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My Pet Horse: An Essay About My Love For Horses

I am honored to share my story about Cowboy my 23-year-old red dun quarter horse. I bought him 6 years ago when I was 38 years old. I purchased him from a gentleman that really didn't have a lot of faith in Cowboy. I brought Cowboy home and I could tell he didn't trust much. My history is I was bucked off a horse when I was a small girl and broke my arm.


I had a love for horses that just wouldn't go away but I was afraid to ride again. Cowboy has been a wonderful horse to build my trust and my riding ability. He has been a trail horse all his life, so he has taken me through water, over mountains, to the beach to lope in the waves and camping trips. He taught me to trust that he wouldn't let anything happen to me. Just sit back and enjoy life. He is such a gentleman, when he gets ahead of other horses, he will stop, look back and wait for the other horses to catch up. He has been my best friend and through my love and kindness, he has turned into a very loving and trusting horse.


When I bought Cowboy, he was 17 years old and never had a bath, didn't load in a two-horse trailer, never worked in a round pen, never had a blanket on him. Working together we both learned how to do all of these things. Cowboy has been in the Middletown Days Parade for the last three years and has taken first place each year. My friend's daughter was 6 years old when she first started riding Cowboy in the parade. Not bad for an old trail horse that I was told really wasn't much of a horse.


Cowboy has a love for animals that is unexplainable. Shortly after I bought him I got a puppy. Maggie was as big as one of his hoofs. I was really concerned he would step on her but she just had to be next to him. I would put his food in a bucket and she would climb inside and eat with him. Cowboy would just eat around her. As she got older she would run in back of him, grab his tail and swing on it. He would just stand there and let her do it. It is amazing to watch what a gentle creature he is yet he stands 16 hands tall.


The best part of my day is coming home and when I round the corner to my house I hear a whinny. It is Cowboy letting me know he sees me. It warms my heart every evening. It would be such an honor if Cowboy could win this essay. I'm not a competitive person so I know we would never be in a show or gymkhana together to win a buckle or trophy, but I know he is a champion.



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My Pet Horse: An Essay About My Love For Horses