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My Education Essay, My Career Essay. Composition on Education and Career

Since my childhood I have always had a curiosity and an unquenchable enthusiasm to discover the unknown and reach towards unexplored paths. I grew up in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan. I was brought up in a small family consisting of my parents and my younger sister. My childhood was a mixture of bittersweet memories  and I was always viewed by others as a rebellious individual .I challenged the accepted norms of society.


In hindsight. I believe that my mother influenced me immensely to find my true identity and instilled a strong self-confidence within me to express my ideals. She also made me realize that life is certainly about overcoming challenges and that every obstacle faced makes one stronger to deal with the challenges  of life.


At junior high school, I often dreamed of adventurous career goals and dreamt of being an astronaut or a scientist. these aspirations changed dramatically when I entered high school. At high school, my initial interest in the English Language grew to great proportions. In addition to attending English conversation classes, my thirst for knowledge compelled me to read classics and to engage in self-study. Undoubtedly, the Internet offered a wonderful platform to seek new knowledge, gain international exposure and to understand the impact of globalization.


I was able to develop my English linguistic skills immensely by visiting Los Angeles, USA for language studies in my second year of high school. Although I did not have significant role models, l was keen to find out about global business leaders and their companies. My research made me aware of the sense of achievement and satisfaction that could be derived in the world of business and most importantly how business influence consumers, societies and economies of countries.


Thereafter, my passion was to cultivate sharp business acumen and engage in the stimulating business ideas by my inspiration, I exerted considerable effort, and much to my amazement I was admitted to the elite MA University to major in Business Management.

My university life in Tokyo enabled me to reinforce my business ideals while gaining traditional business theories  and concepts. Upon graduating from university. I entered the ALA. Co., Ltd. which is one of the most respected and prestigious corporations in Japan. I was assigned to the Marketing Department as an Assistant and supported the promotion of electronic devices that represent the unique Sony Brand. At the company I had the opportunity to support strategic drafting according to each market segment, conduct market research and analyze consumer behavior and formulate strategies to enhance the corporate image of the company.


My commitment and dedication to achieve excellence was recognized since! was promoted as a Marketing Executive within one year of entering the company. This provided me greater empowerment and motivation to reach the peak of my potential.


As a Leader of the Marketing Department I was assigned with the responsibility of co-coordinating with international branches especially in South-East Asia. This enabled me to harness global business ethics and gain a deeper insight to international business practices. Owing my career, I had the opportunity to conduct business with fast developing markets such as China and Singapore which developed my strategic management abilities and negotiation skills. In spite of achieving excellent results, there were times when I felt a lack of confidence and knowledge to deal with business deals that had millions of dollars at stake. This sense of incompetence and my perpetual drive to achieve excellence often made me frustrated and confused. Moreover, this convinced me that it was a necessity to accumulate global business concepts and practices and understand how business was conducted in the global arena.


Simultaneously, the prestigious and challenging MBA program offered by the Harvard Business School sparked my interest. I was confident that it was the ideal program to leverage my business competencies and to prepare me to be a business leader in the future. The comprehensive curriculum, sophisticated business techniques, renowned lecturers and multi-national students would undoubtedly facilitate to create a stimulating and intellectually inspiring environment to progress my studies.

My short term objective after graduate school would be to be employed as a Regional Marketing Manager of a multinational company and engage in broad responsibilities while liaising with European and American markets. This will enable me to apply my cultivated knowledge and identify the diversities and complexities of business in the 21st century.

Regarding my long term goals, I have a vision of myself managing my own company possibly in the areas of management consultancy or venture capital. The possibility of engaging the competition, drafting strategic plans and creating a unique enterprise according to my corporate philosophies fills me with immense excitement and determination. Therefore, I am confident that the Harvard MBA would be invaluable to me to reach my short term and long term goals, and equip me with the confidence and knowledge to reach my maximum level of accomplishment.

I aspire to overcome barriers, learn from mistakes, face challenges and achieve victories in the dynamic world of business, and look forward to contributing my utmost commitment to the Harvard MBA program.




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