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         National Flag Essay, English Composition Writing on National Flag

{1} The national flag is to a nation what the name is to a man. One should respect the national flag the way he respects his own name. I love my national flag, and I also love the country it represents, the Republic of China. Every morning when I see our national flag hoisted high in the sky, I feel that our country will become ever stronger and more prosperous. And I am convinced that the day will not be far when our national flag shall fly in the sky in the sky of the Chinese mainland.

{2} I love our national flag because it stands for our country, which was founded through great difficulty. and I hope our national flag will be respected by the whole world. For this to become true, however, we must all work hard to make our country strong and mighty. As a student, I must study hard to prepare myself for services to our country. This is the best contribution I can make toward having our national flag respected all over the world.

{3} Our national flag is not only beautiful but also meaningful. It stands for the Republic of China, a peace-loving country. Whenever I see our beautiful national flag fly in the sky, I am inspired to bring peace to the world. At such moment, I am always proud of being a Chinese, for while the rest of the world pays lip service to peace, only the Chinese are genuinely concerned for peace. Our national flag is really a flag of peace.

{4} A national flag stands for a country. Since I love my country, It is but natural that I should love our national flag, too. Our national flag, which was designed by one of the revolutionaries in the 1911 revolution that gave birth to the Republic of China, has three colors: blue, white and red. Each of these colors has a meaning, but generally speaking, they represent our sovereignty and national spirit. I always see our national flag as the most beautiful and dignified flag in the world. I love it, and I respect it.

{5} Everyone loves his own country and I love mine, too. There are many ways to show respect to one's country, but the easiest of these, I think, is to salute one's national flag. Ever since my early days as a school boy I have learned to respect our national flag, but it was not until I had grown up that I knew exactly why we should do so. Those who live in their own country and see their national flag everyday may not have a strong emotional response to it, but once they are abroad the sight of their national flag can greatly appeal to them. Such a scene can often appear on a TV screen. A national flag is a symbol of a nation, which reminds us of where we belong and can fill us with patriotic feelings; sometimes it is more than a symbol and becomes a rallying-point in a crisis. I have read of many touching stories of people who tried to protect of display their national flag. From now on I think I should be more keenly aware of the symbolic meaning of our national flag.



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