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Where is the spring time: November 2, 2009 Author: Anonymous

"Where is the spring ah, spring, where" On we are singing this song for the spring. Spring like a naughty child, secretly put our hats, gloves, hid, and our thick cotton-padded jacket to the detached. Spring like a competent tailor, to the grass in a dazzling weave sweater, to peach made of pink princess dress. Spring still seems like an excellent director, performing a scene of birds singing, spring accompaniment, butterfly dancers, "Chun Zhisheng."

Oh, found, found the spring had at our side, hand in hand with us are doing the game.



Beautiful home Time: November 1, 2009 Author: Anonymous
By fourth grade student (1) Ban Chen Xiaolu (Guangdong China)

Let me tell you a beautiful place, it is rural, it is my home.

Look! This Lvyin Yin grass spots in full bloom the flowers, mixed in the bushes like the eyes, like stars, micro Fengyi Chui, but also kept twinkling with a fragrance Unit soak into the depths of the heart. Liner off the flowers of the grass to increase the vitality of spring. Whether in the poor soil, or the mountains, crevice, there are to see it green shadow.

Summer looks to be the most lush part of the trees of the! That a millennium tree; a pine tree; a lychee trees ... ... may be the strongest to the number of willows in! Hot weather, home where other trees have been roasted Wanle Yao, but only the willow trees at the breast. She braved the scorching sun, let us play under the shade of a tree playing, reading, painting ... ...

Autumn has come, the fruit orchard are also cooked in! From a distance, wow! Very big one ah pear Lin! Pear son like 1000 bells in shake, this pear heads large, thin, Roucui, juicy, sweet and very tired of people! It makes saliva flow down 3000 feet! Golden banana from the Office of land stuck in the yard a good head, and looked, to pry into the lives of tourists. Curved banana boat really like the curved, like the curved sickle, but also as the winding Crescent.

Although urban high-rise and busy, but not more beautiful than home.



Beautiful Botanical Garden Time: November 1, 2009 Author: Anonymous

Dawn slowly opened the curtain of the night, but also a martyrdom Korea morning, has brought fresh to the campus. Upon entering campus, clean air face descend quickly that people remember with affection from a comfortable, carefree feeling.

Playground on the edge of the Botanical Garden, flowers everywhere, and it could be said fruit is in abundance. A lot of trees were planted on the lawn, there are mango trees, Yang peach, banana, Tit Shu, Yung Shue. These trees, it seems that every piece of greenery all have a new life in the quiver. Each tree was so tall and straight, like a mighty brave a warrior guarding the palace-like. Botanical Garden, there is also a small pond, which long with lotus. This reminds me of a saying: the mud instead of dye, Zhuo-Qing Lian instead of demons. To put it very yes. Although the lotus growing in the sludge between the sewage is not able to keep clean; while being washed in clean water, but the natural grace and not look seductive. Dark green, like a lotus leaf stays on the water, Xiao San, the top covered with crystal drops. In that set off a lotus leaf, the dew of Jiduo lotus, and some white jade, and some powder Ruxia. Qian Chen is not a dyed White Lotus, from the water fall in. out, like a white girl, shy to lie at Bristol branch Cuiye with waves of water into the shadow of the Inter. What a beautiful looking people are also reluctant afternoon a memorable one.

In this lovely botanical garden, the everywhere into the filled with our laughter, make us more like the beautiful and lovely botanical garden.



No Title ? Time: November 1, 2009 Author: Anonymous

A sky clear, sunny morning, we are following with a happy mood, strode briskly went to Chengdu, "Huan Huaxi" play.

Entering the gate, we saw something like a telescope frame to the pole, the pole on both sides of the words "a dollar to see three-dimensional film," I'd like to look, would perhaps come up with two mothers one dollar coins, I have one, Jin-Jin 1. We were reading the "Gulf war", "Great Wall" is really three-dimensional!

We walk in the "Poetry Road" on both sides of the middle carved with ancient and modern well-known poet, for example are: "not the wild fire in spring health." "On the black Yan Fei Gao, Chanyu night Duntao." ... ...

