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Essay 1: The Person Who Influence Me the Most Essay

If you've attended Great Neck South High School, you've probably heard of Dr. Philip Mogul from a student or a faculty member at one point or another. Or perhaps you may have simply heard Dr. Mogul from down the hall,
arguing about the role of Judaism in American eating habits or some other arcane topic. For a physics teacher, Dr. Mogul has a lot to say about practically everything. Because of him, l have gained greater knowledge and
self-confidence. When questioned about which quality I value most in Dr. Mogul, l can honestly say that it is his individualism.

If you want instant gratification, go suck on a lollipop, said Dr. Mogul while lecturing on velocities and acceleration. Although instant gratification has very little to do with the instantaneous speed, this quote is an example of his individualism in today's instant gratification based society. Any physics teacher who is willing to devote class time to teach his students how to perform an emergency tracheotomy (it involves a Bic pen) and spend time discussing the foundations of religion deserves respect, for knowledge such as that will probably be more practical in the course of life than knowledge of the uranium disintegration series. While other teachers concentrate on finishing the curriculum, Dr. Mogul's emphasis is on learning. Instead of learning just physics, l learned a lot more values, ethics and emergency first aid. Dr. Mogul is also one of the few teachers I know who has tried to know his students extremely well as individuals. He understands the value of every single person, even if the person doesn't understand momentum. To encourage students to become more independent, Dr. Mogul uses a grading system that many other teachers look down upon because of its emphasis on effort and not just scores. However, he ignores them because he knows that what he does is right. While some may look at him with pitying eyes because of what they perceive as insanity, l look at him with respect for his willingness to challenge conventional wisdom. While some may see him as a stubborn nonconformist, l see him as a man who refuses to give up; a man who would rather be humiliated in failure, than give up for fear of failure. While I don't agree with everything he says, l do agree with his philosophy. In an age where conformity is encouraged, Dr. Mogul stands out as a beacon of individualism.

Although we never did get up to solid state electronics, l certainly learned a lot about life. As a result of knowing Dr. Mogul, l feel that I have grown less reliant on what others think and more reliant on my intuition. l now take more calculated risks, often with positive results. One such risk is the Westinghouse science project that I am currently working on with Dr. Mogul in search of a way to mathematically determine densities of certain compounds. But more importantly, l now stand up for myself and what I believe in. l am an important individual, just like everyone else is. l can thank Dr. Philip Mogul for that.

Essay 2: My Brother Influenced Me the Most

Every family has people who influence the lives of other members of the family. Often the father’s or mother’s influence is the most important. However, in my family my brother has influenced me the most because I enjoy his company, I respect him, and I can rely on him for good advice.

Most people would enjoy knowing my brother. He has all of those qualities of a true friend. By a good friend I mean one that is understanding, but not too sympathetic. My brother will take up for me, but is not afraid to tell me when I am in the wrong, and he can both give and take kidding. Also, my brother is a good person to know because he enjoys having fun. For example, he is ready to go skiing, swimming, fishing, or hunting at a moment’s notice. He always has tickets for the ball games and concerts, and when I double date with him, he keeps everybody laughing at the things he says.

He always seems to know the right things to do and the right places to go. but in addition to being a good friend and lots of fun, my brother is an enjoyable and influential person to me because he participates in so many campus activities. For instance, he is the vice-president of Rotaract, a member of the college chorus, and an officer in Phi Kappa Phi, a college honor society. If a person is the friend of someone as involved in as many campus activities as my brother participates in, then he is bound to meet interesting people on campus. Although people would enjoy and benefit from knowing my brother, they would also understand why I respect him so much.

By my respect for Jack I mean that I have a high esteem for his sense of values. He is a person who is true to his principles, and I have great confidence in his integrity. For example, my brother had the opportunity to attend college on an athletic scholarship but could not study what he wanted at the school that offered him the scholarship. This was a hard decision for him .However, he passed up the “free ride” and refused the scholarship. He had to work his way through school .If many people had the same opportunity, most of them would take the easy way out. I hope that I can remain as true to my values as my brother has. “Know thyself” is the ancient Greek motto, and I respect my brother because he lives by it; consequently, I can always rely on his judgment.
I know that I can always rely on Jack for sound advice.

For instance, when I when I was getting a lot of pressure from friends, I had a problem that I did not want to talk to my parents or teachers about. I went to my brother because I knew that he was reliable and would listen to my side of the story first, without making an instant condemnation. In a similar situation with one of my friends his counselor at school “passed the buck” to his parents, and his parents over-reacted to the problem without understanding it. My brother was nothing like these people. For example, he listened to my problem, asked me questions, and helped me to see the way to a solution. I feel that I can always count on my brother’s advice.

Although I love and respect all of my family, I am especially close to my brother. He is enjoyable company and has earned my respect. I know I can always rely on my brother.

