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Autumn and Spring Essay, English Composition Writing on Autumn and Spring, Example Student Essays

----------- November 9, 2009 Author: Gong Si Yu

October day, my mother go to Jilin things, just me to rest, so fortunate to go together with the mother. Along the way the scenery outside the window like the one the picture, from my eyes by.

Autumn field really America ah!

Is the first time I saw that golden rice. A gust of wind blowing, the wind dancing golden rice golden, like a golden sea, a wave pushed a wave, very spectacular, it full of rice grain to show off the fruits of their own.

You see, there are a golden corn piles of gold, like a seat Jinshan. Raising black and red sorghum red red face like a bit farmer uncle happy faces.

Vegetable garden, the waist-high in soy, black Litou yellow, pods are two-inch long foot. Open the pod, collections of beans shining with golden light, like a few small baby is asleep. The distance to see Yi Keke cabbage, and bundles of green onions ... ...

Into the field to see the beautiful uncle were farmers. Although they found sweating can be very happy heart, because the dealer had a good harvest. Farmers uncle's efforts have not been in vain, ushered in the fruit harvest hill and dale. Without the hard work the farmers there is no uncle of our affluence. Farmers to use their hands as brushes, to the earth as the paper, creating a picturesque beauty of picture.

Which white patches of red, yellow, green fields, constitute a beautiful picture of autumn.


Charming Binjiang Road ------------ November 9, 2009 Author: Dunn Tao

Wanzhou District Binjiang Road is a beautiful scenic spots.

Today, I play, and his father to the Riverside Road. When we looked around to the left, the Yangtze River as a giant mirror. Riverside ship at anchor, waiting for the passenger's travel passenger, large cargo ships ... ... Bridge across the Yangtze River at the river surface, like a rainbow from heaven. Mercedes-Benz and had a spaceship, like the rocket upside-Benz in the river surface. In front of some fitness equipment, where many people exercise, there are adults, the elderly, as well as children, he (she) had some of the badminton; some playing tennis; there's playing table tennis. In my right is the wide roads, street car steady stream. Horse side of the road one block high-rise buildings. In the Riverside roadside stands a uniquely shaped building - the Three Gorges Star Stadium, it looked like an alien coming from a flying saucer, it all themselves.

Night, Binjiang Road, more beautiful. As night fell, when Binjiang Road, became the light of the sea. The river sparkling lights, like the colorful fireworks, floating down the earth. On the road a string of bright lights, as the shining river, endless torrents. Rainbow lights dazzling high-rise buildings, warm welcome to visitors from continental seas.

Binjiang Road is a bright pearl in Wanzhou.

Chongqing Wanzhou Telegraph Road Primary School third-grade Dunn Tao


Autumn Field ------------ November 7, 2009 Author: Chen Yuling

Autumn quietly came, she was wearing fall clothing, with the joy of harvest. Than the spring, summer, winter, bright, and more attractive.

Autumn, the fields, then golden ears of rice, put on an autumn girl brought Autumn, head studded with golden beads, smile and laugh to see Napian rice Wanle Yao, breeze rice fields, filled with waves of golden waves, people revel in which intoxicated with this piece of beauty in the golden rice fields.

Well, Chinese parasol tree leaves, a one to settle down again, they seem to be to that of a golden-yellow "butterfly" dance in the fall ... ... in the number of roadside ginkgo, the hanging one to a small fan, burst of autumn breezes rustle, as if this charming little gingko fans gave the roadside are busy people, while, more leaves fall on the ground, like a gorgeous golden yellow blanket child.

Rice fields that edge into the grass until the fall of that moment, while the vibrant grass had been changed, it was too cold fear that the fall in the face of autumn days, the advent of grass began to wither, and it's looking is also slowly dim, it is to leave the cold of autumn, it is to hide the depths, they are

Enjoy the beauty of autumn in your time, I would very much still is so heroic glow, but the fate of the case, they only temporarily and to say goodbye to the autumn. To tell you: It is not the spring is beautiful, with life and hope in fact fall more exciting, it brings to people the joy of harvest.

Ah, autumn fields more beautiful!

Bridge, Zhangjiagang City, Miao Chen Yuling fourth grade


Yinzi Yan ------------ November 7, 2009 Author: ZOE Green

I have been to many places, such as Xiamen, Hangzhou, Hainan, Hong Kong, etc., but my favorite place to take a few of Guilin Yinzi Yan.

