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The Class I am from                   By Huang Liang Yu

My name is Huang Liang Yu, I have beautiful black hair. My eyes, though not large, are bright. My skin has fair complexion, so there are a lot of people say that I like doll.

Many people look at me and feel I am very quiet, much like the ladies, in fact, I also have a lively side. Especially in the home, I often performed humorous, and I am will bother his father and brother, so my father said I am a "housekeeper." But mom always said I was a good helper, because I often helped his mother with housework, I also often was spotless clean home, so home looks very clean, very comfortable.

I like reading, playing and singing ... and so on. My specialty is piano, because piano can be played Couchu beautiful tone; another drawing is my expertise, because the painting can play their own imagination; I also love listening to music, because they can enjoy the beautiful song; Recently I have had fans drama on the show, because in the course of performing other people can learn the strengths and weaknesses and to understand others.

I love the vegetables and fruits, because it allows the skin to become white and tender, but I hate to eat sweet potatoes and taro, because I do not like the kind of taste. Although the result of my not very good, but my character is very neat, Dad always said that my character is very beautiful, my mother would often say to me: "We can see from a person's handwriting, to see this person is generous or stingy Oh! "

My choice is when the big boss of the hotel because there are a lot of people had no place to live, so I let them have enough to eat every day, every day a good sleep; I hope which will give you all safety, and gas gas, but also hopes that Taiwan is one of the best country.



My Trip to Japan             By Ting Chen Yu

The beginning of a long holiday, my mother arranged for the family trip to Japan trip. The first trip to Japan is to "Disneyland" playing. Team leader taught us how we can draw volume after rapid dissolution of play, we play the first one is the "ghost apartments," went one heard someone talking, but could not understand, and then they turn into another space, but also hear the same voice I think that is not terror, because it is false, then we turn down a game.

The next game was "Space Mountain", which came in a lot of people wait until our time, sit before you find out he is a fast roller coaster, transfer ah turn to the last, my sister crying faster, but we feel very fun. After coming out to play again, "Buzz Light year" and also play "Julei Mountain", but also play "Winnie the Pooh's house ... ... and so on games, one more than a fun, so I had a whole day. Hungry Mickey eat hamburgers, take a break to see parades and fireworks shows, her mother brings us to the store senior purchasing souvenirs and toys, let me Liulianwangfan.

Followed by the trip is to HELLO KITTY park, small balls of the hometown, Nagoya, etc., where I eat Japanese food, feel that they love a good clean habits, and then the airport to go home, I was not holding Yiyi homes for the mood, hope we can always come to Japan to play.


Title: Terracotta Warriors

The ground after the death of Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Horses is a security guard forces, they are a huge team, everybody figurines look imposing Rin?, As is really the same as military personnel. Some were holding swords, some holding bow, as well as riding Mama cars .....

Terracotta warriors and horses is very precious, they are the history of antiquities. After two thousand years have been excavated from these terracotta warriors and horses of the looks, clothes, weapons, you can learn Qin barbarian life. Qin's military forces is the world-famous treasures, there are many foreigners would like to see their true face?.

The very lucky and these terracotta warriors and horses to recover from such a contact, I think these terracotta warriors and horses good looking, as they call the weapons of the mighty and majestic posture! I really hope that if you can have simply asked how Hurray!


Title: Autumn fruit picking fun

Autumn, romantic fall, teachers at the end of the type of pressure test, the band came to the outskirts of Taichung scenic pit mining orange. To leave the rural school students outside the classroom favorite, so happy that we set off on Friday.

Snow parking at the school gate a large double-decker bus is our means of transport, walking on the mountain road meandering along the road to enjoy the beauty of distant mountains and the magnificent, verdant low-elevation shrubs, seems to me a smile, and welcomed us to come. Destination and saw a tree hanging out one seed of fresh oranges in the trees, the students were all happy cheer! Under the guidance of friendly boss in the Orangerie, I gang entered into orchard, orange tree shorter than what we imagine to hand, you can feed, the teacher said: "This is when good tall, and can pick on top of the more sweet orange ?! "

Picked oranges in the orchard happy, joy of tasting oranges, students laughter. To go home see my neighbors and caretakers uncles aunts and one person sent to an orange, but also to share our joy.



