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From High School to College Composition: An Essay of My Plan for the Future

The leap from high school to college is one of the biggest in a person's life. Not only do graduates leave their friends to go to different schools, but they also leave the comfort of having mom and dad taking care of them. It is a release to the wild and a journey to become your own person living on your own grounds. Now it is my turn to embark on this journey. For the past four years I have had the greatest time of my life. High School has served me well and I have never learned so much nor had so much fun. It is a sad thing to leave.


All the relationships I have built and all the memories that lie on the football field, in the high school, and all around Tomball. However, within this sadness, there is a little spark of excitement. It is the excitement to leave this high school life of mine and to start my real adult life.


There is a little spark of hope, that my future will not only be just as good as my past, but better. Two words that best describe what my high school career consisted of are "work and fun". Throughout high school, I was always on some sort of competitive team. Whether it would be baseball, football, or even ROTC, I loved playing a school sport. I played 1 year of baseball, 4 years of football, and I spent 3 years in ROTC. While doing these sports I also maintained a 95 GPA in my classes. However this is only half the definition of "work" in my high school career. I was also very active within my church. I grew in my spiritual life when our church hired a new youth minister. Since then, I did everything I could to grow closer to the church. I went on retreats, did service projects, and I joined different organizations such as Youth Ambassadors for Christ and Disciples of Charity for the Diocese of Galveston-Houston. Within these organizations, I did things I never thought I would have the opportunity to do.


A special program that I participated in during my senior year was a unique course offered at my high school called Scientific Research and Design. In the course, students work with professionals in the medical field to complete research projects.


After finding someone who was willing to serve as my mentor and applying to participate in the program, I was successfully accepted in by the course's sponsor teacher. The mentorship was an invaluable experience; my mentor was young, so we could relate to each other pretty well. Over the year, we were able to build a solid relationship. I enjoyed learning from him and discussing various issues; a major topic was college admissions. As I applied to colleges, my mentor was always there to encourage me and give me confidence. My mentor had been Chief Resident at a hospital in Houston, and he had become an expert on interviewing. I appreciated it a lot when he gave me advice and helped me in mock interviews.


During the year, I completed two research studies. The first one dealt with hypertension. My experiment was to determine if patients diagnosed with hypertension knew more about high blood pressure than patients who had not been diagnosed with hypertension. I enjoyed the process of interacting with patients and asking them to complete surveys. I also enjoyed organizing and collecting the data to reach conclusions. During the second semester, I decided to explore my interest of axiology, the study of human growth. I distributed a survey to more than half of my fellow seniors from the Class of 2007 at Clements High School I wanted to see if students' heights were influenced by their biological parents' heights. For both males and females, the majority of their heights were within 5% of their parents' heights. I definitely enjoyed the mentorship; it allowed me to observe what it's like to be a physician. Soon, I will be attending the university that my mentor attended, the University of Texas at Austin. I hope to seek more mentors in the future, and I also plan to serve as a mentor for others. I am passionate about serving others and the sport of basketball; coaching basketball was a great activity for me.


I coached as a volunteer for the local youth basketball league, but prior to the beginning of my senior year, a friend referred me to coach as an employee at an educational center. This would be my first salaried job ever! What I enjoy is sharing my knowledge of basketball with younger children and helping them to develop and grow into better players and people. I love building relationships with youth and acting as a role model and guide. I hope to continue coaching basketball in the future. A main goal for me is to succeed academically as a student. I want to continue learning, to improve my understanding of the world, so I can contribute as a part of the community. I will try my best to get good grades. I also hope to adjust to college life well and make new friends. By the end of college, I hope to have become a leader at the University of Texas at Austin.


I hope to have become an outstanding student. I want to be accepted into a medical school. I also wish to leave a lasting legacy at the University of Texas at Austin. I hope to serve others and help others succeed. My mother has had an immense impact on my life, especially in this regard. She showed me how to treat other people — with kindness, compassion, and a giving heart. She is always helping other people, and she's unselfish. She has always taken care of me. I hope to apply what I've learned from example, and I wish to build relationships and serve the community as my mother has. Career wise, I hope to become a physician.


As a physician, I would get involved in clinical practice, teaching, journalism, and administration. It would fit my desires and values: I could help others through healthcare, and I would serve as a provider and caregiver. I strive to become the best I can be and to succeed in my aspirations.



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