Yin Ziyan Lipu County is located in Guilin Ma Zhen. Is divided into the next hole, hall, on the hole in three parts. Cave gorgeous, beautiful scenic spots, 20 multiple, unusual natural landscape be regarded as gods, colorful, and image of the different columns of stalactites, stone pagodas, Shiman, stone waterfall constitute the worth of the world's artistic wonders of karst, is the world reputation as "the world caverns wonders."

About Yinzi Yan, first presented in front of a 2 m high and 1 m thick stalagmites, the shape of Lipu-taro, lifelike, so the United States named "Lipu-taro King." Move forward a few steps, the real magic kaleidoscope beauty began to emerge, form, color all sorts of stalactites, such as cents like a god, it seems people like objects, lifelike, so we are amazed.

I saw a Yinzi Yan Ruin known as the "Snow Fox", "music Shiping," "Jade Pool Wonderland", with Yin Ziyan Sambo known as the "Buddha on the Classic," and "independence column Atlas," "mixed Yuan Zhen Zhushan. " They are all separate King everywhere, seen from afar they form a bizarre landscape of the world, without exception, is imagination.

As the cave I keep moving forward, gold and silver base tower, covered with four, multi-shaped scenery, varied and spectacular. Let me cave far the most memorable scene is called "Four Generations Living Together" and stalactites group. Was black, "ancestral Grandpa" from us 100 million years, showing the orange "grandpa" 60 years ago, milky white "father" from the current 40 years, "son" away from us there are 200,000 years. The cave for domestic rare. In some areas such as the Dunhuang Grottoes, layer upon layer, bizarre, as the fancy to imagine: In some areas, like pieces of a cloud-Jin, is like a wonderful art gallery.

Yin Ziyan cave which dominate the landscape with its magnificent scenery, on the outside Zeyi quiet tranquil natural scenery and the known world. Yin Ziyan green mountains and rivers were charming, beautiful and unforgettable.

Nanjing Road Primary School fourth-grade Langya ZOE Green


Beautiful flowers ------------ November 6, 2009 Author: Lei Hang Mo

National Day to the Tiananmen Square before the flowers were blossoming, and contests, and fragrant charm, then I'll talk about the beautiful flowers and your bar!

Sunflower father nodded toward the sun, smiling, as if to say: "Sun father, you look at me is pretty?"

Rose seemed to salute to the flag, singing the national anthem it!

Morning glory craned came to a branch next to the "episodes answered, subtitle A," the birds waking dream of it!  Aromatic sweet-scented osmanthus, as if painted with a new French perfume it!

Chrysanthemum giving her his new hair, as if proudly: "I am the most beautiful! I was the most beautiful!
Lotus insisted on a little green umbrella, as if to say: "I'm afraid 嗮 black, I'm afraid 嗮 black!"

The world has a wide variety of flowers, extremely beautiful, but want you to carefully observe nature themselves.

Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, Zhongshan, in the third grade Mo Lei Hang


Beautiful campus ------------ November 4, 2009 Author: Anonymous 

Our schools - Xianyou Experimental Primary School is one the best schools in the county, located along the roadside in Xianyou Party School Road.

The morning, stretching into the door, a beautiful and exquisite statues greet our eyes, a man and a woman, woman holding a book, as in telling us to study well and every day. Man's hand held hostage football, seemed to us to be more movement, there must be robust body. They erected in the garden, to become the campus a beautiful landscape. Garden in front is a large playground, a playground there are two large basketball courts, and outer circle of red, rich in the flexibility of plastic runway, even if the fall had not hurt.

The number of the most beautiful around the playground to a large banyan tree, which is like a mighty soldier guarding our campus. In the summer, it was like a green velvet umbrella to cover the sun too Yanyanshishi, people feel under the big banyan tree touch of cool, it can do for us to shelter against the elements!

I love my school! I have to learn because it is a paradise!


Field of small King ------------ November 4, 2009 Author: Anonymous 

My hometown has a field, in autumn it is even more charming.

