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My Best Friend Essay, English Composition Writing on My Best Friend

My best friend is someone I have known since my childhood. Our friendship goes back to the time when I was ten years old. His name is Harry, and he lived a couple of blocks from my house. We had a lot in common, and we spent time together during the weekends.

I remembered many of my favorite hobbies were because of his influence. I learned to play the guitar from him, and I started martial arts classes because he did the same. That was back in the year 1974. Now you know how old I am. That is right, the years have gone by, and even today as I sit here typing on my computer, I still have my guitar sitting right beside me. It was a hobby that changed my life and I thank him because he was the one who taught me how to play the guitar. I remember the days when we used to have our own bicycles. That was my first bicycle, and I wanted to have one that look just like Harry's. Strange, but somehow, he seemed to be a big influence on me in my early years. Maybe because I saw him as a role model.

Weekends, we would go over to each other's house and practice guitar, and martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, to be exact. Those were the days when Bruce Lee was very popular, and as I recalled, we used to go to school, elementary school that is, with our own version of nan-cha-ku, tucked away in out book bag, away from the sight of our teachers. As I think about those days now, I never fail to relish its splendor. The days of innocence, never again to be revisited. However, at times when I look at my son, who is thirteen years old now, I could almost see him enacting some of the things I did in the past.

My best friend, Harry, is no longer in contact with me. We have lost contact since we went on to separate secondary schools. He was in St. Patrick's Secondary School, and I went on to Raffles Institution for my secondary school. Do I miss him now, at the age of 49? Yes, I do. I had wanted to get in touch with him, and possibly some of my old classmates from Primary school, but they are no where to be found. I heard many years ago that Harry went on to be a sailor after graduation from seaman's course. It will be nice to know how everyone is doing. I tried many ways to locate Harry, I searched for his name on the internet, on Skype, and I even went as far as contacting the Singapore National Registry, all to no avail.

Best friends are like old wine, and the older they are the better. I just wish that someday, somehow, I will be able to reestablish contact with Harry Wong. So, Harry Wong Kok Hoong, if you are reading this, please get in touch with me. I am Ding Soon Kheong, I remember you used to call me Ding.

This much I remember about you... Old address at 38 Lorong 14 Geylang Road. Your birthday is on October 30, 1961. Our primary school was Geylang English School, and yes, you had a dog named Bobby back then.


What Are Best Friends?

There is an old Chinese saying that at home or within the family, we rely on our siblings and family members. Outside of our home, we rely on friends. Friends are important because of many reasons. We keep friends not just so that they help us to pass our time, but also because they are like a pliiar to lean on in times when we are down. Of course, not all friends are reliable. There are what we called "fair-weathered friends", people who will stick with us in the good times, but disappeared the moment we are in need.

It is important to know how we choose our friends. How we choose our friends really will depend upon what we expect of them. Personally, I do not set the same kind of expectations for all the people I meet. I find that the best friends are usually the ones we knew right from the days when we were in elementary school, or junior high. It is in the learning environment of schools, in the innocence of our younger days, that we get to meet people who will be with us sometimes throughout our lives.

In the work environment, unfortunately, I find it really hard to trust anyone, especially my co-workers. This is because of the fact that we are all competing with each other in the same company, and the fear that we give away too much of ourselves and thus making us vulnerable is always nagging us atthe back of our mind. In fact, I have never had a single good friend ever since the day I left school. Pathetic, you may say, but I am sure many of us would agree with me on a certain extend.

Best friends are people whom you can entrust with your innermost secrets, with the understanding that you will not be betrayed. Best friends shed tears along with you in trying moments, and rejoice and laugh along with you when you are successful in what you do. The fact is, not all of our "friends" will celebrate wholeheartedly with us when we are doing well. Jealously is the main issue here, because as much as they would like to show that they share our joy, somewhere deep within them there is a sense of jealousy.

So, who are your friends. Choose wisely. A good friend should not be a burden on us, and neither should we take him or her for granted for all the good things they do for us. No man is an island, so they say, and friends are important. I pray that you will find true friendship in your life. They are precious, like diamonds.









My Best Friend Essay, English Composition Writing on My Best Friend, Example and Sample Best Friend Essay

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