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Taiwan's 921 Earthquake


September 21 in the small hours, in his sleep and was awakened to a burst of intense shock and wake up when it is dark; Fortunately, all the family well-being, housing is also not damaged. Dad told us after the main shock Do not be afraid, if we are to continue to sleep, but then place one after another several strong aftershocks, it is so rickety in the stay up in the dawn.

Dad on the radio that morning, the Taiwan earthquake that occurred a century rarely scale up to seven. 3, the central region of the most devastating disaster, not the number of houses were toppled, there are many fellow citizens have been crushed to death a living, many people became homeless overnight, also made a lot of children orphaned and tells the people listening to whom is also sad. Fortunately, the typhoon, the province's people would be playing the "Rennijini, people have been hungry hungry," the brotherly love, we have money to donate, Youlichuli, ready to help the survivors rebuild their homes.

We are lucky here, no natural disaster occurs, you can continue to go to school, our Care for children hit their sadness, they should cherish the good fortune to read.


Helen Yu

Elementary 6th grade, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan




My Wishes for the New School Semester

Vacation days always fly by. The moment has passed most of the summer, followed by the advent of the new school year is, in the summer, I have been ready.

In physical terms: Every Sunday my father and I have to go morning run, from the non-stop. Morning run is a good exercise, both physical, but also breathe fresh air, really serve the dual purposes. In the new school year in order to obtain a higher depth of knowledge, a healthy body is essential. Hope that this semester, is no longer "worms", but strong as an ox.

Smart: the summer vacation and I-yi-chul's brother and sister go to the library looked at a number of extra-curricular reading materials, including the ancient great stories, legends of the Journey to the West and the important figures of ancient allusion to see more of the book more useful to be able to expand our physical and mental knowledge.

The new school year started, I hope I can every success in the head, further, it is necessary to meet the new school year with excitement.



Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Time passes, we can not stop, but often our emotions said: "If you turn the clock back, that I do not know how Hurray!" This is something that we should be very familiar with, however, the matter may be achieved? We all know that impossible, so we should take your time and go do something meaningful.

First of all, we should look at itself, yesterday, is clearly the one hand, frankly mirror. We want to improve the shortcomings of yesterday, so yesterday, the shortcomings of the advantages of today; to the shortcomings of today's improvements to create a more perfect tomorrow than today, so that their progress over time, there is a perfect life.

I think we should take today to New Youxin. We must use today's time to continue the work of yesterday, in addition to correcting the shortcomings of yesterday, the most important thing is: "Today it today completed." Do not till tomorrow, so as to make full use of the "new" day, we need a good plan, but also the vigor and urgency. I hope you will be properly planned tomorrow, be able to cherish the precious time, then we will certainly succeed.



The person I honor most in my life :


Each people once had experienced the adverse circumstance which not the satisfactory matter or difficult to suffer. Possibly is the friend who and you care about very much care about very much cuts eight breaks; Perhaps the test tests very much rottenly, thought that will not as if forever have date of the turning over; Perhaps has had a big sickness, loses the health; Perhaps is by others misunderstanding, you are clarifying anxiously actually more trace are blacker, the mood is banished to the lowest hell probably, does not have the light and the hope; After perhaps is and the parents loudly quarrel flies from one's home, actually completely lost face goes home to them saying that the sound sorry ....... Each person experiences differently, but once had had the time which very difficult to suffer. Now, these have become the past events, we walked, after passing through, also mature sensible some. How do you are walk? Very lucky, many people once had the honored person to help one another, pull your. Possibly is the good words persuades, perhaps directs for you for you to with the suggestion, perhaps listens respectfully patiently carefully, perhaps, because a few words let you like restore justice a discovery hope infinite new world, perhaps for you a warm hug, perhaps accompanies you to withstand all pressures silently, perhaps stranger accidental touches your heartstrings the action ....... These help us the person, is in the life honored person. Now, which asked you to recall in your life once to have to have the matter which the honored person helped one another? You have been very perhaps happy, then must thank father and mother, when a your honored person group walks gives you happily joyful. Perhaps you have is sad, then thinks in the process once to have which people with what method to help you to pass through sadly passes through the tears, lets your heart fly upwards once again, lets your soul live once more? The love is the life power. Our life is the love masterpiece, these once were following our love were the hope seeds, helps us to be possible heartily and weaves the life beautiful dream bravely. Writes down this life's in small story, also takes advantage of this expresses the opposite hit honored person's deep gratitude!


Feelings after the earthquake 921 - By  Ling Wujia

On September 21 at midnight, I was asleep when dreams are sweet, intense burst suddenly shaking, my Shook from their sleep, The Perfect Storm, the original earthquake. Yi Gulu we climbed up, neighbors also called trouble together, The argument goes on, the chatter from the trembling, the easily detectable in the hearts of everyone panic.

At dawn, at the breakfast table, overheard the radio news reports before they know there are so many

In shaking, the loss of precious lives and their beautiful homes, are surprised and sad when the injury

But the number continued to rise. . . . Without any psychological preparation conditions, the "921 earthquake" shattered each person's heart and shattered you my joy.

The earthquake shaking was me emotional, we can see the power of nature, is really alarming. Let condensate Junction of all the power, together hand in hand, heart to heart, came to this heartbreaking disaster, and and the national with the Qi Li cell concentric to assist the affected families rebuild their homeland.


My hobby -- By Wu Yi Che-Min

Turning a hobby, in fact, everyone has his own favorite hobby. If people do not hobby, then he would be happy every day, did not happen, life is tantamount to Gaomusihui become no fun. If this is live, then we live in this world, what does that mean?