Blue sky rows of geese are flying south for fear of nipped at his side. Pine, like soldiers in the same station

Straight, well they looked even more of a green. Trees do not know that the barber give them a head dyed blond hair, is perhaps the autumn invited to the bar girl. Trunk's eyes staring at kids, like Changzhuoxuduo secretly laughing. Burst of autumn wind blowing into their newly dyed hair and dumped down, like a butterfly fluttering just long forest dance. Within a short while on the paved a golden path. In this small way kids play in the play, some picking up fallen leaves ready to take home to do a careful observation of specimens; some take leaves to study its organs the various parts of the name of ... ... the end of the fields is an orchard. Glowing red apples are ripe, like a little child smile, bright purple grapes, like glass beads one by one up ... ... I really want to bite a big apple, eat the small bunch of grapes, if coupled with other However, the fruit so much the better.哈哈! You see that a few children who are under the pomegranate rack to help farmers uncle Zhai fruit enlivened by a few even the dog bark is called a non-stop, as if to say: "Zhai finished do not forget me ah, there is also my guards credit for it. "

I love the home field, because it is a beautiful field, but also harvest field.


Rho-do-den-dron Garden ------------ November 4, 2009 Author: Anonymous 

If you ask me, in my summer vacation places to go where the most fun? I would readily said: "The Rhododendron Garden of the most fun."

Rhododendron Garden in Dayi County, where the pond edge, Yang Liu Suifeng swaying, as if beckoning to us, the garden flowers contests, and strange things, there are gorgeous peony, simple wild flowers, the magic is really flowers are blooming daffodils ... , flowers attract bees and butterflies is really a beautiful sight.

Azalea Park, not only to many plants, but animals are also very interesting. Azalea garden birds flying in the air, chirped Jiao Wan cried, as if singing a hymn; I went to the Azalea Garden Center Garden, where there is a cow, I'll ask it "hello", it "moo moo "Let the Liangsheng may retaliate to me, and I have no intention feet Yi Shen, cow went so far as to lick my feet, probably agree with what I mean. I feet an income, even back bull run, the original it is a veritable "timid buffalo."

Azalea Park, not only the scenery lovely, the meals are delicious, Pickle rabbit, boiled fish, spicy chicken ... ... memorable.

I asked about the management of his uncle, the original there is a history here, in the past there are a lot of the cuckoo and azaleas, and later because of catching the birds were very much, and therefore the cuckoo flew away and never came back without the birds have also been Azalea effects fade, so the business is not good, and later repair of the Rhododendron Garden, hope that the Azalea Rhododendron Flower Show will once again be open to come back.

Ah, an azalea garden is like a beautiful picture of you, ah! There are crystal-clear streams, colorful flowers, there are numerous friendly and loving people that have been very beautiful, but if there are rhododendrons and the cuckoo to add luster the better.


Home cloud ------------ November 4, 2009 Author: Lee Hui-xiang

My hometown has many beautiful places. A beautiful bridge, with a beautiful garden, there are high mountains, there are clumsy and strong trees, with an enviable mix of Nanliu river, and so ... ... especially the fickle fog.

Cloud strange things. Mist-filled valley, it is like a winding stream. Mist-block mountains, it was like a huge marquee.

Ever-changing clouds. In front of clouds, or a just a beautiful little girl, an instant becomes a blossoming flower. Is obvious that only a lamb, not wait for you look carefully, it becomes a thousand miles in nine days to vent the Galaxy.

This is a cloud of strange things really blow people away.

Dabei third grade Yulin Li Hui-xiang


Blue Sky ------------ November 3rd, 2009 Author: Anonymous 

The sky is blue, because the universe is blue; the sea is blue, because the sky is blue; my lamp is blue, because my heart is blue.

When buying stationery, blue priority; election results, the blue than the indispensable; to buy clothes, blue blind. I seem to want to create a genus with its own blue sky.

Blue represents the youth, I hope to always be full of vitality; blue for happiness, I hope to ordinary happy life. In my eyes in my heart, on behalf of all the good things in blue.

Perhaps, so I aspire to is not only the blue this color, but Napian blue, the vast, boundless sky! I would like to turn into geese flying Napian coveted sky; I would like to become a bird, singing in the Feng ER, in the backdrop of white clouds, but why are dance, free flight! Yes, really make me aspire to be Napian beautiful blue sky!


Community Garden ------------ November 3rd, 2009 Author: anonymous 

A small garden is located in the center of our district, the elderly and children exercise and play a good place to go. Garden flowers and trees, small bridges, garden loft, fitness equipment.

Spring, the grass from the ground Tanchunaodai trees out of the new branches grow verdant leaves, winter jasmine flowering early, and had told us it was like to come in spring. Old men walking with a puppy into the garden, the children Dangzhe swing, anglers leisurely leaning against the fence. We all bathed in warm sunshine of spring.