My Mom gave me 5 dollars and bought two bags of fish food, and I take a bag of the Jin-Jin, sitting behind the bamboo fence on a small stool. Wow! Real fish in the water more than ah, at least several hundred, with red, white, black, a variety of carp. We can not wait for the 10 How many pieces of fish I would eat out, sprinkle on the water, their mouth a carp together a scramble of would like to eat some food. A large body of black carp swim over, put the rest of Zuiyi Zhang How many pieces of fish food to sucked into the maw-ri!

We reached a lake. The level of the lake as a mirror, sparkling lake reflected upside out of the blue sky, white clouds. It is like a shiny pearl inlaid in the mountains, the big middle, this time, burst of wind came, the lake Dangqi a ripple, like a blooming flower, I really like a beautiful landscape painting!

We ate lunch, went to Du Fu's Thatched Cottage. Inside, we came to love the Department of thatched cottage, which has many pictures of information literature. Then we came to the 'Daya Hall', Daya hall door, there is a bronze statue of Du Fu's done. We entered the hall inside Taya has many bronze and white marble statue of the poet to do, there is Li Bai, Lu, Bai Ju-yi. . . . . . They posture vary, some lying on the seat, in some cases put my beard ... ...

Next, we went to the thatched cottage sites, into the door, you will see a concave fence down the middle ground, the ground there are a lot of jars, cans. Excavated ruins on display a lot of things out, there are ears cans, four ear cans, ceramic beads, pieces top .... .

There followed three imitation of ancient dress, there are odalisque wear, there is the emperor wearing the Queen, there are soldiers and civilians to wear, have done very delicate, very pretty.

We went to a bonsai garden, which has many flowers, tulip red, there are yellow. Plum with pink and white, there are elegant fragrance smell.

Finally, relying on ticket to pick up the two shiny gold coins Du Fu Thatched Cottage.

This fun, let me know a lot of knowledge, such as: know that the great poet Du Fu, Li Bai is Shixian ... ...



Spring Morning Time: November 24, 2009 Author: Liu Song Source: Original site

Today, my cousin got up early, went together to enjoy Harukage. Spring sunshine, I am in this picturesque spring morning in an intoxicated.

This is a March of the morning, hazy mist of the veil as a layer of silver which enveloped the earth; grass, trees, everything ... ... when the time is now hidden, as if misty fairyland fantasy in general. Suddenly, the distant sound of chickens cry sounded. Before long, begins with a golden sun rising on the horizon, mist slowly dispersed, and the earth was only a gentle touch to the veil of shyness.

Our stay this quiet, as if melting in the beautiful springtime in the.

Tender blue sky, floating white clouds, a few clever and lively with a scissors-like swallow tail, placed at an angle body passing in the sky. Pairs of sparrows in the trees cheerful cried, spring winds, Chunmiao issued in the fields "imperfections" in the sound, as if Haitao the rolling stop, and butter, the band playing romantic songs, hard-working bees in the flowers the collecting nectar. Assail the nostrils of the fragrance has given rise to a few butterflies, chasing the lively children, their children hovered, as if playing with the kids.

What a beautiful spring morning, ah!

Luodian County in in Guizhou Province.



Island Water Park: November 24, 2009 Author: Anonymous

Greeting the cool autumn wind, I went into the picturesque Island water park to stay poor.

Into the water park, greeted by the lush trees. Like a fairy in the hands of willow color chain breeze, fluttered in the breeze. Green grass like a thick carpet. Osmanthus silently Tuzhao aroma. Lawn garden lights, contains the ancient atmosphere, as if going through countless vicissitudes.

In fact, trees and flowers are not uncommon in other parks, the most amazed me is the unique antique trial Court building to remain poor. Court to stay poor standing in the Western water park. House of the Court to remain poor is the top black, four-terminal of Yanjiao tilt, hanging above the colorful variety of neon. Pyramid-like building on the attic stairs, the little wall.

Island Water Park on both sides to remain poor is even more beautiful. The dark green water reflected upside the Court to stay poor. The static water is really worthy of the title bi jade, flat as a mirror.

