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"South Korean intelligence officials said days ago that two of Jang's aides had been executed for corruption, and a recent state documentary in the North had all images of Jang removed." Ok how come he (Uncle) has been spared. From reading this article, he (uncle) is just as corrupt as the two aides and why were his photos removed. Sounds like they want to hide and protect family, but those executed, their families are not important. He should receive the same punishment as the aides. His protectors should also get the same punishment.

North Korea, the modern Prison State where all residents are prisoners of the supreme leader. Get out of line and suffer the consequences. He's very intelligent. Kim is getting rid of any high ranking officials therefore leaving only himself. So he retains all the power over the brain washed nation of North Korea. He's been doing this since he took power and people need to start noticing he's in prime position to have absolute power there. Actually he is more than likely clearing out daddy's old staff and filling his life with new staff devoted to him. Many people in power do it but must don't kill of the predecessors of a previous order. I wouldn't be surprised if someone doesn't put a bullet through the dear uncle's head pretty soon.

Just for perspective North Korea's population is a shade over 20 mil, and South Korea's a bit over 50 mil the south has a thousand times the resources of the north, but the American press loves telling us about North Korea it'd be nice to get some news on other insignificant countries. what's going on in the Baltic States for instance or the other former SSR's from Central Asia heck maybe even some news about South Korea. "Abusing his power," being "engrossed in irregularities and corruption," and taking drugs and squandering money at casinos while undergoing medical treatment in a foreign country. It also said he had "improper relations with several women and was wined and dined at back parlors of deluxe restaurants"In America we call that the Liberal Party. The fact that Jang Song Thaek (a civilian) is being replaced by a military figure is worrying. It will mean the military has more power and they will probably stage more provacations with the South, as they have already done. It could also mean more instability and an internal conflict within the ruling group. The North Korean people will suffer, as usual.
It's only a matter of time before North Korea sees democratic rule. The people are living back 100 years and are oppressed compared the freedoms and capitalism in the South. I could see a revolution in 10 years. I think we will see a unified Korea like Germany in the 90's. That would need a President with a pair, which is not what we currently have. We have president bowing to foreign leaders,
apologizing for being American and letting Iran and Russia run the table on Middle East affairs....
If anything, we run the risk of the North invading the South and our President sitting on the sidelines in a quandry over what to do, with Kerry wringing his hands right next to him... I wonder how long were going to let this Khadaffi, I mean syrian, I mean sadamm, whatever this guys name is use his power to use this country and its people as his own personal video game. These peoples hospitals are equipped with hand me down equipment from donations from concerned countries. (Dont get mad backwards class) they dont use your tax dollars for housing or food. They just die. Axis of evil were the only true words to come out of bush's mouth.

Why are we all so quick to leap to the conclusion that the chubby lad 86'd his own uncle, his closest and most-trusted advisor? Is it not more likely that the Politboro has sent the doughboy a clear warning as to who is next, if their agenda is opposed? Reveille. Wow! What can anyone make of this? Either you have a young man who finds himself thrust onto the world stage, trying to save his country and people by eliminating those who could completely derail his plans for a more moderate government and possible reconciliation with the South...a hero; or you have the classic strong armed ruthlessness of a Stalin-like leader who trusts no one and will eliminate anyone he feels is a threat to his power. Only time will tell which one will emerge. What is scary are the methods he is using. How long can a spoiled little kid survive in this environment? Remove long positioned party membersK.sounds like fat boy is a bit worried about challenges that may lie ahead for himself.

What fat boy removed his uncle for is probably what he has done and worried others will find out about. Looking as he does, I am sure he needs an escape. No wonder some animals eat their young.
As much as I despise some of our "leaders" AND even more our shadow government that controls our leaders I feel lucky to have been born here. At least I can still criticize them without feeling "much" fear. If I were a President, such as Kennedy, Or a Senator, I would be very afraid to criticize them.
somebody said , when this filthy animal took power that he'd have to shoot the last person who stood up when he walked into the conference room, then shoot the second person to stand up. apparently that time has come. he is truly the king of hell on earth. may it all come back to him as he deserves. Lets see, Abusing power, engrossed in corruption, improper relations with women, drugs, gambling....That sounds like everyone of them in power over there! Seems like to me that Kim just got mad at him and had enough, and has incarcerated him for the same behavior that has all of them are guilty of. Drug use and corruption are considered in North Korea to be "anti-state"? Then how is fat boy staying in power? His antics are clearly drug driven and he's as corrupt as a Washington DC politician.

Imagine the purge we could have in this country if we could do the same thing to our corrupt politicians? Washington DC and state legislatures would be ghost towns. MoreAnyone related to Kim Jong Un in a position of power better bow out now. They find themselves without a head in another weak or so. This guy operates under old standards it seems and that is not a civilized version either.
Anyone related to Kim Jong Un in a position of power better bow out now. They find themselves without a head in another weak or so. This guy operates under old standards it seems and that is not a civilized version either. I think the Kim family does all that stuff already.

They were getting rid of him for becoming too powerful or influential. You mean his uncle did exactly what he did while in a foreign country? Pay attention, boys and girls. This is the type of thing that happens in a country where individuals have only what freedom the government allows them, no ability to protect themselves from a dictator, and rely on the state for food, housing, and health. This guy is gonna end up getting tied to a tree and mortared. Seriously civil war is going to come to them soon, then the Kim dynasty will effectively be over IMO. Finish the leader and liberate the country. This is little more than monarchy and oppression. Like Kings of Merry old England killed who all their relatives off so that they would not have any one trying to take away their crown. Barbarians are barbarians all through history. This guy just happens to live in the same era we do.