Ice Storms Essay


Nicola Tesla had some novel ideas about transmitting power wirelessly. His initial tests were successful. The powerful people of his time were (and still are) making lots of money by generating and transmitting electricity (the AC current he pioneered, and gave up the patents for) through wires. Needless to say his funding dried up. It would be nice to have a snow and ice storm uncomplicated by power outages that occur because we employ century old technologies to generate and transmit electricity (when better technologies were available even then). It would be nice to power electric autos without needing a battery. It would be nice if the world wasn't controlled by greed.

Self reliant families such as farmers--have made provision for a backup supply of heat. Government can't replace common sense in times of crisis. You have to be responsible enough to protect and defend your family by being prepared for such emergencies. In the gulf--it's hurricanes, Midwest--tornadoes, west---earthquakes, coastal--flooding, North--severe ice storms.
"It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions." Ronald Reagan. Civil defense encourages each family to have it's own emergency plan within it's own budget and needs.

A few questions for people that live in that region.... How often do you guys get this much snow there?
Also do the cars there use all weather tires? I would imagine not having snow tires would be horrible right now.
Also do they shut school down there(if this lasts till Monday)? I mean here in Ohio this is ordinary stuff, but there I guess prob. not used to it.
Do they have places set up for people who do not have heat? Geez how would you get there, no one would drive in that without snow tires, on top of that people not used to driving. What is the normal temperature there for this time of year?

Heck! we had winters like this when I grew up in Ohio, a small town on Lake Erie, with snow drifts up to the eaves of the roof. The yellow school bus kept chugging along behind the snow plow! The weatherman was more accurate back then because they didn't have the global warming alarmists breathing hot air!

The measured solar activity is well-correlated with the observed temperature variations, but does not follow the recent upturn in temperature.When you look at the climate models that seek to show the human influence past 1970, you do see a good correlation of the temperature with the projected CO2 influence included, while the correlation with solar cycle length weakens. Just like all republicans the electric companies don't want to hire the people to upgrade their infrastructure. They use to cut their right of way to keep obvious threats from affecting their lines. They don't do that any more since they can inflate the costs of the ice storms and pass it on to customers. They don't have enough crews to work ice storms and not enough contractors either. If your power goes out you have to wait til they get to you.

You don't know what you are talking about! The electric company trims trees and branches along their right of way every year; but they are not permitted to come onto private property and trim trees. They cannot trim a tree in your yard; you have to do that yourself, and it's usually limbs from a homeowner's own trees that fall onto the drop line to his house that interrupts his electric service.

The electric company in this part of Texas has been working day and night to repair the lines along their right of way and restore service, and they usually have had service restored in a matter of hours. The "thousands" who are still without service are mostly homeowners whose own trees have fallen on their drop lines, and the homeowner is responsible for having that repaired himself -- it is not the job of the electric company because it is on private property. The electric companies DO have enough crews to work ice storms. In situations like this, they get help from crews from other electric companies in other states. The Science of Hot & Cold. As the Arctic Ice melt, it send Waves after Waves of Cold Air South. Did someone called it an Arctic Blast ? Nothing to worry about, it will eventually slowdown, when all the Arctic/Antarctica/Greenland Ice are all gone. We will all get a good tanning then.

We can tell you never took any science classes. (Clue for the clueless - ice only melts when it gains enough heat to go from a solid to a liquid.) If you are thinking that the melting ice in your drink makes the drink cold - then you have it backwards. Cold is not coming from the ice - instead the melting ice is drawing heat from the liquid. However - ice cannot melt without an external source of heat.

Hey Texans, let's cut the budget for snow and ice removal from your roads and highways in the name of "smaller government" like the Tea Party and Republican want. Then, when something like this happens, Republicans can all stand around and blame the "libtards" for government's ineffective response and the hazardous road conditions. How's that "smaller government" working out for ya, Republicans? Meanwhile, the rest of us have learned our lesson about electing these right-wing kooks and extremists. What makes you think that the Tea party had anything to do with the fact that it snows very rarely in Texas? Maybe you should have stayed awake in your high school geography class. I'm Texan and it's a treat to have this frozen weather! Love it! Sitting in front of a roaring fireplace, cooking a pot of chili and sipping on a nice cup of hot chocolate. Wonderful. Global warming? No, actually we're cooling, claim scientists. A cold Arctic summer has led to a record increase in the ice cap, leading experts to predict a period of global cooling.

I see that global warming deniers never give up spewing their idiotic comments. Guess what, it's winter here. It gets cold sometimes. No one ever said winter would stop. And it's hot in the southern hemisphere right now because it's summer there. I blame the Canadians for this. They want us to approve the Keystone Oil Pipeline, so they are sending more cold air down here with their own HAARP machine, (like the one we have in Alaska to use to flood China), forcing us to use more fuel to keep the roads passable. Everyone here use's all season tires, 2nd its a hit and miss thing, some yrs we have it bad most of the time its good, 3rd schools do shut down in bad weather, 4th Yes shealters are set up for those who have no place to go as well as the visitor's and normal lows are in the 30's and low 40's. but the way it is here if you dont like the tempture hang around it well change!!!

How about this Global Cooling! Scientists have determined that the 5 year economic depression has reduced green house gases so much that that North America is now on a pace to be a solid block of ice within 10 years! Better leave your SUVs running 24 X 7! You don't understand how climate change works apparently. During warming cycles, the ice caps at the poles descend in latitude. In other words, global warming actually causes an ice age. Oh, I see! So if we cool things off, they will get warmer? So apparently, we have warmed things up, therefore they are getting cooler, which will set off global warming. Is that what you mean? I think it's been quite a while since this country has seen a brutal winter and we are a little overdue for one or two of them. We should consider sections of heated road to make travel safer in times like these. I live in the midwest and a storm like this is no big deal. Ask your grandma or great grandma if she is alive, if they ever had storms like this back in their day. You will find out, indeed they did.

Your attention please - there will be no global warming prognostications from the climate cultists today due to the cold weather. Too bad none of you where in new jersey so at least oboma would show up for a photo shoot then go to L.Vegas where he told us not to go to. Or better yet your not a socialist country like hatti that got a little rain. Weather Changes! As it has ALWAYS and will ALWAYS...even against the wishes of the Liberal Elitists who wish to control it and or change will one day be warm. The wrath of the Lord descending on the unfaithful and sinners, to let them know just who is boss. "You have turned your face from me and I know you not." but if course man knows better, and has no need of this superstitious nonsense. Since the worst of this storm seems to be hitting the Bible Belt, I guess it would be fair to say that this is God's wrath against right-wing Bible-thumpers. So do the houses in Texas have heating systems? What about the trailer parks in Tennessee? Why isn't Obama paying a visit to the stricken area? More important then Mandela's funeral.