Essay 3: My Father Influenced Me the Most

Usually a good influence produces good results; likewise, a bad influence creates a bad seed. When a young man picks up smoking due to his fathers habit of burning two packs a day this is negative influence. Patients portrayed could be a positive influence. The man who influenced me the most was my dad. His habits and personality, in most cases, would shape a poor influence. His bad influence only brought good in my life.

I had a great life and my father wasn’t a horrible father figure. He taught me how to hunt, fish, and play ball. My dad believed in working hard. Sometimes he would let me stay up late to watch TV with him even though Mom never agreed. My mom was saved after they got married so I was lucky to grow up with Godly principals. Having an unsaved father brought some principals conflicting God. Growing up my mom would stress to me how important it was not to do things of the world while my dad encouraged the opposite. He encouraged things he thought would make me a man, but he didn’t know the manliest act a man could do is surrendering his life to the Lord.

Dad lacks submission. My dad is the kind of guy who always is right (by his opinion of coarse) and never backs down. I don’t think he has ever lost a fight. According to the Bible we must submit to each other; this seems hard at times. Although he is devoted, my father will not submit even to people in his family. He doesn’t show much respect for people, let alone yield to someone.

My dad did succumb to some bad habits though. Foul language, tobacco use, anger, unforgiveness, paranoia, manipulation, are some of the contrite issues my dad dealt with. A few of these actions rubbed off on me, but through time and the hand of God I was released from that junk.

The biggest influence in my life was my dad. His actions and influence seemed bad, but I turned them into good influences. I didn’t like how my father lived in a path of destruction. Striving to do things different than Dad was how I turned his bad influence into good. I try to submit to others. I respect people. Most of all I have devoted myself to serving my Lord, Jesus Christ!

Essay 4: The 4 People Who Influence Me Most

1. My Aunt

The person who has influenced me the most is my aunt, Teresa. My aunt has taught me things that I will never forget. I have learned from her to always treat people with respect and also myself. She has always taught me how to take care of my personal hygiene. My aunt wears her perfume really well. She always smells nice wherever she goes. She has taught me to wear my perfume just like her and how to keep the smell on my body. I have learned to do everything she does. She can also dress really well, and she has taught me to do the same thing she does. I can talk to my aunt about anything. If it’s personal, I can trust her not to tell anyone. In conclusion, my aunt has influenced me in a lot of ways; she has taught me things I will never forget.

2. My Grandfather

The person who influenced me the most was my grandfather, Poppa. By being around my grandfather Poppa, I learned lots of things. Poppa has taught me how to be a man by taking care of the family. He helps people and he’s a hard worker. He always told me that a man should never be broke. There was a time I didn’t know how to do yard work but one morning long ago we went outside, and he taught me how to cut grass, paint, and all types of other outside work. In conclusion, my grandfather, Poppa, has taught me things that no one else has.

3. My Former Teacher

A person who had a strong positive influence on my life is my former teacher and friend, Ms. Treva Larson. Ms. Larson taught me what I believe to be the three things needed to have a successful career. She first taught me to be assertive, to stand up for myself and my beliefs. Also, Ms. Larson taught me to extend my intellectual arm in every direction, to add variety to my personality. She always told me no one can know everything, but everyone can learn something. The final and most important lesson I learned was to never make small dreams because if think small, everything in my reality will always be small. Concluding my thoughts, I believe I would be a totally different person if I had never been placed under the LARSON INFLUENCE.


Essay 5: My Grandmother

The older person that has been a great influence on my life is my grandmother. One reason she has influenced me is because she is able to manage hardships. She lived in Africa all her life where it was dusty and she had asthma. She didn’t take any medication or anything like that. She influenced me because she didn’t give up on living where it was dusty. She loved where she lived and didn’t let her asthma keep her from going outside. I learned to keep going when times are hard from her.

Another way she influenced me is that around where she lived, everyone loved her and knew her. When I was little, my mom always took my sisters and me to visit her, but sometimes she and my grandfather would come down to visit. Whenever we saw her, she would carry Belinda, my twin, and me on her lap and tell us stories about when we were born. Sometimes she told us about my dad because Belinda and I hardly knew him at all. Her extreme love for us and her willingness to share this love through memories conveyed have persuaded me to be a loving, sharing person.

My grandmother also influenced me because she hardly ever got angry. She wasn’t a mean lady at all. She didn’t need a temper or fit to persuade others to respect her—she used knowledge and compassion to get respect. I’m really not sure what she did for a living, but I think she must have had a respectable job because people respected her. I want to be respected as she was.

She also inspired me because she had a strong faith in God. She inspired me by doing that and by helping my mother have faith too. I will be a strong believer like my grandmother. My grandmother was only 5’1 inch tall, but she was a big person. I feel lucky to have known her and to have felt her influence.



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The Person Who influence Me the Most Essay

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