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Nursing: A Career of Caring and Compassion

"I held the bag as my grandmother vomited out her dinner. Where are her bottom teeth? Oh God. where are her teeth" I fish through the bag of vomit and pull out my treasure victoriously. What's that smell? Oh my, looks like its off to the bathroom we go. I changed her diapers, wipe her clean. Smelling of Johnson & Johnson baby talcum powder, she is now snuggled up in her clean pajamas and tucked away into bed. So peaceful as I watched her in her breathing and snore. I kiss her forehead. There is nowhere else I would rather be on this Friday night.

Written above is what you would see in my journal, had you flipped through the pages back to the beginning of last summer. What I wrote, however was not a one-time thing. As the seasons cycled through, leaves fell to the ground with snow and ice following their pattern, with at last the green leaves of spring making their way into the world once again. I've found myself happily going through a daily routine. This is a routine that consists of balancing classes and lab work while also caring for my 91 year old incapacitated grandmother, stricken with severe Dementia.

This spring I am a long way from where I was this time last year. A year ago. had you told me what I'd be doing on that Friday night, I probably would have stared at you in disbelief and simply smiled. You see, I was in Boston then, living the "high life" with a dazzling career, and an office with four walls and a window, and was jetting across the United States. During that time. I was living what I thought I wanted and should be doing: the age-old story of a twenty-something spreading her wings and excelling in Corporate America.

Along the way this past year, I came to the realization of something more meaningful than I could ever imagine. Sometimes, one has to take the long (say around to finally get back to where they are needed and are meant to be). I received a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Ohio University in June 2005. and made my way to Boston, Massachusetts. A week after graduation, I left behind my friends and family. Knowing no one, but anxious to proverbially get my feet wet in the "real world", I immediately began rmy career.

The next three year would see an abundant change in me, where I would learn a lot about myself, what I wanted, and ultimately what I believed is my calling. As mentioned, working in Boston offered a multitude of experiences and especially in the Journalism, Management & Communications career field, I traveled the world, planning, coordinating, and executing various corporate events. But something was missing. It was through a period of time I spent at home caring for my grandmother that I was lucky enough to recognize what had been missing from my life: the humanistic component essential to my own personal growth.

This essential factor had become lost among the cubicle walls and city streets. I began to yearn for the time in my adolescence when I volunteered at a local nursing home, as well as the time I spent as a counselor at the Rotary's Youth Leadership Association camp, so named for its Rotary International sponsorship. At that time. I knew I lined what I was doing. but it now occurred to me that my love of nurturing and caring for others would not be covered in my chosen field of study. I thought by majoring in my chosen field, NNW Relations, I would be working with people and thus helping them.

I made the life changing decision to put my love of learning and my compassionate, nurturing nature to use. Since this June. motivated by this realization and desire to become a Registered Nurse (RN). I returned to school to fulfill my prerequisites for consideration of admission into an Accelerated Degree Nursing program. As a returning adult student. I find myself in unfamiliar territory. It's been years since l've been in a chemistry lab— mixing solutions, and practicing the scientific method. I've even found myself with fingers numb from writing. That said, at the end of the day. I rub my eyes, exhausted.

Ultimately. becoming a nurse combines the two components essential to my being: the life-long process of learning. and the nurturing and taking care of others. While it is a drastic change in career fields. I am confident that I am making the right choice. Because of who I am. where I've been, and what I've done, I am able to take those life experiences and apply them to become a successful nurse. Being a nurse is obviously more than just being purely academic to me. A career in nursing would give me the ability to help and enrich the lives of others on a daily basis.

My decision to be a nurse is a fulfilling one, and I feel a sense of personal emotional enrichment as I reach out to embrace the needy and the less fortunate with love and compassion.


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