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   Playing the Accordion Essay, English Composition Writing on Accordion Playing

1) How long would it take me to learn to play the accordion?

It depends on many factors: First is how much you love the accordion, second is how much time you are willing to take from your other activities, third and most important is how much inclination you have towards music. I can say this much, if were to start teaching the piano to a student and the accordion to another student, both of the same age and having the same musical intelligence and the same amount of perseverance, I would say that in six months the average audience would most likely appreciate the accordion more than the piano.

This would be true because the construction of the bass mechanism of the accordion would make the music sound better than it would on the piano. Therefore in the same amount of time the accordion student would be able to provide better entertainment for his audience than a piano student. If one is willing to devote one hour a day to practicing and one has a good teacher and is willing to spend extra time on weekends I would say that within one year's time the average accordion student could be playing easy arrangements of the popular tunes of the day.

2) Is it advantageous to practice one hand at a time?

It is easier to bounce a ball on the floor with one hand than it is to bounce two balls on the floor at the same time with two hands. In learning a new composition or in practicing a new technical study it is best in my opinion to practice one hand at a time at first. Even at my advanced level, when I come upon a new and difficult musical experience, I stop and analyze, first the right hand and commit it thoroughly to memory, and then I do the same with the left hand, after which I start playing very slowly with both hands together.

3) Does playing the piano help the accordionist?

In my opinion, playing the piano helps the accordionist as well as the organist. I know many organists who include some piano practice in their studies. In my own case, I include some piano practice in my daily practice schedule as I believe the heavier touch required in playing the piano helps me in strengthening my fingers, my wrists and my forearms.

4) How many hours a day do you practice?

As a student and a young professional, I used to practice eight hours a day. At present, if I don't get in at least four hours a day of practice, I am not fit to live with. However, if I feel extremely tired I keep the accordion out of sight. On the day of a concert I do not touch the accordion at all. I do, however, warm up for about fifteen minutes before going on stage for my performance.









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