Growing Up With Books... My reading experience

"Life is unhappy incidents in all likelihood", that is in the description of life alive, there will always be difficult, not as a matter of heart, but how do you go to face is the most important.

A person's life an easy one, is a piece of happiness thing, but the lack of a number of more exciting; on the contrary, the timely hit by some of the difficulties, life seems to have a few more challenges, because "under the sun, there is always fresh and

Thing ah! "Just when you encounter" difficult "when, how to face? How to resolve? Positive people, will try his best to set an example, breaking through difficulties, to save the crisis into a turning point, until successful, will fail as a successful draw, leaving him out ahead. On the contrary, the negative people have only self-pity, complaining, after all nothing.

So, when we were facing "difficult" task, we should take active steps to solve Do not dodge the negative, it is wrong. Taiwanese saying goes: "seem to have suffered as a supplement diets," is the same way bar!


Thank difficult chapter by Zhang County

When I want to do something, we will find some problems, we tried a variety of reasons, to convince they do not do it, escape it with a way to escape.

I lug a lot of things to do, simple do first, and once the family wanted me alone to buy something that I was afraid of the thought, if the road there is a dog or a bad experience, how should I do? In fact, adults usually have to tell me how to deal with, I still can not be overcome, to defeat the difficulties, and gradually I found that difficulty is invisible, the real resistance is themselves, as long as the courage to face it to accept it, we will find it and not difficult ah!

Face difficulties in life to do is to test our ingenuity, patience and courage; it was God sent to test us, to understand the learning process to get what ever is a rich and meaningful, let me thank the difficulties increase in a lot of experience, let me better able to face the future with an unknown thing.


Diary - Taichung Folk Park Tour (95/12/12) 4-3 Yi Lin

Today is a sunny day, we went to visit the Folk Park, which have a wide range amazing display of goods, there are tools, coins, pictures, etc., but also to visit the quadrangles, each kind of things are very strange.

Then we went to paint puzzle and small top, each student is doing well, but I appreciate most of the top teachers, because bright colors look very special.

Ate the meal, the teacher brought the class to play the game, and let us other girls on stage performing. At once over-time fast, and soon back to school, I really want to play for a while, I'm very happy today.


Diary - Taichung Folk Park Tour (95/12/12 Weather clear) 4-3 Ying-like

Today we went to "Taichung Folklore Park" made a trip to look for monuments trip. In addition to understanding Folk Park, we also painted the puzzle and small top, the feeling of antique buildings, but also in the broad stage on the other girls, suddenly felt like I was performing for Best Actress and feel terrific! Taichung is really a good place.

Diary - Taichung Folk Park Tour (95/12/12 Weather clear) 4-3 Zhang County Court

To the Folk Park to play today, so that impresses me most is the Wax Museum, lifelike, just like real people, there is a large fish pond, there are different colors of fish, big and fat, looks spectacular, the joy the game is "Charlie's touch", the students were playing very happy, I would like to play a few more in the folk park, let me leave a good memory.


Mid-Autumn Festival diary by Ya-Chun

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival in the hope for a long time, finally arrived, and this year due to government policy, let us break a five-day leave was so happy.

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival, the three will be with a small cousin, aunt, cousin to go home reunion barbecue, this year was no exception, so at home at once there are six children, six adults were together for five days, can see how lively scene.

This year my mother, aunt prepared a lot of barbecue, vegetables, seafood, drinks ... ... and so very rich, we are the day before the barbecue at the Mid-Autumn Festival, when the uncle put up a good charcoal, grilled meat, when the first film, we saliva flow out faster because too hungry, so the adults have no time to meet our barbecue six hungry mouth.

Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the weather good, so we enjoyed a big round moon, as well as eating on holiday barbecue, grapefruit, mooncakes, really happy and memorable A Mid-Autumn Festival!



