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The People Who Influence Me Most in Life: An Essay in Honor of My Parents

In contemplating the influence of my many experiences in life. I find that numerous things have impacted who I am today. Although my life has had its positive points as well as its negative. I know that the trials and tribulations I have faced have driven me to make certain decisions. Those decisions have helped shape my personality, motivations, and principles. My experiences however, are simply a reflection of something that was instilled in me from the beginning. Each decision I made has been based upon the basic and simple teachings of right from wrong, fair from unjust. For this simple, yet often overlooked and ignored education.


I owe my parents. Our relationship was not a planned out, well executed lesson, but a time consuming, trial and error, lifetime experience that my parents did, because they were exactly that; Parents. Without them in my life, I do not know where I would be, or who I would be today. In every experience, every choice I make, the impact of our relationship and their parenting is evident. Both of my parents taught me to stand strong for what I believe in and have the courage to do what is right. The pressures students face in high school today can cause many kids to crumble, and do things that he or she knows are wrong.


My parents taught me to respect myself and my body and to understand the importance of staying drug and alcohol free. I was taught the importance of discipline and perseverance. I know that when I begin a task, I must see it through to the end with honest, hard work to complete it to the best of my ability, even if it is not something I originally desired to do. I learned the importance of family and friends, and the love and support these relationships provide. My parents' teachings are carried with me in my experiences. At the very young age of two, my mother introduced me to baseball. While my dad was at work, she would teach me to hit, throw and even the right way to run the bases. Around the age of five, my mother started me in a Little League Baseball Program. Like most mothers of little boys, she was afraid to let me play football, and yet she wanted me to learn the importance of teamwork that extracurricular activities provide.


Eventually, my dad became my coach and encouraged me alongside my mother. Together they helped me realize my dream of playing college baseball, which is a dream I am proud to say I have fulfilled. In addition to sports, I enjoy a number of other hobbies and activities. I race homing pigeons, hunt, fish and boating. During my freshman year of college, I volunteered in a peer mentor program for young children in the area. My parents encouraged me to work summer jobs to earn the things I needed or wanted on my own. Between the demands of baseball, football, which my mother eventually succumbed to letting me play, working and volunteering. I learned time management, attention to details, teamwork and organization.


I learned to respect and understand the value of a dollar. I worked on ranches, hauling hay, and I also learned a lot about running a business while working with my father in his masonry business. Because of my desire to succeed, I was not satisfied working the usual pan-time jobs most high school students work. I wanted more of a challenge, and a job that would teach me and give me insight into a career. I was hired in a position in which I worked on cell phone towers, helping in their construction and maintenance. I have also started my own lawn care business which has gown to the point of having to hire an additional worker along with the responsibility on me to us management skills with an employee, I have also put an additional burden upon myself since I am attending summer school this year. I understand how a business functions from the different positions I held, and I now plan to major in marketing and business in college.


In the next few years, my goal is to complete college with this degree, and join on with a large marketing firm. My long term goals consist of climbing the ladder within the company, based upon the principles that have been embedded into each decision I make, and then branching off to form my own marketing company. In ten years, I hope to be a happy, successful, and independent businessman. My experiences have taught me many of the things that guarantee my success in life. The activities I have participated in helped develop my sense of responsibility and duty that will help me reach my career goals. In the battle over nurture versus nature however, I must say that the love and nurture my relationship with my parents provides stands as the foundation for all I have accomplished. I would not have learned the things these activities have provided me if it had not been for the morals they instilled in me from the very beginning of my life. Both of them stood behind me, helped direct me, and were active participants in all of my endeavors in life.


My accomplishments, dreams, and goals are a direct result of my parents. It is the impact of these two people that made my life full of blessings, and also made me who I am today.




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The People Who Influence Me Most in Life