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My Career Objectives: An Essay on Conservation of the Earth's Biodiversity

My current career objectives are focused on the conservation of the earth's biodiversity. While attending Southwestern University last fall, my focus was broader when I was interested in the general environmental studies field. I strongly believe that our planet is experiencing a shift in the care of the environment and the living creatures that inhabit it.


I have always had a strong passion towards the care of animals so I made the decision to transfer to Texas and focus on wildlife and fisheries sciences. With this program at Texas A&M it will allow me to focus on "various ecological environments and socio-economic aspects including urban and/or wetland conservation."


In five years I hope to have graduated from Texas A&M and begun my volunteer work with the Peace Corps. I cannot wait to become part of something bigger than myself and that is why I want to spend the two years following the end of my education serving others. In ten years I hope to be working directly out in the field with the endangered species. I want to %yeti: either with aquatic or land-based animals, but I am not sure as to which one I really have a preference towards.


I want to travel the world to where the most endangered animals are located and work towards preserving their natural habitat. It is important for people to realize that humans are not the only ones who have to live and survive in this world. While at Southwestern University I had the opportunity to work in the campus Circulation Desk. My duties included checking library books out to patrons, maintaining the sorting and reserve shelves, loading and processing book trucks for re-shelving, collecting fines, monitoring the security system, answering the phone and answering general informational questions about the library.


I also was assumed stack duties which included: re-shelving library materials, maintaining order and neatness in the stacks and conducting electronic inventory of the library collection. I really enjoyed my job and the people that I worked with.


It helped me work on my customer relation skills and it provided me the opportunity to get to know a lot of the professors on campus.



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