The summer, trees verdant green onions Polygonum posumbu long, very strong and long grass to see the last green one. The sun came out, Qian Wanlv like a sharp sword of golden light, through the trees, according to the grass. The lawn with a variety of wild flowers in full bloom, red, white, yellow, purple, and pretty great. Sunset in the red dragonflies shuttled back and forth from time to time in the water lily, sometimes a little water on the water, water will be leveling off from.

Autumn sky was clear of trees, leaves turn yellow. The green grass has become a golden autumn Fengyi Chui, leaves fluttering in the air and the ground is covered with another loose and soft leaves, like a layer of thick carpet shop. Occasionally, I will do just picked up a number of deciduous leaves sticker. In the garden in full bloom with sweet-scented osmanthus, chrysanthemum, Fragrance Spreading thousands of miles, competing for the Big Dipper-yan. . .

In winter, snow fluttering in the air and Sasa, bare branches on the flooded with snow. Northwest winds kick into gear the blowing, I and small partners in the snow snowball fights, snowman. Old people handle arch sleeves, the stamped, said: "Snow Mega years, ah."

A small garden is beautiful throughout the year, and it accompanied me to grow bit by bit happy memories of deeply branded in my mind, it is difficult to erase.


Makha Bucha Garden ------------ November 3rd, 2009 Author: anonymous 

I love the motherland, Jiang Shan, but I love Ten Thousand Buddhas home park.

Makha Bucha Park is located in the lush foothills. Came to the door, saw two majestic pride of lions guard at the door on both sides of the door floor of the Central Block, plum-shaped flower bed there. Along the heights, there is a long corridor. Around the corridor on each side of a pavilion, a pavilion by the eight gray columns supports, pillars to the top painted paintings. At the top of the pavilion is a yellow glass. Corridor column is red, and pole painting, there are many sorts of old paintings, extremely beautiful! I sat in the gallery, listening to the calls of birds Jojo, trance back to the ancient rooms. Corridor side has a pool, pool stands the seven swans, and some re-teach Little Swan fish, and some in the combed their feathers, and some playing.

I love my hometown! Ten Thousand Buddhas also love the beautiful garden!


Campus flower beds ------------ November 3rd, 2009 Author: Anonymous 

Our school have a flower bed, flower beds throughout the year as a magician, and change come and go, each season has a different picture, and now I will give you slowly introduce bar. Spring, the flower bed inside opened a peach, this took special beautiful, like a little girl, in the trees to show off a few of the beautiful self, and its color is pink, it looks and posture together, they form a wonderful pieces of Chinese Painting.

Summer school Round Gardenia Lane in full bloom, so that the whole school change fragrance round our class the students often came to cover the one belonging to several, because of the gardenia Huatai Xiang.

Autumn, chrysanthemum flower in full bloom inside, some red, some are ... ... they are in full bloom with can be beautiful, and approached to see them, they seem to smile at you, to you, Xu Xu whispering!

Winter flower bed inside the Huadu Xie, is not it did not take out? Hey, is not, there are snowflakes.

Haha, our flower beds really beautiful ah!


Deciduous ------------ November 2, 2009 Author: anonymous 

Leaves falling from the tree can not retain, or the pursuit of the wind.

The tree, your frustration, your obsession.

The wind, your dedication, your fascinating.

Leaves of the tree has brought to life, call made a green leaf, but also gave the tree leaves fall.

The wind touched the leaves of thinking, let show the most magnificent style, but also the end of the leaves fall wind.

Sun and moon wheel of reincarnation cycle, a rate blows but Qichu leaves always seem to inevitably face the world map, decorated on the vicissitudes little sign of gauze covered with layers of melancholy, leaves so they solitary Gone ------

But why not retain the total tree leaf, the wind is also cruel to abandon a leaf. The inability of the tree, or wind, cruel bear, only the leaves know ------

Tell of the arrival of spring, leaves will be reappearing. From this day begins, it will know its fate, the most bright moment lies in the fall and fall, because that day, it has mountains oath sea grass Union convention. They Meet in that dying season. They do nothing for the elusive and Meet; them as a promise to the Meet; them as a consonance similarities and Meet ------


Zoo ------------ November 2, 2009 Author: Anonymous 

Winter day, my mother and I went to the coveted Chongqing Zoo.

