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Latest in Reference & Education

Are Women Superior

From the symbolical point of view the removal of “man's" rib and the creation of woman from it is indicative of the separation of the feminine half of the original, androgynous, human being. To those who persist in accepting the literal interpretation of Genesis 2:22, we may

Essay on Languages

Language is the essence of communication for people around the world. It is through language that we are able to disseminate information and enable ourselves to be understood. In its most simple form, the languages of the early wanderers on our planet are highly limited by their vocabulary as the

Essay on Morals

Morality forms the underlying fabric of humanity and morality differentiates humanity from animals and other lower forms of life. Having said that, skeptics among us will be quick to point out that in extreme situations, we often witness humanity behaving in a manner that is worst than the animal

Knowledge and Wisdom

An ever persistent question that we have been asked is, what is the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Indeed, the difference is quite obvious in the sense that a knowledgeable person may not be wise in many ways. I would say that knowledge is more of an intellectual thing as in IQ, and wis

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