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Stay at Home Mom

Confession 1: I’m Grossly Under Qualified. When a friend of mine suggested that I write a book, I laughed. I laughed out loud actually. For those of you who aren’t very familiar with me and what I do, I am the very proud mother of five beautiful children under the age

Marriage and Divorce

It is a very common story. Two people meet. They fall in love, and soon; they decide to spend the rest of their lives together. They decide to get married. They plan a wedding. They invite their relatives and their closest friends. And, in the presence of God; they take life-long vows

What is Marriage

A marriage is like a song. When there is a song, there is rhythm and movement; a listener’s mood is influenced by a song - it inspires; it soothes; it hurts; it excites; it saddens…. It takes a lot of effort to compile a song... For a marriage to work, it requires a lot

Are Women Superior

From the symbolical point of view the removal of “man's" rib and the creation of woman from it is indicative of the separation of the feminine half of the original, androgynous, human being. To those who persist in accepting the literal interpretation of Genesis 2:22, we may

Sports Vs Exercise

SPORT VERSUS EXERCISE The obvious differences between Weightlifting experience and the other modalities of strength training such as Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, and general weight training are: Weightlifting strengthening-exercise religiously observes the need to maintain optimall

Father's Day

A Funny Thing Happened While I Was Washing My Car I got up early one Saturday morning and decided to go wash my car. The day at that point was nothing out of the ordinary, just a regular Saturday. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. Everything was as good as it could be for a guy in my

Believe in Success

Enculturation Programming Another element of thinking and having an open mind is our programming through enculturation. Enculturation is our environment from the time of our birth to this moment. It includes our culture, friends, the people we have met along the way, family (espec

Child Abuse

We live in a very violent society! In fact, violence has become a way of life in America, according to R. J. Gelles and M. A. Straus, authors of Physical Violence in American Families. They believe the family is the most violent institution other than the military

Culture Driven By Value

Value Driven Culture During an introductory meeting a business man was asked, “What makes your company better than your closest competitors? It’s probably your employees, right? The business owner said, absolutely not, my competitor can take my best employees tomorrow, but he

Occupy Wall Street

The American dream is turning into a nightmare, with disheartening levels of inequality, unemployment and homelessness. In this eyewitness report, CommonWealth Magazine visits the US, in what may be its final days at the top. Capitalism is facing unprecedented challenges. Nowhere is

Essay on Languages

Language is the essence of communication for people around the world. It is through language that we are able to disseminate information and enable ourselves to be understood. In its most simple form, the languages of the early wanderers on our planet are highly limited by their vocabulary as the

Career Essay

Deciding on our careers is something that requires ample forethought and careful consideration. Not many of us have an idea what we wanted to be from a very young age. Students are just told to put their best foot forward in the academic pursues and postpone any thoughts about their career for th

Essay on Pets

Pets are delightful animals that bring joy and happiness not only to the children of the family, but also the adults. Pets are a wonderful sight to behold at the end of the day when you arrive back home either from work or from school. Psychologists say that owners of pets have a greater likeliho

Essay on Music

Music is to the soul what food is to the body, and knowledge is to our minds. That is the way I see it as far as music is concerned because music has been a big part of my life since childhood. I started playing the guitar since I was twelve years old, and today, after so many years, I am still v

Essay on Humor

Humor is the perhaps the crucial component that adds spice to the manner in which we relate to people around us. It should not come as a surprise that those of us having a good sense of humor are usually ahead of the pack when it comes to been the live of the party or other social events. Having

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