Island Water Park to stay bad breath is really ancient and modern art of the perfect combination 呀. Overlooking from above, such as the Kam cloth flowers. Another example is a hibiscus, 出淤泥而不染.

Ah! I love you, stay poor Island Water Park!



Guilin Tour Time: November 23, 2009 Author: Anonymous

In the "51" gold, Zhou my mother took me to Guilin, Guilin, our tour group was just entering it at night, we got off the train, are extremely surprised the original is so beautiful at night in Guilin, dolphin is a small star So beautiful, beautiful even jealous of the moon began.

Morning, I looked at the rise of days used, the original beauty of Guilin is not only at night, daytime is also very beautiful, like a blossoming white clouds like cotton candy and hung in the sky. Washed over, guide brought us to eat breakfast, breakfast all are some specialty, such as: rice noodles, rice porridge, and even has a Guilin Sambo. Eating breakfast, tour guides said that to bring us to an elephant next. I thought: What are good-looking elephants, and do not like to climb it! Within a short while, cars to the, ah! Were a lot of Yeah, not all see the elephant? Oh, the original guide refers to elephants Elephant Trunk Hill ah! Elephant Trunk Hill and pagodas still have it! Legend: This is the elephant violated the days of regulation, the Jade Emperor sent heavenly days will go to kill the elephant, the elephant went to the Jade Emperor Li River where water has been seen, and put a sword inserted in the elephant's back on over thousands of years later, the elephant turned into a mountain, Seoul sword into a pagoda. We came to Yinzi Yan Cheung Pei Shan reading, I began to think Yinzi Yan is not a mountain-na! Guide is not like us to rock ah! Went before I know that, Yinzi Yan is a cave, which are all stalactites, colorful, beautiful and great, go for a while, I see stalactites formed by the music construction barrier, a very beautiful stalactites color under the multicolored lights of modern colorful gorgeous, I could not help but like to, in a music stage, a musician on stage command, under the violin to play the beautiful notes, a large branch blew a color read music, these notes, read music combined into one The first beautiful songs. In this colorful Yinzi Yan, we also see with myths and legends of the "Crystal Palace", the 100 meters with beautiful poetry and painting galleries, and have a Yinzi Yan, and we came to Dong, Yao. Four tribe's home, warm family people, but also songs, but also dance, our eyes are extremely busy.

Time flies, blink of an eye, a few days later, we reluctantly left for Guilin by train.



No Title           Time: November 23, 2009 Author: Anonymous

Spring girl walked with the pace of light coming to us, where to be able to smell the breath of spring girl to see her presence. She called spring, spring traveled all over, blowing green leaves, grass, blowing red flowers ripple of the river, blowing hibernating animals wake up ... ... So I would suggest the students to "Wu Quanshan" to take a go take a look at where the spring do not have some fun. The year before last spring, the uncle took me to go there to play, I do not want to go back there a little, that scene is still vivid in my mind.

Wu Quanshan scenery beautiful, tree-lined, full of lush trees, to our eyes and body are very useful, where a lot of flowers, with bright red of the strings of red, its aroma Xiren, like Like a string string does not roast mutton; there, many in full bloom in winter jasmine, it was blazing brightly colored petals of fresh elegant fragrance, as well as those blossoming flowers in Need "Peony Flower" ... ...

There's also a zoo and playground. There are a number of zoo animals in a zoo where you can feel the breath of spring, spring in the Monkey Mountain, the monkey jump all welcome the arrival of spring, they are dancing and singing songs incredibly happy, in the elephant garden, usually stupid clumsy clumsy elephant, as if the arrival of spring are happy, they are all walking briskly a few times then!

Wu Quanshan still living to the beauty, time relationship, do not say, and we still personally go and see!



Fairy-tale world        November 23, 2009 Author: Anonymous

Today, we come to see the snow Jinfo. This is for our children of the South is a an exciting thing.

