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Making Decisions Essay, English Composition Writing on Making Decisions

(1) Growing up means making my own decisions. When I was a little, my parents made all the tough decisions for me. But while I am getting older and older, I felt that I can make decisions for myself! It occurred to me that I have got to face all the difficulties on my own. Otherwise, I can't succeed in the future.

The hardest decision that I have ever made was keeping a diary every day. At first I usually got lose of it, but I found a lot of pleasure in keeping a diary eventually. Every night I sit at my desk and rethink the happened during the day's events before I go to bed. After I write my feelings down, I can always be in a comfortable mood. I have so many experiences in my diary. Keeping diary is not only a good habit, the diary itself is also a good friend of mine. I'll keep one for the rest of my life.

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(2) Growing up means making my own decision. In my childhood, whenever I was put in a difficult situation or had trouble making up my mind, I turned to my parents for advice without exception. However, with time going by, I grow up and have to cope with my own personal affairs. On the one hand, I am granted more freedom to handle matters in my own ways. On the other hand, I also have to take responsibility for the consequences of my decisions. Well goes a saying, " There is no free lunch. " In addition to entitling me to many privileges I used to be denied, growing up also obligates me to make my own decisions.

The hardest decision that I ever made was whether I should attend vocational school or ordinary high school. Going to vocational school meant being exempt from pressure and tension. Thus, I could enjoy a pleasant and carefree school life. Attending ordinary high school would make it imperative for me to cram for the Joint College Entrance Examination. This meant another three years' hard word and sacrifice an opportunity to receive higher education. After a careful consideration and discussion with my parents, I finally decided to attend senior high school And this decision has made all the difference.



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