One into the zoo, I would hold the guide map, run around everywhere, while the Lions went to visit a place, a moment where the tiger went to visit my mother ... ... catch up with me, from me see for yourself, my next to watch animals, I visited the pandas, elephants, parrots, leopards, tigers, lions, monkeys, wolves ... ... and many, many animals, pandas are lazy sleeping elephant is using a long nose, roll up the grass taken his mouth to eat, parrots are flying leopard walking in a cage, extremely powerful, very powerful lions and tigers, lions shake the cage too, "Kuang Kuang 啦 pull" the sound of a tiger running from time to time and roaring, the most mischievous monkey on a number, and it jumped about the East, West jump about, extremely mischievous, wolves are also lazy, sleep on the floor do not rise up. I remember to see a zebra, I also nearly lost her way, thanks to the way I remember right turns where there was a "magic strange world," or I'll get lost, really scare.

Left the zoo, I was already exhausted, but I am very happy because I saw a lot seen on television, but not seen in real life animals, In addition, I am also thinking to go look at the wildlife park.


Where is the spring ------------ November 2, 2009 Author: Anonymous 

"Where is the spring ah, spring, where" On we are singing this song for the spring. Spring like a naughty child, secretly put our hats, gloves, hid, and our thick cotton-padded jacket to the detached. Spring like a competent tailor, to the grass in a dazzling weave sweater, to peach made of pink princess dress. Spring still seems like an excellent director, performing a scene of birds singing, spring accompaniment, butterfly dancers, "Chun Zhisheng."

Oh, found, found the spring had at our side, hand in hand with us are doing the game.


Beautiful home ------------ November 1, 2009 Author: anonymous 

Let me tell you a beautiful place, it is rural, it is my home.

Look! This Lvyin Yin grass spots in full bloom the flowers, mixed in the bushes like the eyes, like stars, micro Fengyi Chui, but also kept twinkling with a fragrance Unit soak into the depths of the heart. Liner off the flowers of the grass to increase the vitality of spring. Whether in the poor soil, or the mountains, crevice, there are to see it green shadow.

Summer looks to be the most lush part of the trees of the! That a millennium tree; a pine tree; a lychee trees ... ... may be the strongest to the number of willows in! Hot weather, home where other trees have been roasted Wanle Yao, but only the willow trees at the breast. She braved the scorching sun, let us play under the shade of a tree playing, reading, painting ... ...

Autumn has come, the fruit orchard are also cooked in! From a distance, wow! Very big one ah pear Lin! Pear son like 1000 bells in shake, this pear heads large, thin, Roucui, juicy, sweet and very tired of people! It makes saliva flow down 3000 feet! Golden banana from the Office of land stuck in the yard a good head, and looked, to pry into the lives of tourists. Curved banana boat really like the curved, like the curved sickle, but also as the winding Crescent.


The beautiful botanical gardens ------------ November 1, 2009 Author: anonymous 

Dawn slowly opened the curtain of the night, but also a martyrdom Korea morning, has brought fresh to the campus.

Upon entering campus, clean air face descend quickly that people remember with affection from a comfortable, carefree feeling.

Playground on the edge of the Botanical Garden, flowers everywhere, and it could be said fruit is in abundance. A lot of trees were planted on the lawn, there are mango trees, Yang peach, banana, Tit Shu, Yung Shue. These trees, it seems that every piece of greenery all have a new life in the quiver. Each tree was so tall and straight, like a mighty brave a warrior guarding the palace-like. Botanical Garden, there is also a small pond, which long with lotus. This reminds me of a saying: the mud instead of dye, Zhuo-Qing Lian instead of demons. To put it very yes. Although the lotus growing in the sludge between the sewage is not able to keep clean; while being washed in clean water, but the natural grace and not look seductive. Dark green, like a lotus leaf stays on the water, Xiao San, the top covered with crystal drops. In that set off a lotus leaf, the dew of Jiduo lotus, and some white jade, and some powder Ruxia. Qian Chen is not a dyed White Lotus, from the water fall in. out, like a white girl, shy to lie at Bristol branch Cuiye with waves of water into the shadow of the Inter. What a beautiful looking people are also reluctant afternoon a memorable one.

In this lovely botanical garden, the everywhere into the filled with our laughter, make us more like the beautiful and lovely botanical garden.


