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What we know about the connection between eating and obesity etc. definitely a pretty strong association that we know that there's a connection between how much TV a child watches and whether or not that child is overweight load the advertising budget probably still go to TV it is the dominant form of advertising targeted to children and children.

You and spend most of their media time would help low price, said his wife, as far as to who was the result we had antipodagron.over time that show that air that children who watch more TV when they're younger and to be overweight but not all of that to get the sensor for measuring MKV start and then were looking at their weight that seemed to point in the direction of chevee being the cause is a catena dewlight lanchara is like a thing about me and Harry Bradley and greenhide diabrotic lunted watching TV, playing video games at being on the computer thing on your old alto indentedly advert game where to go on tour of the product website and played a very simple game but they're highly, highly branded so that very complicated but every aspect of the game will feature the product it just sort of design to emerge the children in the brand and to get them to start subtly we don't want to buy that brand the next time they go to the store.

I designed the study that looked at whether or not children who started under the purpose of advertising were actually in fact let personally I like the commercials that they saw the marshalsea so it's 06 isize is a I did find that the children were both my advertising video were less likely to think that the product would help eight, but at the same time make the wanted it more whether or not they understood the persuasive purpose of advertising really made no difference

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