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Go to America and figure out some way to get there quickly. Out of all the competing priorities in my life, I had finally determined the most important one. It was a relief of some sort. Exactly seven years after I had graduated out of high school, in the wee hours of Aug

Career Journey

A few years ago, one of my friends graduated from a fairly good business school. He is presently an employee of a blue-chip organization with corporate headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley. Since he joined the organization, he has led and successfully implemented s

Currency Trading

Currency trading has large potential reward, but also large potential risks. The strategies provided in this book and the services provided at our website are for educational purpose only, and are not intended to replace individual research or licensed investment advice. Unique exp

Believe in Success

Enculturation Programming Another element of thinking and having an open mind is our programming through enculturation. Enculturation is our environment from the time of our birth to this moment. It includes our culture, friends, the people we have met along the way, family (espec

Culture Driven By Value

Value Driven Culture During an introductory meeting a business man was asked, “What makes your company better than your closest competitors? It’s probably your employees, right? The business owner said, absolutely not, my competitor can take my best employees tomorrow, but he

How to Get a Job at a College or University

In today’s tough employment environment, skilled job hunters are turning to employment recruiters to do the work for them. For workers interested in a career in higher education, specialized educational recruiters have the connections required to land you the job of your dreams. 

Career Essay

Deciding on our careers is something that requires ample forethought and careful consideration. Not many of us have an idea what we wanted to be from a very young age. Students are just told to put their best foot forward in the academic pursues and postpone any thoughts about their career for th

My Dreams in Life

There comes a time in our lives where we stop to ponder about the future. The future as refering to our career, what we plan to do, what we want to dedicate our lives to for the better part of our future. I am refering to our career. Our plan and our decision on what we want to do for a living in

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