Songshan Shaolin Temple I have seen feather-like snow, but also have seen the snow filled the Xiling Snow Mountain, but have never seen such a snow Jinfo. Jinfo really thick snow ah, thick like a white quilt; Jinfo the snow really soft ah, soft succeed a grasp on the melt; Jinfo snow really sweet ah, grabbed a small piece, put mouth, such as eating ice cream can not help, as exceptionally sweet. We are standing on top of the hill, watching the endless distance, snow-capped peaks, I can not help think of Chairman Mao's [Qin Yuan Spring Snow]: "northern scenery, ice thousands of miles, thousands of miles Piao ... ..."

I was immersed in the snow to see the excitement, the rush of "chirp" sounds caught my attention. Originally appeared in the snow, a group of monkeys, which others in the pursuit of slapstick, playing play; some looked serious and formal; some laughing and joking, lively; some of them hanging in her mother's neck, it really pleasant. I turned my head, in another mountain to see an adult Zhuang throat, he staring into the mountain, the original is one of the monkeys at the sentry, these monkeys really interesting! I also saw a monkey, it uses the left hand to seize it her mother's neck, right hand used to pick up something to eat, but also from time to time to my mother some food. There are monkey father, mother and monkey monkey "composed of three homes," they watch other monkeys, first in the height of slapstick, and later ran down and grab her mother monkey food, monkey children "chirp" manner cried, looking forward to the monkey mother returned with food.

This mountain has such snow, this snow there is such a mountain, plus aerial snowflakes, mountains Monkey, nobody can make you feel like into the fairy-tale world.

Beautiful gold Foshan, your amazing scenery, people aspire to, people forget.




Happy Four Seasons            November 23, 2009 Author: Anonymous

Throughout the year, seasons, different seasons, different character, different game.

Spring, flowers are blooming, all things wake up, children were playing on the lawn in the dazzling. Yeah, how a flower, as if crying, weeping, said: "I well may be ah, who is for us watering 呀? I will be grateful to her."

Summer, swimming pool, children at play, says that, very happy. Splash, flying roller jade beads, the scene is very hot.

Autumn, yellow leaves fall one after another, like a butterfly is just playing and playing. Late autumn, the ground was covered with yellow leaves, like golden carpet shop on the road.

In winter, snow * one after another falling down, roadside trees were covered with silver dresses, kids playing in the snow snow warfare, snowman, extremely happy.

Spring, summer autumn and winter, happily all year round, every day.



Home              November 23, 2009 Author: Anonymous

Everyone has their own home, everyone likes their own home. My home in the city. I paint the city of beauty, then the width. The wide streets, tall buildings, as well as a seat middle of the street park. Yi Keke roadside trees tall and straight, with green grass, as well as colorful lights. Constitutes a beautiful picture.



Month of March               : November 23, 2009 Author: Anonymous

In March, a lovely spring in March; March season in March; in March, vegetation germination in March. In this dynamic in March where everything seemed vibrant.

Is now absolutely to the spring, spring will be warm glow of the sun, father sun shop on earth, coupled with vigorous things, how poetic. The weather warming, what the tree ah, grass ah, and all stuck your head out of the bud.

Look at rows of neatly trimmed holly, green leaves dripping grow a small bud. They, like the bamboo shoots erected overnight, so much so tender; a film made curly leaves, then odd, then the blame. Hospitals in the trees at the tall slender willow has injected a new vitality, one of the new vine covered with small willow and the same thing as baby corn, and perhaps that is it allows sky Gone with the Wind "Snow" bar! The garden is cut back 20 centimeters tall roses are also rolls out a bright red leaves. Grass Not to be outdone, of course, from a piece out of brown leaves in the drill to form a film "Oasis", and some grass into the group clustered drilling out, as if isolated in the Gobi desert cactus.

"Basic training" in a poem - "in March, and spring with the departure," the earth is to grow in waking, we are also vigorous efforts to study and bar!



Cloud                  November 23, 2009 Author: Anonymous

The afternoon after school, I have walked head down, until a small road close to home, I found this in the dark sky some even become very bright, illuminate the ground is also Liangtang Tang's. My subconscious to the point of view, we saw a beautiful Cloud.

Blue sky, white clouds are thick and has thin, layer upon layer upon layer but is not boundless. The left, clouds are white, coupled with the blue sky background looks pleasing; the right, due to bias sunset, Ying became orange. The sky, red and white to blue, all appear to be so co-ordination.