In the Autumn by 4-3 Siu Pui Yue

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival, outdoor concerts held in the amphitheater. So the family decided to go to where the full moon.

Mom prepared cakes and grapefruit as well as other food, packed in a picnic in the box, where they see a packed scenes, good fun Oh!

They climbed a small hill, out mats spread on the grass, in front is a stage, lights flashing constantly, heard bursts of music, in the endless sky, bringing a big round moon to illuminate grassland人们.

My sister holding a wand to play with fire and shiny, very pretty. Dad lit rockets, a red-on, "bang" in a big soon as the next person, shocked!

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival really special, not quite the same as in previous years, I really look forward to next year have a different experience.


Acting Out My Feelings       Yi Lin

Friday, the day of my after school hours are wasted, because practice drama rehearsal, we spend a lot of time. Time quickly passed, the next lesson we should think of acting, and I had incredibly tight.

We went so far as this group is the first one in power, it really was, I guess, and Well ~ no other way. Then suddenly over, the protagonist of the original is that we do not back good lines, but played a poor job, I was feeling should be played quite well, but worse than I thought.

The group also played out one after another. The second group of the most powerful voice loud and very lively and interesting, so I really do not know how to describe enjoyable read, as we all very admirable, because they are hard work, constant practice, can there be such good results, we lose the convinced.

We are acting everyone to work together as a team, so you can learn from each other, in the end there may be many unexpected harvest, giving themselves a new look and become a full knowledge.


Acting by Lu Jia Cai

Recent class boys did not go to play the original because of the relationship between the text, the teacher wants us to use "a show" to explain the meaning of texts, we show the title was the ninth Lesson "pleasant journey", we were divided into five groups, this class mainly in the speaking undersea animals.

Each class of people not in the painting, that is, doing props, no one can go outside and play, and we do not slack this group, each person has to do props, and finally reached its final stage, the groups are done props, and we all the fire on the rehearsal on the day of the show, the teacher suddenly said to be changed to the afternoon section II, let us a lot of time can be more prepared to wait until all ready then, we came to power acting on the first, but it was a sudden forget the lines, and he is our hero.

Because this point so we do not have good results, I feel pity Oh well, I think this time we have worked hard, and hope that the next chance to a show.

"Night" is dark, and we have to swing out of vendors in town, inside there is food, play, wear, and use.

... Should be fully utilized, the father said over the weekend to take me to experience the fun.

Last Saturday of the. 19:00 more, Dad, Mom and I are walking hand in hand, to the night market near his home, the smell came the first bursts of aroma greet the eyes of the bosses is a lively and enthusiastic crowds greeted sound, we can not wait for the first go to fill his stomach, eating a steak eating a tofu hot dog.

Walked on and saw all sorts of vendors, there is Pinball, sets of circles, fishing for goldfish ... and so on. My Father and I, together Qulao goldfish, turtle fishing. Goldfish scooping is a papered nets Qulao, look at the beginning of the net at break, under water or two, and his father fishing for a few fish, seasoned, and I had to go to catch a turtle, because the turtle's back were stained with magnet, fishing rod is also a magnet, I have several fishing just does!

This is the first time I Guangye Shi, not only to eat, drink, but also very fun to play it! I think after every Saturday, I will be Mom, Dad took me to! Because then the fun really can not put into words.
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Pottery fun    Chen Wei-cheng

I like pottery, usually spirits would be arbitrary to a pottery, when bored, they will be clay as toys to play with pottery is really very interesting.

I have used clay to make pen, insert the letter and other works. First, pinch good shape, and then into the kiln firing, it will become a complete pottery works.

Completion of ceramics can all be used as daily necessities, such as: finish homework put the pen into the pen, the bill has not yet paid on the letters on the plug where it is really easy and practical!

The hot summer, there are clay with me, life became more enriched!