Huan Huaxi ------------ November 1, 2009 Author: anonymous 

A sky clear, sunny morning, we are following with a happy mood, strode briskly went to Chengdu, "Huan Huaxi" play.

Entering the gate, we saw something like a telescope frame to the pole, the pole on both sides of the words "a dollar to see three-dimensional film," I'd like to look, would perhaps come up with two mothers one dollar coins, I have one, Jin-Jin 1. We were reading the "Gulf war", "Great Wall" is really three-dimensional!

We walk in the "Poetry Road" on both sides of the middle carved with ancient and modern well-known poet, for example are: "not the wild fire in spring health." "On the black Yan Fei Gao, Chanyu night Duntao." ... ...

My Mom gave me 5 dollars and bought two bags of fish food, and I take a bag of the Jin-Jin, sitting behind the bamboo fence on a small stool. Wow! Real fish in the water more than ah, at least several hundred, with red, white, black, a variety of carp. We can not wait for the 10 How many pieces of fish I would eat out, sprinkle on the water, their mouth a carp together a scramble of would like to eat some food. A large body of black carp swim over, put the rest of Zuiyi Zhang How many pieces of fish food to sucked into the maw-ri!

We reached a lake. The level of the lake as a mirror, sparkling lake reflected upside out of the blue sky, white clouds. It is like a shiny pearl inlaid in the mountains, the big middle, this time, burst of wind came, the lake Dangqi a ripple, like a blooming flower, I really like a beautiful landscape painting!

We ate lunch, went to Du Fu's Thatched Cottage. Inside, we came to love the Department of thatched cottage, which has many pictures of information literature. Then we came to the 'Daya Hall', Daya hall door, there is a bronze statue of Du Fu's done. We entered the hall inside Taya has many bronze and white marble statue of the poet to do, there is Li Bai, Lu, Bai Ju-yi. . . . . . They posture vary, some lying on the seat, in some cases put my beard ... ...

Next, we went to the thatched cottage sites, into the door, you will see a concave fence down the middle ground, the ground there are a lot of jars, cans. Excavated ruins on display a lot of things out, there are ears cans, four ear cans, ceramic beads, pieces top .... .

There followed three imitation of ancient dress, there are odalisque wear, there is the emperor wearing the Queen, there are soldiers and civilians to wear, have done very delicate, very pretty.

We went to a bonsai garden, which has many flowers, tulip red, there are yellow. Plum with pink and white, there are elegant fragrance smell.

Finally, relying on ticket to pick up the two shiny gold coins Du Fu Thatched Cottage.

This fun, let me know a lot of knowledge, such as: know that the great poet Du Fu, Li Bai is Shixian ... ...


The park in the springtime ------------ November 1, 2009 Author: anonymous 

In the cold winter, people are looking forward to the warm spring. Unconsciously, Spring girl strode light footsteps came. She used magic, the mountains become more beautiful, the campus has become more warm, the trees become more green. Look at the spring girl came to East Lake Park, the park of her footprints everywhere, she becomes more beautiful East Lake Park.

Spring girl let the green grass poking from the ground. East Lake Park, the lawn really green ah, green was as if it were a shiny green stones; East Lake Park, the lawn really soft ah, like a soft green carpet; East Lake Park, the lawn really big ah, to the former looked to see is a green.

People on the wide lawn in some cases is happily flying kites, and some seriously in reading, and some in the relish eating snacks, and some pleasant lying on the lawn to sleep. From time to time there are some lovely birds on the lawn, "twitter" and cried, some mischievous little bird is still playing roughhouse it!

Chun-old girl leaves of the trees knocked to the ground, so that new shoots sprouting. East Lake Park, the tree really Tsui ah, each leaf like a green gem, they were lovely green, green was dazzling and shimmering turquoise. Walking in the middle of two rows of trees, feeling as if into a green world.

I have seen the magnificent sea, enjoying the excessive levels of the monthly Town Lake as a mirror, but never seen such a reservoir of water. Reservoir of water really clear ah, the Qing, you could see small fish swimming in the water; Reservoir, River really long ah, like a queue winds in the middle of the mountains; reservoir water really green ah, as if no time is a piece of jade.



Beautiful Qingcheng ------------ November 1, 2009 Author: anonymous 

Shenzhen Xin Zhang on 402 Homestead Primary School Teacher: Xiong You-Ping

Summer, I told my father the company along with several aunts and uncles went to Chengdu, a well-known Chinese and foreign well-known tourist destination - Qingcheng Mountain.

