all ages love togo and visit. Zoos are more than just a place of entertainment and education for people, but also a place where animals are kept in safe enclosures protected from predators which they are exposed to if they are in their natural environments. Zoos allow us to enjoy viewing animals which otherwise we would have to make a trip to the wild safaris of some far away countries in Africa. Most of us who visit zoos may not pay to much attention to the amount of work and effort the zoos go through to bring to us such magnificient animals from far away places.

My first trip to the zoo was years ago during an elementary school field trip. It was an activity I remembered to this day. That was the first time I found myself in close proximity to wild animals like tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras and even animals from the cold antarctic regions like the penguin. Then, the last time I visited the zoo was about a year back when I took my kids. Children especially are fascinated with such exotic animals on display and in terms of educational value, I would say that the trip was worth every minute of time spent. However, there are some of us who feel that animals should not be kept in enclosures, but should rather be let out in the wild, in their natural habitat. Some feel that keeping animals in captivity is a form of cruelty. But looking at it from another perspective, the same animals may not survive this far had they been left on their own in the wilderness because of the presense of predators. I believe that without zoos, many of us would never have the opportunity to see for ourselves what a tiger or lion really look like, and that would be pathetic because we are not getting to see some of the most wonderful creations of God.

Zoos are more than just a display of animals. At designated times throughout the day, they have animal shows and we can enjoy watching seals showing off their skills with a ball, or dolphins displaying they talents with their trainers. Such shows are always accompanied by expressions of joy and enthusiasm among the audiences. Zoos also have many souvenir shops where we can buy interesting items as a form of remembrance of our trip. A trip to an average sized zoo would easily take up an entire day, and be prepared to have your lunch there. It will be time well spent and it will be something that you will remember for a long time to come.

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