No Title...  Lam Chi Yun

ㄧ early in the morning, Dad took us and co-workers to go along with Wang Gong. Wang Gong is a ㄧ a small fishing village, the village women and children were busy with the digging oysters, forming a special picture.

We rode oysters car to go to the beach at low tide to dig clams, oysters the first time I sat the child car, driving uncle called me and my brother sitting on the roof, he said that the roof line of sight is good, which I have never experienced experience, feeling quite fresh.

To the beach, we began to dig clams. Father and brother to quickly dug, and I dug Lao Bantian, nothing dug, pants already wet half of it urges, Dad said laughingly: "This is the so-called touch of lunch wash pants

We also rode oyster car, went to Laos to visit the child oyster oyster farm work. I did know that usually we eat oysters, was originally kept in the sea until plump oysters, the oyster farmers to harvest their bamboo raft and then sail. We are also on-site raw oysters, salty, there are ocean flavor!

Grateful to my father the first day of summer, it? We arranged this trip a wealth of eco-tours!


Summer      Xie Yun-shan

A refreshing morning, our whole family came to enjoy the lotus TPG.

Lotus is also called the lotus, a year in May to October is the flowering period, flowering the morning to the afternoon break, so Shang He must grasp the timing of the morning really good time.

Mom said: "If, when Shanghe 4:00 in the morning, you can hear the voice of the lotus flower Oh! But can also use straw dew on a lotus leaf taste it!" I am eager to hear!

There are budding lotus, lotus in full bloom, as well as greatly Lian Peng, full of beauty. Together we have and the lotus photo, photographed the most beautiful moment.


Hsitou day trip ..... ... Lai Ying-yu

We start from home early in the morning and arrived at 8:00, but when Hsitou, but it is intermittent traffic, huge crowds of people had. Finally to find a parking place, bought admission?, Began today's forest bath ....

First, enter the eye is a large forest, we walk in the forest, listening to the wonderful sound of bursts of insects for birds came. Unconsciously, had reached even higher than the bridge "air corridor", I looked to the bridge before they find themselves in mid-air, even the tree is even higher than it! Feet "Pipi Cuo" I feel like going to fall out, and awful, oh!

Finally reached Shenmu area, the tree was originally a tall, old trees, because they are lightning clap off, so can not continue to grow, It is a pity 呀! We are here after a short break and went on to the "rock" forward, the way after a spring, we use spring water to wet a towel, and then cold towel facial, I feel good comfortable!

We use holiday weekends every week to fresh air, the rivers, not only to watch distant mountains near trees, they can be with their families walking, hiking, really double benefit!


Games canopy Yao

November 25th arrived, a special day, so that we filled with expectations, the original just the beginning of the General Assembly to stimulate the movement.

One came to school, unable to recover the smiles on the faces, everyone is very excited, not long afterwards, we head wore goggles, holding hands walking on the colored balls at the line, I was taking class card, so the station In the first; in teacher leadership, came to the waiting area. Wonderful dragon and lion dances after the appearance of the athlete to begin entering! Sixth-grade Big Brothers Big Sisters head wearing a headscarf and orderly approach. Fifth grade, with sixth-grade about right; Then, we played the fourth grade, hand waving colored balls, in the music, show the results of practice every day! I took classes license, upright walking in the forefront of the good feeling of an air Oh!

Soon, the General Assembly on the turn of the fourth grade dance, I am hard to jump, the hearts of the 1212's beat time, although the hot weather makes me sweat, but I am still making efforts to jump I just want to get the spirit of the overall championship Awards!