Clouds really like the screeching of the cotton quilts is neither static, nor is it ever-changing. Just gently, gently moving a little rough for a look really could not tell it! Oh, these naughty little guy, but they will still play hide and seek?

I've been in this rosy picture being intoxicated, and while walking to enjoy. Suddenly, a moment's inattention and hit a tree, I suddenly fascinating stats. Yiliu Yan, run went home.

Why? Because I want this beautiful record.



Green Serenity         November 23, 2009 Author: Anonymous

Spring has come, spring girl to earth mother quietly put on a beautiful green dress.

Spring girl walked gently slopes, mountain green. A variety of trees, tree buds grow a verdant, with the wind shaking the leaves, and playing music from Falling. Orchard, pink peach blossom like a shy little girl's face, exudes refreshing fragrance of pear tree in full bloom is also a flower as white as snow, attracting throngs of butterflies and bees. Singing buzzing bees, butterflies dance.

Spring girl slowly walked the fields, the fields green. Grass secretly fall in. from the ground out of the small wriggling body, facing the spring danced. Wheat seedling child wearing a green skirt, a vibrant dance in the dance; rape was opened, Huang Cancan's one, giving the earth covered with a yellow carpet. The roadside to greet the spring of winter jasmine smiling, girl, girl turns to greet the spring.

Spring girl quietly into the garden in bloom. Some Hanbaoyufang flowers, and some opened their two, three petals, some of them have opened, colorful flower contests, and you will not let me, I will not let you, want to show themselves.

Green quiet, how beautiful in the spring, I really hope that it will forever earth!



The vitality of spring             November 23, 2009 Author: Anonymous

Green, everywhere a green, green grass, green trees, green forest, green world ... ...

Spring, Spring girl came to the grass on the ground, grass one by one stuck its head, a gentle breeze, the grass on the ground sent the sound of buzzing, as if to say: "Spring sister, the next point of the rain bar, we will soon died of thirst! "Spring girl a wave," Hua Hua ", burst after burst of spring underground up.

Spring girl walked in the garden, ah! Seemed to come to another world, and has just one green, is now the red one. Some flower petals start and became a small red hat; some or Huagu Duo and became a small water droplets. Where bees? Oh, in that, in that most-yan, the largest mining with which a pair of sweet honey. See there, there are two spent flying, no, a butterfly. What they play? Play hide and seek? Play chase people?

Spring, I would like to say to you out loud: "Spring, I love you!"



I love my home Grand Theater       November 22, 2009 Author: Anonymous

I love the big home theater because it is handsome in appearance; I love the big home theater because of its fascination.

Falls on the beautiful Grand Theater seated Yao River, as long as the passing there, my mind would be health and spirits of heartfelt joy. Nowhere to be seen, the Grand Theater is like a big colorful shells covered the earth. Since its completion, Ningbo has been added to a beautiful landscape. Every evening, the golden lights that illuminated the magnificent Grand Theater, is like "Palace" to show in my eyes. Standing nearby, the Grand Theater is like a giant standing in front, so I prefer it. Four major pillars that propped up the main entrance of the Grand Theater, as four brave soldiers standing guard around the clock. That they use their body to defend the Grand Theater. Stood in the theater lobby, I looked tiny in! The staircase leading to the Grand Theater is so long that it handles is made of glass, surrounded by tropical plants growing in a Zhu Zhu.

Grand Theater, the land is within the marble-paved, it may be able to illuminate bright marble shadows. Handrails on the stairs to the second floor carved a variety of patterns, people beautiful! Grand Theater, the audience is also very beautiful, and that are placed in neat rows and rows of chairs. Add a layer of ground red carpet, so that even more dazzling Grand Theater.

I love my home Grand Theater, you are so magnificent; then Yingzisashuang; so refreshing!



Hometown                November 22, 2009 Author: Anonymous

Home at dawn, is so quiet, so pure, so beautiful.

Whenever the sky gradually erase the black veil that when the East will be a blossoming red Piaoqi Yunxia. With the emergence of Hongxia, the sun slowly, slowly through the Yunxia already exposed flushed face, like a little girl faces the prospect of looking at the earth.