That afternoon, we drove to the Mount Qingcheng. The car, gate engraved the "Qingcheng secluded world," India into the eyes of several characters at once. Through the gate, you can see a seat covered with green trees of the mountains, a vague mildly birds can also be heard the sound of the birds singing to Qingcheng background were extremely mysterious, seemed to be waiting for us to visit.

We entered the gate, along the wet tree-lined path to move forward, while walking to enjoy the beautiful scenery: the left path is the high mountain slopes of the right side of the Yi Keke long green trees tall and straight, each trees are so high, then the green.

Walked, we went to the lake on the city. On Town Lake is located in between the mountains, is a quiet and charming lake, clear bottoming out, level as a mirror. We boarded a ship ready to go to the other side. Ship slowly moving in calm water, I suddenly feel this lake is like a bowl full of crystal, jumping waves like a one crystal, shining in the sunlight sparkled.

After disembarking, we walked 10 minutes, they came to the cableway station. Listen to tour guide said that the rope more than 900 meters long, to sit 15 minutes before end. We sat rope, and slowly rose up the. I looked down and saw the foot of the slope was covered with a clusters of purple wildflowers, like 10 million butterflies, live in the green grass. A gust of wind blowing, "Purple Butterfly" flap the wings, danced a beautiful dance ... ... rope rose higher, Qingcheng panoramic view of mountain scenery: pine trees with cypress hill and dale, forest wings flying birds, grass brightly colored flowers, the clear valley streams ... ... I felt I was not in the tramway, but in the painting of the.

Down the rope, and we also went to visit the Green Palace, mandarin duck wells, Laojun Court, shengdeng Pavilion, 9 Shui ... ... people everywhere are so yearn. Tour guide said that there are many holes Qingchengshan have Zhaoyang Dong, Fearless hole, Yee Lok Wo ... ... Unfortunately, our time is limited and can not play 11.

Coming down the mountain, I once again saw that the five characters on the gate, you can not help secretly praise: "Qingcheng secluded world is indeed well-deserved reputation 呀!"


Color of the Village ------------ October 31, 2009 Author: anonymous 

Car came to a mountain village where the world is really colorful and ah!

In the gray morning mist, a group of white gosling came to a small river, one a thump, thump of jumped River, in the river swimming. A group of yellow chicks come to a small river that a lawn, happily catching insects. Farmers have long down the field, their backs and that bronze, dolphin beads of sweat glistening like pearls, like a string to drip down, fell on fertile black soil, the seedlings would wave that Yi Keke a small head of green. Glistening yellow pears heavy ground covered with branches, the tree to their knees. A string of Muscatel grapes of water Lingling hiding under the large green leaves, and looked curiously the outside world.

At noon, the sun shining on the earth burning. A small black dog barking outstretched tongue and ran back home. Hua Mao is also a small jump up and down the hiding quietly under the melon vines. Gray black sparrow no longer call and they flee back to the woods, and flew to the branches of sweet went to sleep. Little face by the sun tan pink lotus, and some hiding in the cool shade of the lotus leaf, lotus leaf and some opened and looked around. Only that I do not know tired of the cicada is still a long cicada cicada kept short shouted.

Afternoon, the Little White Bleater's cried, skipping out of the house who go there to eat the green mountain broken fresh grass. Cowboy wearing a yellow straw hat, riding on the brown cattle back, blowing piccolo on the hill. That big yellow pumpkins lying on the grass was a leisurely, then the green sponge gourd, bitter gourd white shelves again in Guatemala Dangzhe swing Xiude flowers have opened and closed his horns.

As the sun sets, each of which plants are covered with golden Shayi. From afar, a glittering. The villagers newly constructed buildings, but also reflecting the red, yellow light. A breeze blowing, Hawthorn Lane formed the layers of green waves. Red, yellow, blue dragonflies, like little Pac Man-like fly in the air with light.

Evening, little star who jumped out of a black backdrop, jade plate like the moon had risen to the night sky. Old children sitting in the large trees enjoy the cool air in 3322, again about that circulated through the ages the story of Cowherd and Weaver.

Beautiful and fertile mountain village, you will usher in another golden autumn!


Snow ------------ October 31, 2009 Author: anonymous 

I liked one little snow, because snow is so white and beautiful.