Tiaowan Assembly dance, exhausted aisle rest area, a field watching the earth-shattering performances,. The first is classical, good 讚喔! I remember when I was a member of, and later the interest of time, so I quit on their own. The next program is the organization of a number of mothers groups, I do not have to read 啦! Fun fun competitions, although we are all striving, but still did not name, do not lose heart, as well as the relay! Finally, to begin the relay, and one received a rod, my doom, and went faster legs broken, and still not catch up with the first two girls, was extremely disappointed! The closing ceremony, I listlessly holding classes of license, quietly thinking about every moment, every second, I actually do not need such a sad, "not be conceited, defeat is not hungry." Believe that the next success!
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Last Friday, the teacher announced: "November 25 Saturday, the school should be to launch the Games "Class 1, Calvary's blood boil. Because, very exciting! November 25 to 7:45 am must go to school collection, but I do not have to set, because I was a pacesetter. Approach to the athletes to stand up Xiaoqi a total of 30 minutes, tired 呀! But I can see the athletes high spirits of the approach, it is tough is worth Oh! Then I participated in the General Assembly, dance, fun competitions, so I am most looking forward to the forthcoming start of the relay! Gearing the class to go all out, forward sprint relay, winning third place! Ye! Great! "Unity is power," Games is not a one-man show, more than on parallel tracks. Therefore, there is hope


My favorite book  .... yu Zhang

My favorite book is about the biblical story of "Jacob" This book, as kind-hearted enthusiasm Jacob, but also charity, and often disregard their own lives and how much hard, always single-minded with the help do not know.

In this book, the most impressive is this: To Jacob and his uncle's second daughter's wedding, preferring to help his uncle worked for seven or eight years, and finally the US-Jiaoniang Qude; but finding it impossible to leave the selfish The narrow-minded uncle, and this time, James also had four wives and 12 children, all of which were boys.

Jacob had tried to flee with his family beside her uncle, but they can not do so; he was a filial child, as one would like to go home to visit his elderly father, and finally to come home to the Ru Yuan saw his father one last time. Of his 10th child was also sold to other countries, to become king of the most right-hand man for the King of dream interpretation, but also helped the king a lot of busy people are going to the support and love; he is the grandson of a friend of God, and his grandfather is the famous Abraham, and he is an honest, dedicated, who often received no remuneration for the help people, something that makes me moved, and most would like him to learn Oh!
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My interest and expertise   Authors: Ting-eup

Everyone has their own interests and expertise, for example: Some people love reading, some people run fast, some people love playing music, and some people good art ... ... and so on.

I have very broad interests, I love to read novels, in art class to do crafts, painting, slip-line skates, playing the piano ... ... and so wonderful interest. I love to read fiction because I read the novel can develop reading skills, but also allows me to broaden their horizons, so I have a lot of new knowledge and enriched my soul. In addition, whenever I have an art class, I will always be particularly happy with the expectations art class because it can create many crafts, so I used their imaginations to make unique works, and my favorite hobby is playing the piano , it was said: "The love of music not be bad." sincerity of the contingent, I deeply feel that music can be nursed back to our temperament, this is my favorite piano reasons.

And my expertise is with the art-related, such as: playing the piano, painting. Why is playing music and painting is my expertise it? Because from the past to now, I have spent a lot of time and effort, but also because I have two events is always filled with delightful mood, it will go all out to succeed in life. And during this period, I have come across difficulties in the bottleneck, but the last can be solved in order to continue. I also hope that my expertise can be used in a useful place, the future might be as a musician or painter, or might even do! Writing back to list

If the campus to see a short stature, wearing a pair of jeans, plus a pair of shoes, shuttle between the stairs and classroom aunt; big eyes, next to a black eye with a deep, dark red hair in the sun the next will be glittering, no doubt, that I agree with that a bit old and the old mother. She is also very enthusiastic about gods, in class activities, often saw her busy busy east west presence. After school, at the school gate waiting for the parents of the children are still encountered, it will forward to care about where help was needed. And she was a loving mother, when the favorite station guide care with the line of students crossing the road joke because she was always chatting with the kids, forgetting attention to signals of change. It really can not stand!

"You're white heads the eldest Oh!" "White head is it?" This is my little sister clever and a bit confused, confused the situation, she always outside. Most common is that her mother had been angry, she confused the situation, where Dadanaonao, so often scolded. But she has a very good habit - reading, always reading, when the input; remember ㄧ times, his sister up the toilet at night and suddenly remembered bedtime stories read only half, in turn pick up the book to continue to reading, until the father called her, it was found had been the day broke. Really see ecstatic ah!

