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I was listening to these relativistic moral philosophers in the classroom with their new doctrines of relativism that morality is a personal choice, as long as you're not hurting anyone, as long as it's consensual morality, it is a matter of personal standards of right and wrong. There's no universal notions of universal standards, lots of decent behavior that somehow apply to all of us outside the classroom and they're just jumping on these activist bandwagons about notions of injustice around fairness throughout the world. Read our society. I see a disconnect on how can you have a relativistic doctrine of personal morality meaning morality is what you personally make it was right or wrong for you and your culture and your situation, and yet then want everybody to shop on board your universal notions of fairness or justice.

Your personal attitudes about justice in a certain situation or fairness in certain situation or right and wrong. Mr. situation just disconnect when teaching in the classroom to students today is his relativistic doctrine regarding morality regarding companiable writing wrong black and white and yet I want everybody to understand what's right or wrong with the standards of justice all warfare misorder our society on his music and now it's disconcertment says that with music it's all about personal preference. It's all about. I like rock 'n roll you like country somebody else likes rap and who am I to say that minds right and yours is wrong. It's just a matter of personal, subjective preference. That's what morality is a matter of personal, subjective preference and can't we all just get along why reality more like math that there are certain standards autarkist +2 equals four. In the moral judgment world rate were corruption, torture and abuse of children. Beavery cromwell I need to goes on and on even deeper down to fairness and respect. Caruage altruism. All of these things are all plotted all of these things are universal standards that we all agree to that certain things are wrong, namely torture, rape and some things are right namely corrugent culturalism respect and fairness. Where does that come from is not music that I like rock 'n roll you like wrapping your country it is more like math no not saying the wrong thing on hold the standards we all have a tendency to rationalize around what we know is right, wrong or to justify ourselves, but that's the whole point if irrationalizing were justifying were justifying irrationalizing against the standard that we all agree on short return to my relativistic philosophers in the classroom that argue so hard it and in your rhetoric is so smooth about personal, subjective truth when it comes to moral decision-making and then you ask me to join your cause on on universal fairness or community justice and you expect me to understand the standard the 2.2. I hope you see the disconnecter various standards for our universal it's just can't have your cake and eat it to him him