Since I dare say so, of course, I would certainly have their own favorite hobby, my hobby is playing basketball. Common in schools, as long as the bell after class, our class group who love to play basketball 』『 buddies will swarm rushed the basketball court, dolphin and pudgy bodies, basketball, going by our photograph, the voice of the ball into the basket , 『』 brush is heard, sounds like a valley-like sweet warbler loud. Therefore, the time to play basketball every day is my happiest time of the.

As for my basketball so why have a special liking for it? That is because the class have begun to spread very early to play basketball. However, when other students every time I go and play basketball, they have always said to me: 『bad for your basketball skills, and go back and train for a few years come 啦! 』I listened to really upset and ashamed, since then I who had become, desperate Lian Qiu, determined to carry forward the Spirit of『 Sakuragi, less than a few months work, I made rapid progress in the game beyond other students, and I Start crazy love basketball, basketball finally became my favorite hobby of the!

Basketball is really a good exercise. To play basketball will not only help our body to become healthy, you can also relieve stress, but also can develop our team spirit, let us understand the importance of division of labor,


Addicted to books like Ming Wu Yi -- By Shi Xin Yu

Everyone has their own hobbies, I'm no exception, my hobby is to read a variety of books.

I grew very fond of reading, as long as the opportunity to catch one, I would have rushed to study non-stop, hiding in that tens of thousands of books in the mountains, enjoying the fun of reading, parents often can not find my reason , often furious anger, Qiqiaoshengyan. My father knew I Aikan Shu, they often give me books, or take me to the library reading books, I often see will want to return reluctant to leave and how his father left to both hard and soft, I still insist on there, and roam the world in the book Lane. Thus it often angered his father enough to create misunderstandings, irony, said: 『my daughter really married to book. 』In this way, I was almost an all day stay in that treasure trove of knowledge, the seen enjoying themselves, to have to go home, you also have to want to borrow books to go home, do not simply asked again later! Childhood, I have always and books as partners, on the toilet reading, walking and reading, falls and you still see with gusto, oblivious to their knees are bleeding profusely it! So, I book the loyalty of the bar!

On the kindergarten, my passion for reading is hidden easily understood, teachers and students often feel bewildered, as if I do not have the book does not work, because I do not read books all the time, there's always a book in the hands of it! I think I am really a book such as the fate of people addicted to Jesus!

Reading books is a very good hobby, book is one of the most learned teacher of dumb, its belly hidden higher than the mountains, deeper than the sea of wisdom. Hope that we can book to visit lot of teachers, so that we get dumb the teacher sent us a super gift ─ wisdom Oh!


Earthquake --   By SHI Ming-fu

On at 1:47 on September 21, a major earthquake shattered the hearts of people throughout the country. While the people of Taiwan into the earthquake to our fears, but also to withstand the uneasy feelings, it must go to face the future must bear stress, these are things that we can not go to understand.

The next day saw television reports of the seriousness of the disaster stricken areas, houses collapse down, and died the death of these victims are now become homeless. An earthquake, resulting in many deaths and injuries, there are lots of kids meant to be lived happily ever after, has now become an orphan, really pathetic. Hope that the Taiwan people to brave out of that sad environment to face the reality of life, I hope you have money to pay, Youlichuli, and then rebuild from the beautiful homes, re-living a carefree and comfortable life.

We are that they can live, should feel very fortunate because we survived the quake catastrophe, perhaps God have mercy on us, so we should cherish their own lives more concerned about everyone around him.


Saturday, we held a class activity, activity is the auction, many people bought a lot of items they need, this auction I have never Meixianshiguo, but I find it very interesting.

Auction the source of their own do not need to donate something to sell, just like the exchange of the same toys, but use different, someone who brings fans; someone who brings books, balls, dolls, toy cars, pens, pencil boxes, etc., say Playing today, we are also very happy.

From this auction, I found everyone very enthusiastic, very united, that people have been asking price; some people first before their own ability to measure asking price; some items have been getting really exaggerated ah!

A few days before the event that somebody has decided to buy something, but I have no choice, I do not know whether to buy, but this event will enable me to experience the joy of helping others.


Today is October 16, I especially get up early, because our class will be opening the morning of the auction, I am very excited.

Class, and everyone who could not help but want to see what the big deal with things, the teacher came, and everyone happy cheers. Auction will be a start, the teacher put things on the table, everyone raise their hands and offer people to buy dolls; people to buy toys; also bought a pencil. I bought a little white rabbit, she had a white hair; there is a pair of purple ears, it seems really pleasant, I also bought a gun given to his younger brother.

This time the auction, so that we can choose what you like, you can also have the opportunity to help people is really a meaningful activity.


If I were a teacher -- Lin Zhewei

If I were a teacher in class, I would like to implement education of love, in the most humorous tone to teach my students. In this way, my students will enjoy school.

If I were a teacher, the classroom, I want my students to play with, along with the game. I would also like to tell them what to play, could not play anything, play anything to be careful .... And so on. In this way, my students will definitely be played with enjoying themselves.

Although they would not become a teacher do not know, but I believe that every person who wanted to be a teacher, a teacher in a certain city before the first plan something; think about it later became a teacher, to teach them how the students will not class when the blush on stage, heads bowed, in a word could say.


My favorite toy --    Rui Fu

My aunt gave me a lot of toys, there are robots, cars, YO-YO ball. Of these, my favorite toy is a robot and yo-yo.

My robot can change out the trains, planes, three kinds of police vehicles. Police cars can also be turned into robots do!

My yo-yo will be light, I will have a lot of the art, there is the clock swing, a little dog home, dog-walkers and so on, these are the skills I will, cool bar!

I had these toys as is my good friend, I hope you be properly jealous of their toys, put it as their own treasures.



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