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A marriage is like a song. When there is a song, there is rhythm and movement; a listener’s mood is influenced by a song - it inspires; it soothes; it hurts; it excites; it saddens…. It takes a lot of effort to compile a song... For a marriage to work, it requires a lot of effort too. If there were no love or attraction, the couple might not have got married.

To create a good song, a good songwriter is required. He has to listen, think about what he likes about a song... Does he like the transition from one part of the song to another? Similarly, for a good marriage, partners must think carefully before stepping into it...They have to learn the art of communication so that they could live together. Like a songwriter’s efforts, couples have to do lots of thinking and hard work to make their marriage last...They also have to be sensitive to each other and capture each other’s mood and move on together. Nothing remains constant.

Like a song that has not been popular and died down, some relationships failed to work. Like a song that was once a favourite, fading in popularity, the relationship turned pale. Where did the feeling go? Tony met Wendy when he was still studying in the polytechnic... During their courtship, they were a loving and inseparable couple. After Tony’s graduation from the polytechnic, he was unable to find a suitable job.

As he wanted to marry Wendy and start a family, he grabbed the first job opened to him... Because of his work, he was often tired and neglected his family. His wife did not care for the children and tried her best to escape her responsibility as a mother, claiming to be working overtime in the office. Tony’s mother took care of the housework and the children... Wendy began to show signs of dissatisfaction... They quarreled regularly and their relationship was tearing... Where is the feeling they used to know? What happened to the love that used to show? Where did the feeling go?”

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