Morning, I would get up at 6:30, because the outside is very bright. I pulled curtains, ah! The white sea. The ground, the trees, the roof was covered with snow jade in general. Looked up, silver sky, white, the vast one. Overnight how the whole world into a snow paradise?

I am going to school book bag and had no idea that there have been children in the snow, snowman, snowball fight, and laughter everywhere. Began to snow, and flying snow, like catkins, like dandelion, Da Zhezhuan children falling down. Although the weather was very cold, the ground is very slippery, but people seem to forget the cold, his face with a smile, because they like me very much like snow days.

Man said: "Snow Mega years." Pests in winter snow will freeze to death next year, again usher in a harvest.

I quickly stepped up the pace, went to school, foot rustling sound in the snow, the snow and I seemed to whisper: "go and school snowman bar!"


Watching the Snow ------------ October 31, 2009 Author: anonymous 

Chinese New Year back home I was asleep, was awakened by his sister's cries. The quilt Yixian, wear clothes, jumped up. The curtains Yi Liao, "ah, good heavy snow!" I was the first time I saw under the snow, I innocently shocked by.

Filled the air of the Pac-white jade, white and very charming. She playfully turn, but politely to dance; she gently float, but are free to fly!

Even days, the ground groaning. In this wider stage, the wind blowing snow. Feng ER blow to the left, a few snowflakes turn left; wind blowing to the right, a few snowflakes floating on the right. Naughty teasing teasing the wind like snowflakes on a moment left, while another to the right; snowflake children will be followed by Feng ER Fly Fly! Snow flying tired, they stopped. Fell on the fields, sleeping seedlings to the fields covered with a thick layer of blankets; falls on the roof, the roof is not silent infants; fall leaves, leaves play a trembling infants; falls on my little face , ice cool in; fell on my little mouth, sweet Zizi's.

Looked up, and the mountains, trees, the leaves, shining white, silver shiny one; What a Wonderful Time I Spent a tree wrapped in the world ah! Farmers uncle said: This year is a harvest. Yes ah, "Winter cover a blanket in the coming year looked on steamed bun sleep."


My hometown ------------ October 31, 2009 Author: Su Rui

Construction of water is a good place for tourism. It is where the specialties are tofu and some delicious fruit. The most famous is the construction of water, East Gate, which is used to fight a long time ago when using the past to fight if the enemy came in, they will all hide in that Gate. That if someone to travel east gate, they would enthusiastically take tourists go there to take photographs. It is where there is a street, street paved road with quartzite, those shops and food stores are doing with the wood Muban Fang, very pretty.

Construction of water the streets there are a lot of tasty and good-looking clothes. Each of its one street has a pleasant name, is also useful characteristics. Even a small hospital of their many people is also very characteristic Oh! They have a street is designed to buy nice clothes and shoes are very cheap sheets Oh!

Built on the square of water sold a lot of small toys and yo-yo. There are grandfather and grandmother who practiced tai chi in the square it! I do not know how the spirit, just like before, like how beautiful 3-year-old ah! Square, right next to a gold and silver bracelets specializing in selling it, there are a lot of old ladies and some young people to buy, how much business is good. There are people who are selling birds on the square it, where there is a water jar.

Oh, they are good law and order! Because there are very conscious. They never an accident while driving, their humility with each other, exist in harmony.

If we have time, we must come to my home - this great city for sightseeing Oh!

Yunjinghong Primary school grade 4 Su Rui


Campus green ------------ October 31, 2009 Author: anonymous Source: Internet Source

Our school is a green school in Chongqing, there are many flowers and trees are our favorite green friend.

Let us talk about fake tree Ficus virens landscape pool bar, how much it's tall, imposing, like mighty sentinels on campus, as usher in a new century, a small ant to the Ficus virens up study is that it leaves the book, if the osmium in on " Kenshu Ben ", eating leaves, knowledge of the mind in it.

There Magnolia campus, leaves large, petal white jade. The sign that it is a dicotyledonous plant, belonging to Magnoliaceae; Lamei grown very lush, it only opens in winter, Fragrance Spreading Barry, a tree yellow flowers were very beautiful. Why does it before opening it in winter? This problem when I did not understand and later learned that each plant has its own growth pattern. Chinensis, and the spirit of winter, we should learn Dudou.

Camellia is also very beautiful, bright red, the flowers very large. Summer night, firefly dance in the above reflected on the camellia's face, how beautiful 呀!

Our campus has so many green friends, really good-looking! Please come to our guests, please?




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