Home of the afternoon, sun leaves of crops such as coating a layer of oil, cicadas in the trees, crickets in the crops, the town of wings cried.

In August, Jiaoyangsihuo. Tao Yang have sweated all rolled up into the leaves. Cicada pull long Shengjiao non-stop, as if to say: "Hot dead 啦, hot dead 啦!" To the weather brightened up some of depressed irritability.

Home evening, are the most exciting moments of the happiest!

Kids come out to play, and I'm no exception!

Home the night is warm, and it is fascinating, and it is interesting.

Late at night, lighting, much like a fly flying near the fireflies Hushanhushan more and more dim, the whole small city like a cage in the dream.

Ah! Hometown day is how wonderful ah!




My hometown                 November 22, 2009 Author: Jiang Hui Xiang Source: Original site

My hometown in the beautiful scenery of the Nanxi.

Spring, flowers bloom, the beautiful butterflies in the flowers of plays a game of hide and seek. I was catching butterflies, do not care a fall, but it does not matter, because the butterflies have helped me a great help: butterfly helped me find a beautiful large flowers.

Summer, the heat of summer heat, I go barefoot at home in front of my grandmother ran the stream, I accidentally fell into a creek Paozhaopaozhuo years, ah! Really cool ah!

Autumn, fresh fruit fragrance, Nanxi the sea have a lot of boats, I do not know what they are doing? Mom told me that they are fishing.

In winter, the roof of my house covered with snow, so beautiful. My sister in the snowball fight, really fun!

My home is the most beautiful!

Huanglong second fourth grade 4 (1) Class Jiang Hui Xiang



Campus Corner              November 20, 2009 Author: Anonymous

Campus life is so colorful, I love my school, but my favorite thing was beautiful and lovely corner of the campus - Garden.

You see! From afar, is like a vibrant garden flowers, bring people of a thriving scene.

Here flowers, four seasons are like spring is really beautiful. To say that spring is really gorgeous: burst of spring breeze gently blowing, willow waved to me, the flowers to me smiling, so I always like singing a song to express my heart filled with joy. Suddenly it was accompanied by fragrant flowers of spring footsteps descend quickly toward me cheerful.

To say that the summer is really beautiful: Although the summer is so hot, or it can be cool here, and tells the people are very nice, very comfortable, also known as people rushed to the. This is like a lush-green trees, a large umbrella for our sun.

To say the fall is really booming: In the past lush foliage of the trees have been gradually installed off the green. But that lush pine and cypress, still leaves gold real, looks Pine or less of the strong, good with the cold winter to fight against it!

To say that winter is really fluttering Sasa: shining white of the snow cover the entire garden. Snow on the tree seems to grow on trees, so that the whole garden to become is so lovely.

Say my favorite, then of course, is the colorful and splendid in the spring, because it means a happy and joy.



Eliminate            November 20, 2009 Author: Anonymous

One day, the weather is very hot, thick black clouds, dragonflies fly Didi De, ants have moved home to see that one going to rain.

Sure enough, Ray ring, and H-hole hole, frightened panic, and all of a sudden burst of wind, blowing branches chaotic pendulum, a spider hanging from the Internet come away.

Lightning more light, thunder is growing.

Wow, Wow, Wow, the rain up, people called from the umbrella, like the rain, the little petals.

The more rain the next bigger Wang Chuangwai looked downstairs Yeer mango tree in the rain even more green, the birds screaming, flying around, looking for sheltering in place, the water accumulated on the road with, and gradually sinks into a stream, much of the rain falls on the thrown countless spray stream.

Rain slowly getting smaller, stop, open the windows, fresh air face descend quickly, the sun fall in. out from the clouds, the horizon put up a colorful rainbow bridge, I like summer rain, because it gives people with a come to enjoy the cool beauty.



Fog        November 20, 2009 Author: Anonymous

Morning, as the steam out of there like a vast expanse of whiteness of the fog, fog can be really beautiful, so charming, and all views are enveloped in fog. Yingyingchuochuo, and also seemed to hidden like the current, ambiguous on, and floated uncertain. People in the fog as if exposure to Penglai fairyland.