These are my lovely family, I love you! However, if you will not like me as a little pet to tease, then I would be more love you Oh!
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A scene outside from my window * Chen Yiying

Trees, birds creak is called, the scenery outside the window feeling like I saw the window of the world is my bad mood, the best antidote. My room had a window, which the scenery outside the windows is my treasure, in my bad mood, it always comfort me; in my boredom, it is just to keep my friends to pass the time. This is outside the windows I can not imagine the world is big, but I know I can see the scenery outside the window. In summer, I always looked out the window of the birds fly freely in, I sometimes envy those from the wings of birds that can fly in the sky with! In winter, I always looked at the cold was intense in the window, look forward to personally see the snow falling in front of me. Bored, the window of the sky with me no one disturb the enjoyment of the afternoon.
The sky outside the window revealed my feelings sometimes, like on rainy days, let me cry; sunny day let me immense pleasure; and cloudy day, let me stuffy looking for something to kill time; When Lei Chen, after the afternoon rain, it's a sister and I quarreled, gas Daotou fast, like an explosion, but soon, and better. Sometimes birds outside the window to do is dream woke me up, and causing me to feel bad all day, or else the sun awake the dream of me, makes me so angry furious.
Sometimes take a look at the scenery outside the window would make me very happy; and sometimes out of the window things will harm me in a bad mood, not peace, but because this way, the scenery outside the window of my life has become an indispensable part of it.


My School of six years    .....   Zhang Jinglun

School! Many terrible ah! Can not sleep every day he woke up, could not play one day, he wrote a lot of work, faced with "terrible" teacher, but also examinations, ~ not ~ This must be a nightmare ~ "ah ~."

School, new semester, there are many new things going to adapt to, such as class, two new students to come; there is a humorous, so that students Scared of getting a new teacher; there is the same as a terrorist case both frightening and exciting of the new textbooks; later it is not clear orientation of the new classrooms; Finally, and most worth mentioning is that the new cleaning work, and still remember every day, dirty foul sweep, but also sticky wet toilet again, and now have to sweep President's Office, is a world of difference between the two can be said ah! However, the extent of, but equally hard-Oh!

But some things are still as before, such as: schools, attracted me the most is the place's best students, the most lively playground wind and rain, the most fun physical education, of course, the most lovely of her younger brother learn Hello!

One thought there are so many interesting things, unknowingly become a nightmare to dream of!

In fact, school is not bad Well, a lot of novelty waiting for me to discover a new semester refueling!
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Visit the 101 Building

