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Susan Boyle and Asperger

It's a shame Boyle most likely won't be thrilling her fans by breaking out in a twerk! My step son has Asperger's and you just learn how to deal with it. He's very intelligent, just thinks things and handles things differently. No one would treat her mean around me without getting an earful. I love this sweet woman and am so happy for her success. Great, now a certain Ian Brannen Something is going to start bitching and whining about how "those damn Asspies" are taking attention away from people with "True and Honest Autism" Well that's nothing to be ashamed of. I mean there is not a one of us that doesn't have some mental issues in one form or another. The main thing is when we as individuals recognize them, To go get help for them with whatever available resource that there are to do so. I have a child with Asperger's it is not a learning but a social disability. From her singing ability I is doubtful Boyle has it. So now we understand the mental part, what about the physical part? Does Asperger's make you look like that? I think they might be confusing Aspergers's with Hamburgers. It was likely a spell-check thing.

Whatever. We knew something wasn't right there. I went to school with her. Asbergers my arss! She's just a social misfit that didn't have a strong father figure to straighten her up. There is nothing wrong with having Aspergers. It's the other 99.7% of the population that has the problem. Her manager clearly needed a publicity mechanism....ha ha ha. More Let me guess.. this qualifies her for special treatment, maybe even special parking spaces at the grocery store. Special dispensations by her national health care program. I am happy for her. Some people treat smart and or talented as some kind of disease that need to be put down. I am so sick of everyone needing to qualify as having some special entitled deficiency.

So what! I'm socially awkward too and have very narrow interests. That's just me. Who gives a rip. You Americans spend so much time trying to discover and analyze yourselves. How about focus on somebody else for a change! These disorders are such #$%$ contrived for social inept losers to have something to blame their awkwardness and weirdness on.

When I went to a psychologist, instead of find out what's the problem is, they told me to do this do that, I mean yeah right tell her to do exercise, do charity works, is it goíng to heal her from her brain situation is it going to stop mean people? A courageous woman she is. I've seen her on TV a couple of times and thought her so painfully awkward, and this may we why. I hope she gets the understanding she deserves after conquering such great odds!! So wait, even before assuming she was brain damaged they thought she was funny? I am familiar with this kind of treatment as I was in special for 11 years of school. This was due to the fact I had Aspergers but only my parents, my aunt who surveyed me and my teachers knew. It had two endings myself being really smart.... and really distrustful of people. my son is now 16 1/2 and hew never mind of it [Autism/Asperger or whatever] and he said he does not have any issues except physically one Simian Hand that looks very normal, writes only in Bradley style font and he is able to sign cursive with difficulty but I am one very proud Mom because he is going College with HS honors; and every student and teachers look up to him with amazement. I myself, I am amazed. As if I am looking at another Microsoft Bill Gates! When my son said to me, "Help me mom, they said I was overweight, chubby etc." I gave my son, Whipped JIF Peanut Butter and he lost from 180 lbs to 140 lbs and still going off. He was one very happy guy. Now all the girls like him!

People need to have more compassion for others. Susan you seem like a lovely person and it would be a privilege to meet you. Your music is quite lovely. Just take others with a grain of salt and believe in yourself from here on in. Give your music to the world and let it bring joy. Sincerely a fan. When I first saw this performance I was embarrassed in advance for her when she first walked out on stage. Then when she opened her mouth and began to sing "I Dreamed A Dream", I was embarrassed for me. Any illness which goes undiagnosed for years brings with it a sense of guilt somehow, as though you are responsible for what is wrong with you. When your symptoms at long last have a diagnosis and a name, the relief is tremendous and much of the guilt is relieved. The next step is to continue on with a positive attitude, get help for any damage which may have been done while undiagnosed, recognize that all life is precious, and have empathy for all who suffer.

Oh I'm such an aspie, especially the forgetting names, self game playing, poor social skills, the sticking to a narrow line of topics, excessive focus on whatever has my attension especially computers..ooh shiny.. I'm kidding about the shiny. Ok...I have been diagnosed w/this exact ailment, 20 years ago! Where is my attention & post on Yahoo ?? I don't care what illness they say she has, talent is talent and it don't matter how you look how old you are or how your brain works if your talented it will show and it will be appreciated. We all will eventually develop some type of ailment... so ?? You are one of the greatest persons I have had the opportunity to hear your angelical voice. May God always protects you. You are much greater than life. Oh.. who cares about this has been anymore, anyways?? we all have something to bare, but Susie girl, you are one hell of a singer.