At first, you can see the distant scene, gradually, the thick fog, and distant scenery vague, I could only see near the scene. Fog like a white girl, float in the air with dreamy veil, give me a carefree mood. Fog has brought me endless source of fascination, and yet so strange things, while clear, minute and indistinct. As the saying goes: "Ruzhui Wuli cloud."

Although fog than the dew on the crystal, but it has charming beauty. Although the previous white fog of snow, but it is mysterious - Fog is always beautiful, it lets people get rid of troubles, forget the sorrow. Such as the body near the Wonderland and smug.



Autumn scenery               November 20, 2009 Author: Anonymous

Autumn is harvest season, I like fall. Because I like the autumn fields, the fields are golden yellow in autumn, and allowed to gaze longingly to the ground as if covered with a layer of golden blanket, and I'd stepped on the enjoyment of play, more like uncle and farmers to enjoy the joy of the harvest .

I came to the fields and saw the rice which has long been done. It is micro-Fengyi Chui, waist down Daochui, it seems to have been something knees as in dance, and millet also say a private message.

Farmers uncle in his busy cutting the rice harvest. Although they are busy, but very pleased because this year the "heavens" to help, the sun on the sun, the rain on the rain; party's policies and good; prices also increased. Therefore, they will expose pleased smile.

I came to the orchard and saw a number of the owner is using the basket filled with bright red persimmon, that red persimmon was shy as a child's face as red.

As the saying goes: "one kinds of spring, autumn harvest 10000 grain." We have to gain knowledge, and now we must cherish the time, the spring sowing the seeds of hope and capsules in autumn it be possible to harvest the fruits of fruitful. If you do not sow the seeds of hope and capsules, they receive nothing.

Autumn immersed in a joy, I love autumn field.



Home stream   November 20, 2009 Author: Lin Literary Source: Original site

My family has a small stream, throughout the year are the United States. Spring, a new long flowering willow wicker. Many of the birds twitter in the trees shouted. Swallows fly from the south for the spring to add a lot of vitality. Summer, hot weather, the children jumped into the river one by one. Some catching shrimp, some swimming, others playing in the water. Everyone was elated. Autumn, and a heavy autumn wind blowing, how cool. Uncle leaves falling to the ground. Farmers harvest the fruits of one uncle who was. At night, and a stream of water ice cool.

Clear creek seemed to say: "I am a very cold river water bar!" Winter is even more interesting, streams like a knot like the ice. We at the Creek on the ice-skating, which hosts playing, then one by one expression of how people feel happy and ah! Streams, how much you America, how spectacular! Mody Mody you throughout the year is beautiful. Seen to flash in the pan. I like the clear stream, I like, I like it lush willow; Din Din pound, stream; fun skating rink ... ...

Lin Xiping Central Primary School fourth-grade art



Main Street Morning           November 19, 2009 Author: Anonymous

Morning Street

The horizon has just formed the gray dawn, I got up. Cock soon as sing, wake up the sleeping sun, the sun slowly set aside a bright light, quietly opened a day off. Moment, the red-hot Caixia the shiny red earth, crowded along the street up.

The street people coming and going, busy, the road is lined with stalls can be described as a "street stalls." Stalls there are many delicious breakfast, dazzling, making people feel dizzying. Issued by bursts of white meat buns seductive scent, accompanied by dotted with chopped green onion how indescribably delicious soymilk had!

Dishes from time on the street in general! Farmers uncle in order to sell vegetables, blue morning, the day daybreak, they would take from the kinds of fresh vegetables come. These vegetables are still sported the dew it, crystal clear, as long as you gently slap, it will fall down Gulu Lu. The housewives get up early has been bargaining with the vegetable farmers had.

Acute relaxation on the streets, but after the car sound, a child's noisy sound vaguely heard the broadcast of programs sound, mingled with cries selling vegetables, a variety of sounds intertwined merged into a symphony of sounds .

The daily morning on the street is so crowded and harmony, people feel relaxed and happy, a new day has begun.






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     New School

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     Be a Singer

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