Holidays, and my father often we see open-car-law live in Taipei and grandfather. Each arrived in Taipei when I looked, one after another, covered with gray-black buildings in Taipei City as a whole; one of the most prominent are: well-known 101 buildings; 101 Tower stands high in the sky, pointed to the top pointing to the sky. That is a skyscraper close to paradise. It was a sunny, sunny day. Then I opened my sleepy eyes The eyes of Blur's, from the air, feel the breath of the morning. 8:30, and we are dragging luggage, boarded the car, start toward Taipei. On the road, my eyes fixed straight out the window to see, a car zips by Taiwan and Taiwan; looking tired, with the music to sing. Finally to the mother house of the! Grandmother and grandfather smiling to greet us. Good comfortable 喔! Can be a good rest! I asked the old lady is really going to 101 building? Grandmother next day will be. Nice! Finally able to go! Ever since heard that 101 buildings cover, and I want to go to the above, good to see your fill the whole of Taiwan. Nice! The afternoon can go to 101 a! I put on the cap, and thought about. Let's take the bus to Shilin MRT, then take the MRT to a restaurant to eat lunch, to the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi shopping After buying, we take the air bridge to 101. Along the way under the bridge side there are some street performers, we also stopped to look at their performances. In this way, all the way to stop-go, come from the air, building 101. To the 101 building is actually a department store, 10 it is necessary to take the elevator up, and we eat a few things, and then line up tickets, selling tickets young lady said that today not only to take the elevator to the 89 floor, you can also climb two floors to the 91 floor, outdoor stargazing, it may not even leave the relationship between the Mid-Autumn bar with my sister after her mother passed to other people getting the fastest speed to line up because it is time to eat so quickly we into the elevator of an elevator dark also gradually moving up the ceiling shone down an unearthly light, light bulbs are arranged in the Milky Way constellation, continuous flashing light; everyone stare the stare at the ceiling. Elevator continued up, my heart flew up along with the lift. Ah? How to stop the lift down! Ah? How suddenly to it? I am puzzled as out of the elevator. Wow! Haopiaolianga! Virtually the whole of Taipei City to see. Mother took my sister now, pointing to the window, mouth, said: "This should be the Taipei Railway Station, which is Hsin Yi Road, which is a beautiful Chinese bridge ... ..." grandmother, sister also followed to study the large map of the windows. But me? Has been looking at this as Zhensi phantom of the night; a small house with bread crumbs, as the effect point of the building, like rectangular sandwiched, as people? See how that can not see. Later, we climbed the two upstairs, with the indoor little different, but more than a row of metal framework "to prevent people too excited, and thus fall to the" because there was cold, we quickly looked at, then go back. I remember the last one and see the orange moon, really strange. Trip to Taipei is really right in! Not only bought many things, but also to the 101 look at the scenery, I really hope that the next can be once more 101 buildings, preferably during the day because the night can not see the Keelung River.
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Recorder Music Competition

Primary School Recorder Band Contest Taichung, the day finally arrived today, I felt really nervous and looked forward to.

We eat dinner at noon by bus to the race venue ─ Dah Sing Primary School, one to the activity center to see a lot of opponents, I am nervous, but I still strive to overcome the psychological fear. Finally our turn came to power, and the previous fear disappears do not know why, I followed the music and swing up and quickly finished the song playing, and then heard the burst of warm applause, he easily bow to step down. Then a small playing for other countries, wonderful notes fluttered, performing after the Announcement of results awaited book.

Has finally announced the results of time to, I could almost hear everyone's heartbeat, when the referee declared: "The third Laicuo Elementary School, the second Chunghsiao Elementary School, first place - Chongqing Primary moment, he heard there have been repeated waves of cheers, simply on the fast break through the atmosphere-YA! We won! and this is our first ei! was so happy.

Ah I really wish the next national competition, we can be number one! I would like to the extent of excitement, should be delivered with the Duha Ya Lin, Chinese Taipei baseball outwit the same excitement. Winning



Recorder Competition - Peng Xin Hao

This Tuesday, we play an active role when the recorder orchestra, since the annual game recorder to someone now. Day, I was holding tight feeling to school, and quietly waiting for the arrival at noon. After lunch, we went to Dah Sing Elementary School.

A total of eight schools to play, and we are playing the sixth, and I quietly listen to performances at other schools, each blowing good, finally finished fifth team blowing someone now, I am very nervous on stage and In accordance with the teacher's command of a playing a serious, to the last one, probably because of the tense transition, blowing faster, and finally blown over, we walked the Zouxia Tai.

After over the pages of Enter the Dragon, to the time of the announcement ranking, Chongqing, the first primary! This is too happy, and everyone cheered, and our reviews are a good team spirit, but the blown back too fast, and next time I will work hard so that they are not nervous, I will continue to push hard.
Mid-Autumn Festival BBQ

Friday afternoon, my father opened his car factories in our family the space to the barbecue,

There, they are up the fire, there are some people coming one after another.

First, we brought our baked oysters, shrimp ... ... .. and so on, wow! Oyster shell opened up I took one to eat, good fat very big oysters, a salty bite down feel like being in the ocean, but I still prefer to eat shrimp, and my father added some wine down grill until shrimp all flushed you can eat, and tasty shrimp flavor is really delicious, and my brother and sister have also liked to eat, plant suddenly cooked a pot of soup out of the meatballs, which added corn, balls, big cucumber





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