People with Asperger does not have a learning disability. They just have a DIFFERENT way of learning. Quite often they are very smart and talented but rarely discovered. Susan was discovered at the age of 47 but many others merely overlooked by society because they do not conform to social image of smartness. Susan is a very good example of success when society gives her the chance. Give a chance to those who might look different, act strange or behave awkwardly. They can be the most brilliant. Thank you, Susan ! I have some milder form of something similar, but no money to get a range of testing. So, a sort of hermit like existence helps me cope. It is sometimes difficult to be misunderstood.

It takes all kinds to make this world an intriguing place to learn things. I stand and applaud Susan Boyle for having the courage to reveal her diagnosis to the world. She is a wonderfully talented woman. I have a 27 yr old nephew who has Asperger's. Hes a smart, funny, talented young man. And to all of you who have shared your stories here, I also applaud all of you as well. Life can be difficult for all of us at times, but we can get thru it one day at a time. God bless! I used to believe that Santa Claus actually would bring bad children lumps of coal for Christmas. But now that I have read the hateful comments from the bullies and trolls that frequent Yahoo! I don't believe it anymore. There is just not that much in the world. First off, wasn't Asperger's taken out of the DSM-V? Second, by definition, those with Aspergers do not have intellectual difficulties. In fact, I know a number of Ph.D students in the sciences and engineering who were diagnosed with Aspergers when they were children. Oh, and at least 75% of the grad students I know were diagnosed with ADHD at some point in their lives. Susan Boyle is winning the stigma of Aspergers to bring great joy to the world with her talent. Thank you Susan and God Bless.

I am glad that she came forward with her diagnosis. It must have been very hard to not understand her own behavior. Asperger's won't exist as a diagnosis/condition after this year. Instead, those with it will simply be 'autistic', myself included. I rather listen to Susan's voice, than watching, reading, and hearing about those wannabes in Hollywood. I found out that my "weirdness" was Aspergers Syndrome ay age 47. Before that, I was a loner who could succeed at whatever I set my mind to as long as it didn't involve interacting with other people. I'm still basically a loner, but putting a name to the condition is a great relief. There are many lucrative activities that don't require much human interaction: investments, currency and commodity trading, logistical analysis, strategic research and planning. For a person on the autism spectrum, money CAN buy happiness: material luxury and remoteness from other people.

This thread is a refreshing read. There are so many folks here who are the opposite of the posters on other threads. There are so many haters and bullies it isn't even remotely funny. I know several kids with this condition (as Club master of my son's pack) and I'll tell you, Asperger children are very gentle and kind. Our school and our pack absolutely do not tolerate bullying so they have a better chance of becoming socially accepted where we live. I don't mean this as mean, but is any one really surprised? It's irrelevant to her talent. People will always love you Ms. Susan Boyle no matter what... You are a very humble and beautiful person.

Anyone can have Asperger's, be dyslexic, have ADD/ADHD or any other 'condition' out there. The problem are those who don't have it. They are the ones who make fun of those with it and seem to think it's perfectly normal to do so. If they had a child or a family member with a certain condition then maybe, just maybe they'd understand the need to be sympathetic to those with one. Susan Boyle is a true gem. My older son was diagnosed at 16 and it was like a light went on. Everything fit. It was as if we had been wearing our clothes inside-out and upside down and FINALLY, a reason. My son is now well on his way to attaining his doctorate in Physics. Quirky genius. Susan Boyles still years later can bring me to tears .. She has an amazing GOD given talent that moves people! I am sure all who were unkind to her will reap what they have sewn. . I am glad she has received an accurate diagnosis , and that she has such a strong spirit to face it head on!!! What an inspiration.

Why do people automatically assume that someone who isn't super attractive can't sing? I just don't get it...only beautiful people can have talent? Are you kidding me? I've been saying this since she first stepped on that stage on that show. You can see it in her face. Trust me I've been around people with aspergers and down syndrome. Also she was right to think that she had brain damage since it is caused by damage in the brain. I noticed her Asperger-like demeanor in her first interview. She is very different and very resilient. Wishing her continued success.